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It has introduced a plant to the big family before.,Its name is called Taiwan Fair,However, I am very different from our forsya seen on the roadside.,And after the plant is finished,There are some faders to ask the flower,Said that there is also a plants called forsythia in your home.,Not only is the same as the forsythia in the road.,There is no similarity with this kind of Taiwan.。

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After the flower appraisal, it was found that this is a plant called earth forsythia in the private.,Its students are called goldens,Is a very beautiful plant。

Because it blossoms fresh and yellow,Moreover, the overall plant growth rate is also very rapid.,Worth with the worship of the roadside,Long is a big man,So it's this“Soil”The name is probably from it.。

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So why is it called a gold bell?,In fact, it is also very imageive.,Because the flower it opened, it stretches like a golden hour.,If you see this flower, you will feel very beautiful.,So this name is also a matter of vivid。

(admiralty brass tube price)If we keep this plant at home,How can I make it better??Its maintenance points are very simple。

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If you want to maintain it or have a pot of home,Then you can raise it better and better.,Let's take a look at you.。

(admiralty brass tube price)It is a deciduous shrub plant,The growth in the ground is very strong,It may reach the height of around three meters,So a lot of faders, if it is in the small courtyard in the house,So you must be careful.,It may easily take a small garden in your home.。

(admiralty brass tube price)admiralty brass tube price(admiralty brass tube price)

If we don't have conditional plants,Then plant in the pot,At this time, if you want it to grow bigger,Give it a slightly big flower pot,If you want to keep it small and exquisite gesture,Then use a slightly small flower pot,These are no relationships。

Of course, if the flower pot is too small.,Because it grows in some spaces,If it is really too small,Then also affect its root development and growth,It will also affect its growth of its entire plants.。

admiralty brass tube price(admiralty brass tube price)

(admiralty brass tube price)It is very like illuminated,When we usually keep it in outdoor or planted,So, it is not worried about the acceptance of the sun.。

However, occasional sunlight is nothing serious.,Because it is relatively more than yin,But if you want it to grow better,Don't let it affected by the shadow environment.,Because even if it won't die immediately,Then, its growth will also have a variety of small problems.,It's more difficult to let it go back to the original look.。

admiralty brass tube price

Be sure to remember to water water,Especially in the summer.,Weather is hot,Water gas evaporation,If you will forget it to water for a while,Then, its entire plants will send yellow to。

admiralty brass tube price

Because it is the plant of a bush,If the branches are soft,So overall, will hang down,It's hard to see,And flowering will also become less,So everyone must pay attention to these maintenance points。

(admiralty brass tube price)admiralty brass tube price

So, when you usually keep it, you will know which maintenance skills.,You can also share with everyone in the comment area.,Strive to make the golden clock flowers in everyone, the longer the better、The longer the more beautiful~

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