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3 handle tub and shower faucet polished brass

author:MF manufacturerstime:2022-03-10 10:31:46

(3 handle tub and shower faucet polished brass)In home life,Just use water,Be sure to use the faucet。therefore,Buy a good faucet in your own home,is very important。Word-of-mouth brand as bathroom products,The faucet of the eagle bath has always been very quality,So where is it??Let's take a look at the Yingan Bath!。

Eagle bathroom faucet introduction

Eagle bathroom brand strength。Eagle bathroom is one of many well-known bathroom supplies companies,Provide the public every year 1000 10,000 bathroom home products,Ceramic bathroom、Bathroom furniture、Wall brick、Hardware faucet and accessories、cupboard、Wooden door and other fields,quilt 2008 Beijing Olympics、2010 Shanghai World Expo and many five-star hotels。Eagle National Development and Reform Commission、Ministry of Science and Technology、Finance department、Customs Department、The Five Ministers of the State Administration of Taxation were identified as“National Corporate Technology Center”。

Super technology and perfect design。Eagle faucet high quality spool design,Masonry stone hardness precision quality spool,Never leak。Beautiful and elegant design,Cooperate with tip,High quality pursuit,And excellent corrosion resistance,Authentic quality brass material。New handle uses comfort,Polished chrome is beautiful,Metal body is durable,Can accompany a lot of different styles。

Eagle bathroom faucet is very good。Faucet anti-hot design。Ordinary shower faucet water design(Non-constant temperature)Water water“All-inclusive”Hot water method,Effectively reduce the surface temperature of the faucet,Prevent accidental burns。The protected principle contained in this is to use a mixed water to hold hot water.,The entire faucet surface does not directly contact hot water,Thus, effectively prevent hot water from leading to the temperature of the leading housing, and burns the human body.。

Want to save water, choose the Yingan bathroom。Lead water water technology。As a leading company in China,Eagle bathroom faucet is committed to studying the effective water-saving plan,Let you enjoy your operation,While durable bathroom products,Also cherish every drop of water。

3 handle tub and shower faucet polished brass

Eagan bathroom faucet new product recommended

Eagle bathroom faucet products have a lot,Let's introduce several new products below.:

(3 handle tub and shower faucet polished brass)1、EF-821011WY50082100194182Series basin faucet

Want to advance water,Can choose this。Containing large cover bomb jumps and water hoses。

2、EF-781111WY50078101194178Series high body bin faucet

Want to highly high,Can choose this。Ontology, Applicable to art bowls contain water hoses, Free water。

3、EF-811011WY50081100194181Series single hole basin faucet

I like curved design,This is more appropriate。High-curved arc-shaped nozzle360Rotate in the water hose, Free water。

(3 handle tub and shower faucet polished brass)4、DOCKSeries basin faucet

(3 handle tub and shower faucet polished brass)Fashion family must not miss this。The design uses simple avant-garde style,Cylindrical shape faucet body,The angular distinctive and flat handle and the water outlet,Mutual integration is so coordinated,No trace of abrupt。The faucet uses common high purity brass castings,The surface is chrome-plated,Gloss。

Eagle bathroomEB-66601001shower head

(3 handle tub and shower faucet polished brass)Glossy bright shape is very eye-catching。This shower shower styling style avant-garde fashion,Square top spray、Phone earpiece shape-like hand shower and flat shower faucet,None means that the product is suitable for matching most modern stylish bathrooms.。Product body is made of pure copper material,Treatment of multilayer chrome plating process,Shining,Bright as new。

Eagle bathroom faucet quality is very good,And stylish、Excellent design,And many products,Let consumers have a lot of choices。Xiaobian introduced the eagle bathtub, and the new product recommended by the Ying Sanitary Ware.,I hope to bring you some useful suggestions.。But not to say that the eagle bath is the best choice.,After all, it is necessary to see if it is suitable for your needs.。