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1.6mm brass tube

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1.6mm brass tube

common problem1:When the air duct system adopts the combined flange connection, the air leakage of the interface

(1)The allowance of the blanking seam of the four segments should be controlled within the standard(Refers to the bite flow of male tenon and female tenon)。Low specification requirements:The air duct must pass the technical inspection or verification,Its strength and tightness requirements should meet the design or the following regulations:

1 The strength of the air duct should be able to meet the1.5No cracking at joints under double working pressure;

2 The allowable air leakage volume of the rectangular air duct shall meet the following requirements:

(1.6mm brass tube)Low pressure system air ductQL≤0.1056P0.65

Medium pressure system air ductQM≤0.0.352P0.65

High pressure system air ductQH≤0.0117P0.65

in the formula QL 、QM 、QH——The system air duct is under the corresponding working pressure,Permissible air leakage per unit area of air duct per unit time[m3/(h·m3)];

(1.6mm brass tube)P———Refers to the working pressure of the air duct system(Pa)。

3 low pressure、Medium pressure round metal air duct、Permissible air leakage for composite ducts and non-metallic ducts in non-flanged form,should be the value specified for the rectangular duct50%;

5 smoke exhaust、dust、The low-temperature air supply system shall comply with the regulations of the air duct of the medium-pressure system,1~5 The first-level purification air-conditioning system shall comply with the regulations of the high-pressure system air duct。

Cause Analysis

(1)ventilation、The material of the flange gasket selected for the air conditioning system does not meet the《Construction acceptance specification》requirements;

(2)Insufficient thickness of flange gasket,Thus affecting elasticity and tightness;

(3)The bite allowance of segment blanking exceeds the standard requirement;

(4)The seams of the bite and flange inserts and the gaps of the holes are not sealed with sealing compound。

as a result of:The air duct system adopts combined flange connection, serious air leakage,Air leakage test failed,Does not meet quality standards,Excessive loss of air volume of the entire system,Unable to meet air volume requirements,and cause a serious waste of energy。

(1.6mm brass tube)Prevention:

The medium pressure air duct can adopt the button-type bite;High-pressure air ducts or clean system air ducts should use corner seams or joint corner seams at the four corners。

(2)Air duct bite seam、No orchid inserts at seams and holes,must be sealed with sealant,No air leakage。

(3)Flange gaskets must be airtight、good elasticity、Connection material that is not easy to age,thickness3~5mm,width should not be less than10mm。

(1.6mm brass tube)1.6mm brass tube

common problem2:The internal debris is not removed before the air duct is installed

requirements:6.3.1 The installation of air ducts should meet the following requirements:1 Before air duct installation,should be cleared、Foreign debris,And do a good job of cleaning and protection。

as a result of:

During the commissioning and operation of the air duct system, the dust pollutes the wall and decoration,When the system resistance increases seriously, the filter screen and pipeline are blocked。


Before air duct installation,clear inside、Foreign debris,And do a good job of cleaning and finishing,Seal the pipe opening in time after construction。

(1.6mm brass tube)1.6mm brass tube

common problem3:duct branch、Hanger spacing is too large

(1.6mm brass tube)requirements:duct branch、The installation of the hanger should meet the following requirements:

(1.6mm brass tube)1 Air duct horizontal installation,Diameter or long side dimension is less than or equal to400mm,Spacing should not be greater than4m;more than the400mm,should not be greater than3m。Spiral duct branch、The hanger spacing can be extended to5m and3.75m;For air ducts with sheet steel flanges,its branches、Hanger spacing should not be greater than3m;

2 Air duct vertical installation,Spacing should not be greater than4m,A single straight pipe shall have at least2fixed point;

3 duct branch、The hanger should be in the form and size suitable for strength and stiffness according to the national standard atlas and specifications。For diameters or side lengths greater than2500mm super wide、Overweight and other special duct support、The hanger should be designed as specified。

