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3 1 2 brass tube

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Pipe is an indispensable part of chemical production,Chemical production must deliver and control fluid media through pipelines,Today we talk about common chemical pipelines。

3 1 2 brass tube

1、Cast iron pipe

Cast iron pipe can be divided into two major categories of ordinary cast iron pipes and high construction cast iron pipes.。The ordinary cast iron pipe is cast from the gray cast iron.,Has strong corrosion resistance。Usually coated with asphalt layers on the outer wall surface,To improve its service life。Gray cast iron is used to make ordinary valve parts、Pipe fittings and smaller tubes。High silicon iron tube refers to carbon0%-1.2%、Silicon10%~17%Iron silicon alloy,Since the silicon iron tube surface can form a solid silica protective film thus has good corrosion resistance。Cast iron pipes often use as embedding、Drainage pipe,Gas pipeline and pipeline with corrosive materials,Chemical plant used to deliver the base liquid、Concentrated sulfuric acid,However, the cast iron pipe cannot be used to deliver steam and transport explosive and toxic gas under pressure.。High silicon iron tube and anti-chloride iron pipe for conveying nominal pressure0.25MPaThe following corrosive media,High silicon iron energy resistance,Molybdenum-containing anti-chloridicon iron is more resistant to various content、Temperature hydrochloric acid;High silicon hardness、Work resistance and poor resistance

3 1 2 brass tube

2、Steel Pipe

Steel pipes can be divided into seamless steel tubes and seamless steel pipes according to manufacturing methods.。Common materials for steel pipes have ordinary carbon steel、Premium carbon steel,Low alloy steel and stainless steel, etc.。

Synthetic steel pipe is generally made of carbon steel。Surface galvanized steel tube is called galvanized tube or white tube,Black iron tube is not galvanized,Slit steel homes are often used to deliver low-pressure fluids such as water、gas、natural gas、Low pressure steam and condensate、Heating、Compressed air、Vacuum and non-corrosive materials。General limit operating temperature175℃,Explosive and toxic media cannot be delivered。General water gas pipe is divided into ordinary(Nominal pressureMPa)Strengthen(Nominal pressure1.6MPa)Two levels,Nominal diameter is8150mm。

3 1 2 brass tube

Seamless steel pipe is uniform、Complete variety、High strength high toughness、Segment length,Is the most commonly used pipe in industrial pipelines。Press rolling mode,Seamless steel pipe is divided into hot rolling tube and cold rolling tube。Seamless steel pipe is widely used in chemical production,It is characterized by uniform quality and high strength,Can be used to transport pressure-resistant materials、water vapor、High pressure、Overheated water,It is also possible to deliver flammable and explosive and toxic materials.,Extreme operating temperature435℃。If you transport strong corrosion or high temperature(Reach900-950℃)medium,Seamless steel pipe made of alloy steel or heat resistant steel,E.g,Nickel-chromium steel can be resistant to nitric acid and phosphoric acid,But it is not suitable for conveying a reducing medium。

3、Non-ferrous metal tube

①Steel pipe and brass tube。Many use as a low temperature pipeline(Freezing system)、Meter pressure pipeline or conveyor pressure liquid(Hydraulic system、Lubrication system),Temperature is higher than250℃It is not appropriate to use under pressure.。

3 1 2 brass tube

②Aluminum tube。Commonly used to transport concentrated nitric acid、acetic acid、Formic acid and other materials but cannot be alkali corrosion,High temperature than6℃It is not appropriate to use under pressure.,Extreme operating temperature200℃。

③Lead tube。Often used as a sulfate or acidic material pipe,But due to low strength、Large density、Disadvantages such as anti-heat resistance have gradually been acid-resistant,Especially for plastic tubes。The lead tube is higher in temperature.140℃Time,Should be used to transport nitric acid under pressure、Lead tubes are not available when media such as hypochlorite and permanganate。

4、ceramic pipe

Chemical ceramic corrosion resistance is good,Can remove hydrofluoric acid、Various concentrations of fluorosilic acid and strong base、The corrosion of organic acid and organic solution is wide and low in price is、Low strength and temperature resistance,Often used as a sewer pipe and ventilation pipe that excludes corrosive media。

(3 1 2 brass tube)3 1 2 brass tube

5、Hard polyvinyl chloride tube

Hard polyvinyl chloride is stable for any acid base and salt of any content.,But a strong oxidant、Aromatic hydrocarbon、Chloride and carbon oxides are unstable,Can be used to transport60℃Below,Can also be used to deliver the following liquid。The working pressure of light pipe is not exceeded at room temperature0.25MPa,Heavy tube(That is)Work pressure does not exceed0.6MPa。The advantage of hard polyvinyl chloride tube is、Good resistance、Easy-to-process,But poor heat resistance。

3 1 2 brass tube(3 1 2 brass tube)

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