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author:MF manufacturerstime:2022-03-10 10:35:54

We can see a variety of drainage pipes on the market.,If there is no good distinguishing ability, it really doesn't necessarily buy the appropriate product.。The types of drainage pipes and models on the market are different.,Have their own range and conditions。Maybe some friends don't know what kind of drainage pipe,In fact, each drain pipe has its own advantages and disadvantages.,I can introduce you to the advantages and disadvantages of several different drains today.,Convenient everyone to buy。

First introduce you to everyone isppSilent drain pipe,This material of the drain pipe is non-toxic and environmentally friendly,Have a good heat resistance,Up to date95Degrees Celsius,Be able to withstand0.5mpaWater pressure,Even more than the standard0.1mpa。Its chemical stability is very good,Has good insulation,And not affected by the moisture environment。This water pipe is also very convenient and simple.,By flexible connection,No noise in use,Life can be achieved50as long as。

butppSilent drain is easily embarrained in a low temperature environment,Crisp temperature is under zero35Spend,Therefore, it is not suitable for use below zero.,But you can also improve it slightly by adding polyethylene.。This water pipe does not have a good wear resistance,UV linearity and other penetration capabilities are relatively weak。

There is also a cast iron pipe,It has a good high temperature resistance,The water polishing capacity is also very good,Because internal coated epoxy resin paint brush, it has good corrosion resistance。This material is used in the process of using the noise in the process of use.,Has good shock resistance,General service life can be long30year。

Although the service life of the cast iron pipe can be up to 30 years but still can't work with the building.,Moreover, its corrosion resistance and antioxidant properties are achieved by coating epoxy resins on the surface and inner.,If these performances that have been destroyed are greatly reduced。This drain is generally more cumbersome.,Large size,Therefore, it is more troublesome during transportation and installation.。

U-PVCSpiral tube is a chemical performance very stable,Excellent drainage tube with corrosion resistance,Its thermal conductivity is very low,So the insulation effect is very good.,Good energy saving。This material is very smooth in the wall of the drainage pipe.,Sluggish,Not easy to accumulate dirt,The flow area in the tube does not change due to long-term,Pipes relative to metal materials,This type of pipe is very small.,Material is relatively light,Equipment and transportation is very convenient。

But the impact of this pipe is not good.,Flame retardancy is also very poor,Decomposition release with poisonous gases during combustion。Its thermal expansion coefficient is large,Therefore, scaling compensation must emphasize。

The above is the advantages and disadvantages of several different materials of different materials introduced.,You can refer to it.。