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3 4 id brass tube

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【Editor】History in China,Only two cities in Wuhan and Shanghai have been crowning in front of the city name“Big”Character,“Great Wuhan”as well as“Hankou”Once known as a high broadcast。Nowadays,With the rapid advancement of urban transformation,An excellent historical building is pushed down,A famous mile(neighborhood)Be flat,An industrial building with protection value is removed,Instead, it is almost a high-grade high-grade property.。Real estate economy is in the development of the city。History is far away from us,Culture is far from us,Memory is far away from us。Several years later,Can our future generations still remember that Dawuhan has so brilliant history??Several years later,Where is our future generation to find a big Wuhan in history?、Hankou's trace?

Zhou Guo

2017year7Moon than Wuhan

3 4 id brass tube

(3 4 id brass tube)Wuhan Copper Tube Factory, located in the intersection of Macau Road and Guanghua Road(Zhou Guo2018year2Month shooting)

Wuhan Copper Tube Factory is created1959year4moon,Located in Guanghua Road, Jiang'an District, Wuhan。Enterprise footprint11400Square meter,1986Annual enterprise fixed asset300Ten thousand yuan,staff620people,Annual copper pipe400Multi-ton。

3 4 id brass tube

Wuhan Copper Tube Factory of Macau Road, Building rent for commercial facades(Zhou Guo2018year2Month shooting)

Wuhan copper pipe factory main products includeVIIABrass、Copper stick、Purple copper tube、7Copper plate、VIIDCopper plate、VII41Purple copper tube、Thin-walled copper tube、Thick-walled copper tube、Large diameter copper tube,1986Year began to produce Japanese imported technology seamless copper tubes。

(3 4 id brass tube)3 4 id brass tube

From Guanghua Road, you can see a red brick building in Wuhan Copper Tube Factory.(Zhou Guo2018year2Month shooting)

(3 4 id brass tube)Wuhan copper pipe factory products are widely used in ship manufacturing、Power Engineering、Military industry、Power Equipment、Petrochemical、Construction industry、railway、Electronic equipment and other fields。1987We have been rated as excellent products for metal processing。

(3 4 id brass tube)3 4 id brass tube

This red brick building in Wuhan Copper Tube is replaced by a house(Zhou Guo2018year2Month shooting)

3 4 id brass tube

This red brick building in Wuhan Copper Tube is replaced by a house(Zhou Guo2018year2Month shooting)

(3 4 id brass tube)3 4 id brass tube

(3 4 id brass tube)The building of the Wuhan Copper Tube Factory becomes part of the sixth(Zhou Guo2018year2Month shooting)

(3 4 id brass tube)3 4 id brass tube

(3 4 id brass tube)The building of the Wuhan Copper Tube Factory becomes part of the sixth(Zhou Guo2018year2Month shooting)

【Zhou Guo Dianwu Wuhan Series Link】:

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(3 4 id brass tube)15、Dawu series29:Hankou Eji Hydropower Company Zongguan Water Plant

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(3 4 id brass tube)33、Dawu series11:Wuhan Heavy Machine Tool Factory

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(3 4 id brass tube)35、Dawu series9:Jiang'an Railway Station、Jiang'an Vehicle Factory and Transfer Building

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(3 4 id brass tube)39、Dawu series5:Wuhan National Cotton One Factory Continued——Precious old photos and crane fire scenes

(3 4 id brass tube)40、Dawu series4:Wuhan National Cotton One Factory

(3 4 id brass tube)41、Dawu series3:The last leg in Hankou Longmao Package Factory

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(3 4 id brass tube)How to cross the train in the early century:本But I can at least use my lens to record this.“Dawu series”发布的图片,Disappearing image,均为周国献原创作品,Hankou traffic。

我无力阻挡城市改造的步伐,Special statement,为日后巡回失去的城市影像和情感记忆提供参照。

Thishead“Reference for urban images and emotional memories that have been patrolled in the future”!

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