4 branch、The hanger should not be set at the tuyere、valve、Inspection door and automatic control mechanism,The distance from the air outlet or plug pipe should not be less than200mm。

as a result of:

The distance between the duct support and hanger is too large,Deformation of the duct,affect sensory effects;If the anchor bolts are used improperly,The weight of the branch pipe exceeds the bearing capacity of the lifting point and even causes the duct to fall,construction safety hazards。

(1.6mm brass tube)measure:

(1)Air duct support and hanger spacing:Horizontal installation of angle steel flanged air ducts according to specifications,Diameter or large side size is less than400mm,no more than4mm;greater than or equal to400mm,Spacing should not be greater than3mm。Air duct vertical installation,Spacing should not be greater than4m,However, the fixing part of each riser shall not be less than2indivual。The spacing of the outdoor thermal insulation air duct support and hanger should be based on the design requirements。The distance between the support and hanger of the spiral air duct can be the same as the distance between the support and hanger of the general horizontal air duct.1.25times。The spacing of the combined flange duct is2~3M。Special air duct,such as rigid polyvinyl chloride、Inorganic fiberglass duct、The distance between the support and hanger such as fire duct can be appropriately reduced,Or use general air duct0.7times;

(2)Use the diameter of the riveting bolt according to the lifting point,Correct use of drills and control of drilling depth,Ensure the drilling diameter of the anchor bolts;(see table)

(1.6mm brass tube)1.6mm brass tube

common problem4:Duct through fire protection、Explosion-proof wall or floor,No embedded pipe or protective casing

requirements:6.2.1 When the air duct passes through the fire protection that needs to be closed、Explosion-proof walls or floors,Pre-buried pipes or protective casings should be provided,The thickness of the steel plate should not be less than1.6mm。Between air duct and protective casing,Use non-flammable and non-hazardous flexible materials to block。


(1)Duct through fire protection、Explosion-proof wall or floor,No embedded pipe or protective casing;

(2)The thickness of the steel plate for making the protective sleeve is too thin,Does not meet specification requirements;

(3)There is no non-combustible flexible material between the protective casing and the air duct.。

Cause Analysis:

(1)The construction unit is not familiar with or pays no attention to the specification。

(2)The construction unit saves costs,Cut corners。


(1)During the joint review of drawings, the design unit should emphasize to the construction unit that the air duct passes through the fire prevention、The installation of embedded pipes or protective casings at the explosion-proof wall or floor is required by the mandatory provisions of the code and must be strictly implemented,and strict disclosure of specific practices。Considering cost saving and convenient construction,Pre-buried pipes are recommended for air ducts that do not require thermal insulation,It is recommended to install protective casing for air ducts that require thermal insulation;

(2)in construction,Supervision units should strengthen inspections,If problems are found, the construction unit should be requested to make up,Insufficient thickness of protective casing steel plate1.6mmshould be dismantled and reworked。

common problem5:The connection between the brick structure air duct and the metal air duct is not equipped with embedded parts or the sealing gap is too large or the connection is not tight。

requirements:6.3.1 7 Ducts and Bricks、Connection interface for concrete air duct,should be inserted in the direction of the airflow,and sealing measures should be taken,There should be a rainproof device where the air duct goes out of the roof;

(1.6mm brass tube)as a result of:

Unable to brick、Connection of structural air duct and metal air duct,Excessive air leakage in the system,loss of energy。

(1.6mm brass tube)measure:

During construction, the bricks must be installed as required、Pre-embedded parts are installed at the connection between the structural air duct and the metal air duct,Or require the civil engineering unit to cooperate in blocking,Make sure the connection is tight。

1.6mm brass tube

Common disease6:Wind tube system does not have a swing bracket

requirements:6.3.4 5 When horizontal suspension、Dry wind tube length exceeds20mTime,Stained points to prevent swinging,Each system should not be less than1indivual。

as a result of

Drainage movement when the system is running、shock。


Set anti-plant bracket as required。

1.6mm brass tube

Common disease7:All kinds of wind valve installation position is not convenient for operation and maintenance

requirements:6.2.4 The installation of the wind tube must meet the following requirements:

