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brass stern tube greaser

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Today, I will tell you very important part of the ship's power unit.——Tail tube device。The main role of the tail shaft tube device in the ship is:Ensure that the propeller shaft can reliably extend out of the hull,And support the propeller shaft,Prevent external water(Water lubrication)Large amounts of oil leaking into the boat or tail pipe(Oil lubrication)Leakage。Tail tube device is generally from the tail pipe、Tail bearings、Sealing means、Lubrication and cooling system and other components。

brass stern tube greaser

Ship tail line

Now the ship is with skeleton and skin(Outer panel)A huge spatum built,Because the size of the drainage decides the tonnage of the ship。That is, such a water-secret space,How to pass the hull drive propeller?I can't open a hole directly on the outer board.?In this case,And not to mention that this thin outer board can support a few meals、Dozens of tons or even hundreds of tons of propellers,Don't talk about how water,Vibration of the rotation of the axial system,You can mix the outer panel to spike。

brass stern tube greaser

Ship structure

Therefore, in order to ensure that the propeller shaft can reliably extend out of the hull.,We need to use the tail pipe。The tube is cast steel、Important support components made of materials such as cast iron。The real thing is as shown below。

(brass stern tube greaser)brass stern tube greaser(brass stern tube greaser)Tail pipe

We let the tail pipe through the opening of the shipbarbank,The front end is fixed with the crossbanking wall(welding、Flange connection, etc.),The rear end is due to the huge weight of the propeller and the propeller shaft and the vibration of twisting,So and the column is fixed together(welding、Flange connection、Epoxy resin bonding、Thread connection, etc.),This will ensure adequate strength after this,The propeller shaft can be worn from the ship from the ship by the tail pipe.。

brass stern tube greaser

Tail pipe fixation

艉 艉 is an important component used to withstand propeller and rudder,So it must have sufficient strength and stiffness。Generally, according to the size and functional requirements of the force,Steel sheet welding can be used、Cast steel type and welded cast steel mixed type。

brass stern tube greaser

Several style

And support for propeller shaft,We set up front and rear bearings in the tail pipe to support its propeller shaft,Then the spiral and propeller shaft huge weight and the vibration at the time of twisting,Bearing➔Tail pipe➔Pillar(Horizontal wall)Waiting for dispersion to the ship,This will not destroy the ship structure。General oil lubricated often uses white-shaped gold bearing(Brass common bronze),There is more water lubricated materials.,Iron pear、rubber、Birch laminate、Enhanced material、MCnylon、Clamping plastic, etc.。Everyone will feel very magical.,Ship such a large axis,Actually used wood、Rubber to do bearings。

brass stern tube greaser

Ship rubber bearing tail bearings(Case is a copper set)

I believe in a curious question of many people in the last question.,That is about the waterproof problem of the ship propeller connection,That is, the seal of the shaft(Note:Here is only simple to wait for the sealing function of the tail shaft tube device,Principle of 艉 艉 密 密 装置 不 理)。The figure below is a physical map of the ship's axis of a sealing device,We found that it can be connected with the end face of the flange and the tail pipe.,Then form a seal as a whole。

brass stern tube greaser

Ship 艉 shaft sealing device

In the water lubrication tail line,Water films in the tail pipe is used to lubricate the bearing,Then we only need to install the first seal at its front end.(Chart blue circle part),Prevent water from entering the boat。

brass stern tube greaser

Water lubricating tail shaft tube device

In the oil lubricated tail line,The oil filled in the tail pipe is used to lubricate the bearing。In order to prevent seawater outside the ship to enter the tail pipe,It also prevents oil from the tail pipe from polluting the ocean,So we set the sealing device after the tail pipe(Left red circle position);At the same time, in order to prevent oil discharge in the tail pipe,We set the first sealing device in front of it(Right red circle position),The oil in the tail pipe is sealed in the tail pipe.。

(brass stern tube greaser)brass stern tube greaser

Oil lubrication tail shaft tube device

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