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kingston brass alcove tub

author:MF manufacturerstime:2022-03-10 10:32:48

work so tiring,When I get home, I always want to take a bath and relax,So new house decoration,Insist on putting a bathtub in the bathroom,But when taking a bath,How to do storage?Thanks to a good bricklayer,I heard I'm going to put a bathtub,Just built a small table,It's really useful to store things against the wall。

kingston brass alcove tub(kingston brass alcove tub)

mesa10It's about a centimeter wide.,Essential oils for bathing,Bottles and cans are all here,You can get it at your fingertips,It's better than getting up and grabbing something and slipping and falling in the shower.,or want a snack、fruit or something,You can put this too。

kingston brass alcove tub

In-wall faucet!

(kingston brass alcove tub)Besides,The faucet for the bathtub can also be hidden in this narrow platform.,It is much more beautiful and atmospheric than the exposed style.。

kingston brass alcove tub

Equivalent to a splash wall!

In fact, when you take a bath,It is inevitable that the water will flow out,build a narrow platform,Tiled,Wouldn't it be a good protection for untiled areas too??

kingston brass alcove tub


When it's hard to get up in the bath,can also use here,is having a"armrest"make it easier。

kingston brass alcove tub

Fit the wall!

(kingston brass alcove tub)And there's an advantage to this design,That is, the bathtub and the wall fit better,Sanitary dead corners are naturally much less,Reduce the burden of housework。Some people even wrap the narrow table into an arc,show you:

kingston brass alcove tub

Of course there is a special case,That's next to the bathtub if it's near the window,If there happens to be a window sill or bay window,Then there's no need to build narrow platforms.,as long as the height is not too high,The effect is similar。

kingston brass alcove tub

Also provides2The effect is similar to that of building a narrow platform,You can refer to the following when decorating:

(kingston brass alcove tub)①Separator

One floor plank built into the wall,In fact, it can also solve the storage problem of the bathtub.,by the way here2potted plant、several books,This is the most comfortable place to go home。

kingston brass alcove tub


2practice,One is to dig directly into the wall,However, the premise is that it is a non-load-bearing wall.。The other is to increase the thickness of the wall,Then build it。This bathtub alcove design,The benefit is that,not protruding,Store items can play a good role in storage。

kingston brass alcove tub

And the bathtub is slanted,Then try to build a triangular table in the corner,Fits perfectly with the bathtub,The beauty of storage has been solved。

(kingston brass alcove tub)kingston brass alcove tub(kingston brass alcove tub)

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