1 Installation of all kinds of wind pipe components and operating mechanisms,It should ensure that its normal use function,And easy to operate;

2 Interferring,The valve plate must be pulled upward;Horizontal installation,The valve plate should also be inserted in the direction of the airflow.;

3 Regenerate、The direction of installation of automatic exhaust valve should be correct。

6.3.8 All kinds of wind valve should be installed in the part of easy operation and overhaul,The manual or electric operating device after installation should be flexible.、reliable,Valve plate closing should be kept strict。

(1.6mm brass tube)as a result of

Unable to operate and overhaul


Installed in parts that make it easy to operate and overhaul,Setup inspection port in ceiling or in the wellway。

(1.6mm brass tube)Common disease8:Do not perform light after the air tube system is installed、Over-wind inspection and test(same1)

requirements:4.2.5 Drainage must pass the process of testing or verification,Its intensity and rigidity should meet the design or the following regulations:

1 The strength of the duct should be satisfied1.5No cracked at the seam under the pressure pressure;

2 The amount of the allowable leakage of the rectangular duct should meet the following regulations:

Low voltage system ductQL≤0.1056P0.65

(1.6mm brass tube)Medium pressure system ductQM≤0.0.352P0.65

(1.6mm brass tube)High pressure system wind pipeQH≤0.0117P0.65

In QL、QM 、QH——The system wind tube is under the corresponding working pressure,Allow leakage in unit area of air pipelines[m3/(h·m3)];

P———Refers to the working pressure of the air system(Pa)。

3 Low pressure、Medium pressure circular metal duct、Composite air tubes and non-metallic wind tubes in non-flange form,The specified value of the rectangular duct50%;

(1.6mm brass tube)4 Smoke、Dust removal、Low temperature air supply system is prescribed by medium pressure system,1~5 Class purification air conditioning system according to the provisions of the air duct of high voltage system。

(1.6mm brass tube)as a result of

Do not perform light after the air tube system is installed、Over-wind inspection and test,Such as system for the production of wind tubes and poor installation quality,Will cause a lot of wind,Make the entire system and project engineering unused,Increase unnecessary rework and waste,At the same time, it is also wasting energy.。

(1.6mm brass tube)measure

(1)strictly follow《Ventilation and Air Conditioning Engineering Construction Quality Acceptance Specification》GB50243—2016Request,Leakage or drainness measurement is a test measures for ventilation and air conditioning construction quality。

(2)Mandarin detection is the inspection of quality of wind tubes production installation process,Is the construction unit to strengthen quality management,A control measures to improve technical capabilities。Construction units should strengthen construction technology equipment,Do a good job in testing。

(3)Test device and calculation method for leakage:

ADrainage air leak test device

1)Drainage air supply test device is made of fan、Connection、Surgiver instrument、Whole、Flower and standard orifice plates, etc.:

(1.6mm brass tube)1.6mm brass tube

2)This device uses a standard orifice plate with angle attached。Well plateβValue range0.22~0.7(β=d/D);Confucius、Rear whole grating and rectifier outer straight pipe distance,It should be greater than10Multiplier5Round tube diameterDProvisions。

3)The connecting duct of this device is a smooth circle。Dippoint to upstream2DRange round degree allows deviation0.3%;Downstream0.2%。

4)Delole plate and duct connection,The verticality of the front end and the tube axis is allowed to be1°,The convexity of the orifice plate and the air tube is allowed to be0.015D。

5)After the first grille,All connection portions should be closely illegal。

6)The amount of leakage is calculated by the following formula:

In ——Leakage();

——Airflow beam expansion coefficient;

(1.6mm brass tube)——Differential flow coefficient;

——Differential opening area();

——Air density();

——Differential pressure difference(Pa)

7)Differential flow coefficient,According to the figure4-2Sure,Its applicable range should meet the following requirements:




