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brass tube clamp

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Electrical encyclopedia:Range and characteristics of the tube,Straight rail introduction,Magnetic option method,Transmission system speed mechanism,How to choose rail oil in the machine guide,What are the air compressors??

Electrical encyclopedia:Range and characteristics of the tube

brass tube clamp

1、Tube application range

Light series pipe clamp 6 Ordinary mechanical pressure pipe for size series,Tube outer diameter 6-57mm。

(brass tube clamp)Double series pipe clamp application 5 Size series mechanical pressure pipe,Tube outer diameter 6-42mm。

Heavy-duty series tube 8 High mechanical pressure pipe of a size series,Tube outer diameter 8-273mm。

2、Tube clamp material

(brass tube clamp)density、Bending strength、Impact toughness、Compress strength、Elastic Modulus、Tensile Strength、Temperature resistant、colour

3、Tube installer

Assembly on the welded board Before assembly,To better determine the direction of the clip,It is recommended to make a tag at the fixed place.,Welding welding,The lower half of the tube is mixed,Put your fixed pipe。Plant another half of the tube and cover,Tighten with screws。 Do not directly weld the bottom plate of the tube clamp。

Land rail ,Based on the guide rail weld,Or fix by screw,The guide rail nut is then pushed into the rail.,Turn and turn 90 Spend,Belt the lower half into the nut,Put your fixed pipe,Put it on the upper half of the pipe and cover the cover.,Fixture fixture with screws。

Stack assembly,Based on the guide rail weld,Or fix by screw,First load half a pipe is mixed,Place the fixed tube and put it on the upper half.,Fixture fixture with screws,Prevent it from rotating by anti-loose cover。Then install the second tube clip,Method。

Bending assembly ,Assemble the elbow,The front and rear of the elbow should be fixed directly in the front and rear of the elbow.。It is recommended that such a support point should be a fixed position.。

Electrical encyclopedia:Straight rail introduction

Straight rail is a rolling guide,It is infinitely rolling cycle between steel balls between the slider and the rail,Make the load platform can easily move along the guide rails.,The friction coefficient can be reduced to the traditional sliding guide1/50,Make it easilyμmLevel positioning accuracy。Last unit design between sliders and rails,Make the linear rails can at the same time to bear the load in each direction such as up and down.,Patented reflow system and the thinning structural designHIWINLinear guide has a more smooth and low noise movement。

brass tube clamp

1.HGSeries four-row linear guide HGSeries linear guide,Contact linear guide for four-row single round arc teeth,Overweight load precision linear guide integrating optimized structural design simultaneously,Lifting than four types of linear guides in other same types30%The load and rigidity of the above;Equipped with four directions,Automatic caller,Mounting error of absorbable mounting surface,Get high-precision demands。


a、 Allowed load

b、 All directions have high rigidity

c、 Lubrication structure is simple

d、 Automatic caller

e、 Interchangeability

2.AGSeries Two-column linear guide

use:Automated equipment General linear motion equipment。

(brass tube clamp)characteristic:Error absorption、Easy to install(Economic popularity)

3.MGSeries tiny linear guide

●small volume、Lightweight,Specially suitable for miniaturization equipment。

●Slider、The guide rail material provides two types of stainless steel and alloy steel.。Stainless steel linear guide,Slider、Slide rails and other metal fittings such as steel balls、Keser, etc.,Use stainless steel quality。Rust resistance。、

●Point contact design,Can withstand direction load,Has strong steel,Precision high characteristics。

●Steel ball holder design,Interchangeability。

Electrical encyclopedia:Magnetic option method

brass tube clamp

1.Magnetic options must be fully inspected whether all ministerial operating institutions are normal.,Wipe the rocker rail with fine cotton yarn and press the lubricant grade。

2.Magnetic selection machine rocker arm and spindle box are locked,Energy operation。

3.There is no obstacle within the rotation of the magnetic selection machine.。

4.Magnetic selection machine powder,Magnetic selection machinery workbench、Workpiece、Clamp、Cutting tool,Must find positive,Fastening。

5.Magnetic selection machine correctly selected spindle speed、Insert,Do not overload。

6.Drilling outside the workbench,The workpiece must be stable。

7.Magnetic selection machine tools in operation and automatic feed,Do not change tightening speed,If the speed can only be stopped at all,Can only。

8.Magnetic selection machine loading and unloading cutting tool and measuring workpiece,Must be carried out in the stop,Do not take care of workpiece directly、Do not wear gloves。

9.There is an abnormal sound in the magnetic selection machine.,You must stop checking immediately

