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kingston brass clawfoot tub supply lines

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Although the bathtub faucet is a relatively small hardware,But it is very important in the bathroom.。Installing a bathtub in your bathroom is to enjoy more comfortable,Bathtub faucet if there is water leak、Water temperature is unstable, etc.,It affects the use of the bathtub,Its function is also greatly reduced。So when you purchase,How can I choose a beautiful and practical,Quality and very good bathtub faucet。Below from all angles to explain:

kingston brass clawfoot tub supply lines

one、Model choice

Many people think that the faucet shape is the same.,In fact, the handles of the bathtub faucet on the market and the water supply pipe shape are varied.。Differential bathtub faucets are streamlined,Compare functional settings,Whether it is a straight line or a curve,Can be coordinated when mixing with home improvement。

two、Appearance choice

Bathtub faucet general material is stainless steel chrome-plated,The production process of this material is very particular,Need to make it through multi-way processes。At the time of purchase,You can observe the surface brightness of the bathtub faucet,The smoother, brighter, brightened bathtub faucet,The better the quality is also。

three、Selection of color

(kingston brass clawfoot tub supply lines)Stainless steel chrome bath tap,Both is the color of the metal,But in order to adapt to the demand,There are also some special colors such as bronze、Gold, etc.。If it is a Chinese decoration,Can choose the bronze tub faucet;If it is a European decoration,You can choose the golden bath tap;If it is a simple modern or other decoration style,Select stainless steel chrome bath tap。These special colors of the faucet are in line with home improvement style,Let the bathroom can also coordinate。

kingston brass clawfoot tub supply lines

Four、Practical choice

The main function of the bathtub faucet is to provide water when bathing.,The handle of the water switch needs to be used often,Good bathtub faucet when turning the switch,It should be very smooth,Will not slip,Will not hinder,Between the leaders and the handles will not have more gaps。

Fives、Sound judgment

From the appearance, it is not good to determine whether the quality of the bathtub faucet is bad.,Can distinguish from sound。If it is stainless steel,Tap the sound will be crisp;If it is the overall burn-cast copper,Tap the sound will be more dull。

six、Brand choice

For quality judgment, there is no experience.,You can choose some formal big brand of bathtub faucet,Recognize brand logo,Reduce purchase spending time。Some unregulated products are not identified,Pay attention to distinction。

Choose a bathtub faucet,There will be no big problem in everyday use.,Let yourself be more worrying when you enjoy。

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