Within this range,Effect of irregular pipe roughness on flow coefficient。

The number of Reynolds is less than105Time,Then according to the current national standard《Flow measurement throttling device》Survey flow coefficientα。

1.6mm brass tube

8)Air supply coefficient of air supplyεValue can be based on the table4-2Check。

1.6mm brass tube

9)When the system or the device needs to test the system of the system under negative pressure conditions,Device connection should match the map4-3Provisions。

(1.6mm brass tube)1.6mm brass tube

BWind chain slide air test device:

1)Wind chain drain gauge measuring instrument,Connection、Surgiver instrument、Bull、Throttle、Wind chamber、Composition and nozzle,as the picture shows。

1.6mm brass tube

2)Test equipment adopts standard long-distance nozzle(picture4-5)。Nozzle should be made4-3Installed on the partition,The number can be single or more。The central distance between the two nozzles shall not be less than the diameter of the larger nozzle throat.3Multiplication;Any nozzle center to the air chamber is not less than its nozzle throat diameter.1.5Multiplication。

1.6mm brass tube

3)The section size of the wind chamber should satisfy the average speed of the section.0.75 m /sDemand。Wind chamber(Porous plate)The installation position should match the map4-4Provisions。

Ds——Small nozzle diameter;

DM——Medium nozzle diameter;

DL——Large nozzle diameter。

4)Static pressure spressral interface at both ends of the nozzle diameter in the wind chamber,There should be multiple all over the fourth wall.,Converged into a static pressure ring,Then connected to the measuring instrument。The distance between the static pressure receiving interface to the nozzle separator is greater than the minimum nozzle throat diameter.1.5Multiplication。

5)When using this apparatus to determine the air volume,The flow rate of the nozzle throat should be15~35m/sWithin range。

6)This device requires all connecting portions after the nozzle separator in the air chamber should be strict。

7)Single nozzle leakage can be calculated according to the following formula:

1.6mm brass tube

1.6mm brass tube

1.6mm brass tube

8)When the system or device needs to test the air volume of the negative pressure condition,Device connection as shown in the figure4-7shown。

1.6mm brass tube

common problem9:The flexible short pipes of the smoke control system are made of flammable materials

(1.6mm brass tube)requirements:5.2.7 The material for making the flexible short pipe of smoke prevention and exhaust system must be non-combustible material。

5.3.9 The flexible short pipe shall meet the following requirements:

1 Anti-corrosion should be used、Moisture proof、airtight、Mildew-resistant flexible material。Measures to prevent condensation should be taken for air-conditioning systems;The inner wall of the air-conditioning purification system should also be smooth、Materials that do not easily generate dust;

(1.6mm brass tube)Phenomenon

(1)Smoke control system,Especially the positive pressure air supply system and the supplementary air system for the smoke exhaust system,Its flange gasket adopts closed-cell sponge、Flammable or flame retardant materials such as rubber sheets。

(2)The flexible short tube adopts ordinary canvas、Flammable or flame retardant materials such as artificial leather,Or use fire retardant paint or fire retardant coating on its surface,Some projects use ordinary canvas plus a layer of asbestos cloth。

as a result of

The use of flammable materials as flexible short pipes may cause fires;The use of water-absorbing materials is easy to cause mildew of the flexible short tube,Breeds various bacteria,polluted environment。

Cause Analysis:

(1)The construction unit is not familiar with the new acceptance specification,Still under construction;

(2)The construction unit saves costs,Use much cheaper flammable or flame retardant materials。

(1.6mm brass tube)measure

(1)The air duct flange gasket of the smoke prevention and exhaust system must beAGrade non-combustible material,Smoke exhaust system can use asbestos board, etc.;

(1.6mm brass tube)(2)The flexible short pipe of smoke prevention and exhaust system must be made of non-combustible material,Such as silicone fiberglass composite cloth, etc.,It is best to use a finished fire-resistant flexible joint with a flange。