Electrical encyclopedia:Transmission system speed mechanism

1. Manual speed mechanism:Generally known as「Handbox」。Shot in manual operation。

2. Automatic shifting mechanism:Generally known as「Self-emission transmission」。Change the gear by using oil pressure。

Electrical encyclopedia:How to choose rail oil in the machine guide

When the machine guide is selected by the guide rail,Emphasize the lubricity of lubricants,At the same time, there should be a rail energy efficiency.。The rail lubricants used have good reptiles,Anti-wear resistance and other requirements。This article mainly describes the use of lubricating oils in machine tool rails.:

1、The rail lubricants used must be either satisfied with the lubrication requirements of the rail,At the same time, it can serve as a hydraulic medium of hydraulic system。

For example, machine tools such as coordinate trampoline,Guide oil viscosity(50℃)Should choose some(40-90mm2/s);Like all kinds of grinding machines,Conditional rails are often supplied by the hydraulic system,Hydraulic system requirements,Must satisfy,Time guide-Hydraulic lubricating oil viscosity(50℃)Neither is selected(20-40mm2/s),The viscosity required by the hydraulic system。

2、Based on sliding speed and average pressure to select rail oil viscosity。

Among them, the viscosity of the guide rails and the internationalGB7632:“Machine tool lubricant selection”Two guides recommended by ChinaL-G68、L-G150(Quite old number40No、90No),And two rails-Hydraulic oilL-HG32andL-HC68(Quite old number20No40号)Very viscosity。

3、Based on the actual application of foreign machine bobs to use rail oil。When selecting a rail lubricant,You can also refer to the example of the actual application of existing existing machine bed guide bands.。for example:Horizontal lathe、Drilling machine、Milling machineL-HL32、L-HL46Hydraulic oil;Universal grinding、Outer mill、Round mill、Flat millL-HG32arriveL-HG68Hydraulic oil, etc.。

The following factors are mainly considered when selecting rail oil.:

* Choose a lubricating oil viscosity according to the sliding speed and average pressure of the guide。

* Air rail lubricating oil used as hydraulic media simultaneously。

(brass tube clamp)* Based on domestic and foreign machinery rail lubrication practical application reference selection lubricant。Liquid static pressure rail lubricating oil。

Electrical encyclopedia:What are the air compressors??

brass tube clamp

Air compressor accessories are more general,The air compressor is divided into a piston air compressor and a screw air compressor according to the working principle.,Piston air compressor parts mainly talk about some regular parts,Piston air compressor parts is divided into vulnerable accessories,Such as piston ring,Support ring,Valve in the valve set,piston,Piston rod,Big head,Cooler, etc.,Detoned parts with a cylinder,Cylinder head,Seals,Brake,Oil pump,Safety valve, etc.,The screw air compressor is different from the piston air compressor,The working principle of the screw air compressor is different from the piston air compressor.,Design is different,Screw machine air compressor easy accessories oil filter,Air filter,The electromagnetic valve,Oil, etc.,Generally, the screw machine spheroidal screw is not easy to damage,Comparative life。

Air compressor accessories Piston machine accessories,piston,Piston ring,link,Crankshaft,bush,Cylinder,Valve set,Pressure Switch,Air filter, etc. Screw machine has,Rotor fluid,air filter,Oil filter,Oil gas separator,Pressure valve,Temperature control valve,Intake valve,heat sink,High-pressure pipeline,Host,PLCControl panel, etc.。

Screw compressor parts have a wide range of production,Filter, there is Hebei,Jiangsu,Taizhou,Shanghai, etc.,Some solenoid valves are in Wenzhou,Jiangsu,Shenzhen, etc.,Motor,Many of the electric control panels are from imported Germany,U.K,US, etc.,The screw is looking for a domestic first-class factory.,Second-run brand does not have its own strength to buy equipment for production screw。

(brass tube clamp)Slip type air compressor:Slip-type air compressor technology is relatively high,So don't have many manufacturers of accessories,Mainly for the original parts of the air press。Slip-type air compressor work is relatively simple,Adopted the most advanced integrated design in structure design,Will95%Oil、Toolpanus and valve built-in。

Slip-type air compressor accessories:air filter、Minimum pressure valve、Oil gas separator、Oil filter、Temperature control bypass valve、Industrial motor、Elastic coupling、PLCController、Inlet pipe、Tube、Drainage solenoid valve、Intake valve、Host、Rollover valve, etc.。

Electrical encyclopedia,Industrial Website Daquan,I understand the electric world。