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brass drain tube flaring tool

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one、Purpose and scope

This process specifies the tube feed、Cut、assembly、Machining、Process and quality acceptance standards such as surface treatment。

(brass drain tube flaring tool)

Tubes to special requirements should be processed in accordance with design requirements。

two、Pipe material requirements

Therefore, the pipe should have exclusive storage area.,Avoid equipment、Make、Pollution such as dust and residue。

three、Pipe cutting general requirements

3.1Pipe before cutting,Pipe material must be checked、Specifications compliance with drawings。

3.2Pipe before cutting,Check the surface quality and smooth inside the pipe。There must be no cracks in the inside and outside surface、fold、Stratification、bubble、Pinhole、Rust、Dirt and other defects。

3.3Tube cutting adopts special cutting machine,Add the cutting tool when necessary,Guaranteed verticalness。The verticality of the end face does not exceed1Spend。

3.4After cutting,The incision must be repaired,Sleek,Residue and burrs must be cleared。

Four、Pipe production

4.1Pipe expansion

4.1.1During the following, you need to stay according to the telescopic amount generated by each tube specifications.10mmmargin。The amount of specific scalable needs to be based on each specification,Experimental record。

(brass drain tube flaring tool)4.1.2After the drawings are required, the tube is processed.。

(brass drain tube flaring tool)4.1.3The flange is installed on the tube before the pipe is expansion.,At the same time, pay attention to the pairing of flanges。

4.1.4Select the appropriate mold according to the tube size,Apply special hydraulic oil before use,Place the pipeline,Tube end surface adjustment vertical degree clamping mold。

4.1.5Tube and spindle setting and exposed pressure value are set,The specific value needs to be commissioned according to the device and pipe diameter site.。

4.1.6Tools and molds require regular inspection,At least in processing50After,Mold,If the damage needs to be replaced in time。

4.1.7After the expansion is completed,Relevant extensions inspection requirements are as follows:

(brass drain tube flaring tool)1)Clean up the pipe expansion end burr,The expansion surface should be smooth,Bright without crack, etc.。

(brass drain tube flaring tool)2)The expansion end must be right angles,And be conceited with the pipe。

3)The expansion of the expansion is small,Reduce value should be controlled0—20%within。

4)Cursor caliper measurement of expansion diameter meets the requirements。

brass drain tube flaring tool

(brass drain tube flaring tool)brass drain tube flaring tool

(brass drain tube flaring tool)brass drain tube flaring tool

Fives、Tube test

(brass drain tube flaring tool)

six、Packaging and transportation

1、Forming bare mouth,After the production is completed, we should use three-in-law.,After each process is completed, it should be packaged in time.,Prevent collision and enter the debris。

2、The connectors on the pipe should be used in three defense,Prevent bump damage。

3、Tube transportation and distribution all use three-proof bags,And need to fix the pipe fittings。

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