(3)The above flange gasket and flexible short pipe before use,Suppliers should provide their materials to meet theAQualification inspection report for grade non-combustible materials,Ignition test before installation,Can only be used after passing。

1.6mm brass tube

common problem10:Flexible short tube、Twisted rectangular short tube installation。

requirements:5.3.9 The flexible short pipe shall meet the following requirements:

1、Length of flexible short tube,Generally it should be150~300mm,The connection should be tight、firm and reliable;

(1.6mm brass tube)2、Flexible short tube should not be used as alignment、Leveled reducing pipe;

3、Flexible short pipes set in structural deformation joints,Its length should be equal to the width of the deformation joint plus100mmand above。

as a result of

Twisted short tubes are prone to quality problems,also affect the aesthetics。


The main function of the flexible short tube is vibration isolation,Commonly used in the intake of fans and air-conditioning equipment、exit。As a connecting pipe to the air duct。Due to the different operating conditions of the system,Pressure changes and temperatures to which flexible spools are subjected、Changes in humidity are different for you,Therefore, it is required that the flexible short pipe should adopt shock absorption、Moisture proof、airtight、Non-mildew and fireproof requirements。

(1)The four corners should be straight when installed,Moderately tight,highly consistent,The same angle should be on the same vertical or straight line。

(2)The length of the flexible short tube is150~250mm,The joints should be tight and firm and should not be used as reducers。

1.6mm brass tube

Ventilation and Air Conditioning Equipment Installation

common problem11:The return air vent connected to the device is noisy

requirements:6.3.11 The connection between the air outlet and the air duct should be tight、firm,close to decorative surface;flat surface、not deformed,Flexible adjustment、reliable。Installation of bar air vents,Seams should be connected naturally,No obvious gap。

(1.6mm brass tube)5.3.12 The outer surface of the tuyere should be flat、The distribution of vanes or diffuser rings should be even、Color should be consistent、No obvious scratches and indentations;The rotation of the adjustment device should be flexible、reliable,There should be no obvious free loosening after positioning。


loud noise

Cause analysis

The material of the tuyere does not meet the requirements、The air outlet is large and difficult to fix firmly。

(1.6mm brass tube)Prevention

Select materials that meet standard requirements,Strengthen acceptance,Installation needs to strengthen cooperation with civil engineering。

(1.6mm brass tube)common problem12:The single unit test run and hydraulic test are not carried out before the installation of the coil fan

requirements:7.3.15 The installation of the fan coil unit should meet the following requirements:1 Before the unit is installed, it is advisable to carry out a single-unit three-speed test run and a hydraulic leak test。The test pressure is the working pressure of the system1.5times,The test observation time is2min,No leakage is qualified;

as a result of

The single unit test run and hydraulic test are not checked before installation,After the unit is connected to the water pipe,Leaks found while the system is running,or after the unit is powered on,Fan does not turn or other abnormal conditions occur,Cause secondary rework or damage to other professional products。


Before installing the fan coil unit,Spot checks should be carried out for the three-speed test run of the single machine and the hydraulic test。The test pressure is the working pressure of the system1.5times,No leakage is qualified。Three-speed test with jog、The fan runs normally without noise,After the qualified unit is installed, it can basically achieve a successful test run,Avoid the phenomenon of rework after the unit is installed。

common problem13:Irregular installation of the support and hanger of the connecting pipe of the fan coil unit air conditioner

requirements:7.3.15 The installation of the fan coil unit should meet the following requirements:2The unit should have independent support、hanger,installation location、Height and slope should be correct、fixed firmly;

as a result of:

Irregular installation of fan coil air conditioner and hanger,Not horizontal and vertical、Affect the quality of installation appearance,Twisted installation of water pipes may cause leakage of the joint,Excessive hanger error may cause distortion of the duct connection。


