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brass tube cleaning brush

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brass tube cleaning brush

Although there is chemical cleaner on the market,But you can try to clean the brass with these natural ingredients.,Most of you may already have it at home.。

(brass tube cleaning brush)Brass consists of zinc and copper,It is a popular metal,Used for cookware,Jewelry,Musical instrument,Also have a home ornament。If you live, the old house,Many of your handlers may be brass。

(brass tube cleaning brush)Like the metal manufactured brass,Brass is also easy to lose gloss。What is the best way to clean brass??first,You need to make sure your item is actually brass.。Put a magnet on your item。If it is sucked,This object is not brass,But most likely to be brass。Clean brass plating only using water and mild cleaners,Because any more abrasives may damage electroplating。

If you have a faded or dirty brass piece,Need to clean,How to clean it depending on whether it is paint—That is, it is painted with a protective gloss or non-paint brass.。Painted brass can be wiped simply with a wet cloth。

Cleaning, non-painted brass, take more physical strength。Although there is chemical cleaner on the market,But you can try to use some natural ingredients to clean the brass,Most of you may have。

ketchup: Spray some ketchup on a clean cloth,Wipe on brass that has lost gloss。Then use the wet cloth,Wipe again with soft cloth。

Soap or gentle cleaners: If your brass item is dusty or dirty,Not faded,Soak it in warm soap water,Soft cloth cleaning。Use a toothbrush to gently scrub extractive place。

(brass tube cleaning brush)vinegar、Salt and flour: These multi-purpose household items can be mixed into paste,Brass used to clean up gloss。Dissolve a teaspoon salt into half a cup of vinegar,Add flour until the mixture becomes a paste。Brass10minute,Rinse with warm water,Then use soft cloth to dry。

water: heating500Millid water,put into a2Table spoon salt and white vinegar,This is another natural formula for polishing brass。Wipe the brass with this mixture,Wipe dry with clean rag。

Lemon juice: Pure lemon juice can be used to clean brass,Recover luster。After cleaning with lemon juice,Wipe again with damp cloth and soft cloth。

If brass is an antique,Take the identification of the appraiser before trying to clean it。Antique rust can increase its value,If you destroy its natural gloss, it will shrink it.。

If you find that you think that it is brass, it is only copper-plated.,Don't feel disappointed,To cheer up,Because it is easier to clean,And it still looks like a true thing.。

Is there any other idea for how to clean the brass?? Please leave a message in the comments below。