(1)The installation position of the fan coil unit(Refers to vertical and horizontal lines)should be correct,The connection of air ducts or water pipes shall not be forced against the equipment,The center of the inlet and outlet axis should be on the same axis as the unit。for accurate positioning,The unit installed in the ceiling can be positioned with the template,The position of the boom of the same type of unit should be the same,Flat bar available(25×3)Punch holes in four corners,Mark the position and axis of the boom,Place the sample on the top plate and mark the position,Ease of installation,To facilitate the installation of fan coils and air ducts,As shown4-13shown;

(1.6mm brass tube)1.6mm brass tube(1.6mm brass tube)

(2)The form and length of the support and hanger should be coordinated and adjustable,When fixing the fan coil unit, double nuts can be used to fix the casing from the upper and lower directions;

(3)The air pipes and water pipes connected to the fan coil unit shall not be forced to be opposite to each other.,To make the interface connect naturally,A separate support and hanger is provided for the air pipe or water pipe at the interface near the coil.,To avoid falling off or deformation due to other professional construction or the operation of the unit,cause air leakage、seepage。

1.6mm brass tube(1.6mm brass tube)

Air-conditioning water system piping and air-conditioning equipment installation

common problem14:Pipe weld not fused

requirements:9.3.2 Welding of metal pipes shall meet the following requirements:1Varieties of Pipe Welding Materials、Specification、The performance should meet the design requirements。The pairing and groove form of the butt weld of the pipeline shall conform to the table below.9.3.2Provisions;The flatness of the counterpart is1/100,Full length is not more than10mm。The fixed weld port of the pipe should be away from the equipment,And should not be associated with the center line of the equipment interface。Pipeline docking weld and support、The distance of the hanger should be greater than50mm。2The surface of the pipe weld should be cleaned up.,And check the quality of appearance。The quality of weld appearance is not lower than the current national standard《Field equipment、Construction and acceptance of industrial pipeline welding project》Provisions(Ammoniaшclass)。

The quality of weld appearance is not lower than the current national standard《Field equipment、Construction and acceptance of industrial pipeline welding project》Provisions(Ammoniaшclass)。

1.6mm brass tube(1.6mm brass tube)


Unfussed mainly refers to the filling metal and the base material,Do not fuse each other,That is, it means that the filled metal viscous cover is not fused between the base material or filling the metal layer.。

Cause Analysis:

(1)When the welding is too small,High welding is too high,Insufficient heat or the side of the groove is partially,Conduct the molten metal to the base material or the weld metal metal is not fully melted.;

(1.6mm brass tube)(2)Bottle slope or first weld weld metal、Oxide、Followed and dirt, etc.,During welding,Due to insufficient temperature,Failure to melt it, cover metal melting;

(3)Low welding temperature,Pop-welded weld begins to melt,Can also produce unfused。


(1)Select a slightly large current,Slow down,Adding heat to a melting base material or a front layer weld metal;

(2)Welding rod angle and shipping speed,To take care of both temperature and melting of the base material;

(1.6mm brass tube)(3)Pair of slag、Fusion caused by dirt,Can be treated with a method of prevention and treatment;

(4)The electrode should be adjusted when there is eccentricity,The arc is in the correct direction。

Common disease15:Condensate pipe installation of the slope or air conditioning unit The condensed tube is not set as required。

(1.6mm brass tube)as a result of:

(1)Condensate pipe installation,Cause the drain is not smooth,Condensate,Destroy decoration,Affect;

(2)Air conditioning unit condensed tube does not set a water seal as required,Will cause condensed water to discharge normally,Summer warm and humid,Too much condensed water,Also accumulate in the box to cause leakage of local or seams,Both affect the environment and may affect the decoration effect,At the same time affecting the comfort of the air conditioner。


(1)Level tube of condensate pipe,Slope meets the design requirements,When design is not specified,The slope should be greater than or equal to8‰,Hose should be firm,Do not have a snap or torsion;

(2)The drainage pipe of the air conditioner unit should be set in the size of the negative pressure in the machine.,To make the condensed water。

1.6mm brass tube

Common disease16:Air conditioning hot hot water copper pipe pipe system interface seepage

(1.6mm brass tube)as a result of:

Parts with a purple copper-tube hot and cold water pipe and equipment(Wind turbine、Air conditioning units)And insert welding,Water leakage and seepage occurs after alternate use of hot and cold water, causing normal use。

(1.6mm brass tube)measure:

(1)According to design requirements,Correctly use pipe、Pipe fittings and connection methods,Different models of pipe、Pipe fitting is not easy to use。

(2)The surface inside and outside the pipe should be smooth、clean,No needle hole、crack、Stratification、Rough lava、Slag、Bubble and other defects。Brass tube must not have green embroidery and severe trivia。

(1.6mm brass tube)Copper tube inside and outside surface allows deviation:Longitudinal scratch depth is not greater than0.35mm;Horizontal convex height or concave depth is not greater than0.35mm;Buck、Tract or pit,Its depth does not exceed0.03mm,Non-surface area0.5%。

(1.6mm brass tube)Excluding or flapping pipe,Each batch should be drawn before the construction1%And not less than two expansion or fland test。Annealing is required if there is crack,Redo。If there is still crack,Then, the batch of pipes need to be annealed by circles.、test,Unqualified persons must not be used。

Tube and accessories to the accessories must be consistent。The unevenness of the ellipticity and wall thickness of the copper tube must meet the product quality standards.。More than finished accessories,Good quality。

(3)The welding of the copper tube must strictly implement the operating procedure,Guaranteed welding quality。Copper tube welding form for air conditioning system is more,Require the joint quality;The lap length is generally the thickness of the wall6~8Multiplication,The nominal diameter of the pipe is less than25mmTime,Lap length(1.2~1.5)D。The lap is also guaranteed to have a certain gap between the welding joints.;Excessive gap、Overcrow, the quality of the brazing joint is deteriorated.,The size of the gap is related to the use of solder,Use steel zinc solder gap0.1~0.3mm,Use steel phosphorus brazing gap0.03~0.25mm。

(1.6mm brass tube)(4)Copper pipe expansion coefficient,The amount of expansion of the pipeline system is large.,If the straight pipe segment is longer,Corruption compensator should be set properly,Eliminate expansion。

Common disease17:Air conditioning water pipe does not set exhaust valves as required

(1.6mm brass tube)requirements:9.3.10 4Closed system Pipeline should set exhaust valves at the highest system and all high points that may accumulate air,Set the drain and drain valve at the lowest point of the pipeline。

as a result of

Don't exhaust normal,Difficulty in debugging。


Set exhaust valve as required。

Common disease18:Drainage or wooden mat insulation

(1.6mm brass tube)as a result of:

Duct、The water pipe insulation layer is fixed or from the air tube、Surface of the water pipe、Empty drum,Causing a duct、Surface surface without insulation layer,Energy dissemination,Effect,And in the summer may also be in the wind tube、Condensation of the surface of the water pipe。Accelerate duct、Water pipe corrosion。


(1)The surface of the wind tube is attached to the surface to wipe clean,The insumed nail should be used to reduce the heat insulation layer to fall off;Sewing should be strict,The air tube adopts adhesive insulation nail should avoid water erosion ducts as much as possible,Causes insulation nail。

(2)The number of insulating nails should be met:

Wind tube upper surface(Top)Not less than6indivual/m2;

There are no less in the wind tube.10indivual/m2;

Drainage surface(Bottom surface)Not less than16indivual/m2。

(3)Do not use expired pasters。

(4)Suitable for coating or bundling after the insulation layer is pasted,Binding must not destroy the insulation layer。The lap joints should be uniform.。

(5)Hydrating layer, such as hill,It must be ensured that the shape of the insulating layer is consistent with the water pipe.,Flange interface、Fitting fitting、Do not have a slit at the seam、Holes,And dressing or bundling;Soft material must be guaranteed and moderate,Moisture-proof layer,Seams or interfaces should be sealed。

1.6mm brass tube(1.6mm brass tube)

system debugging

Common disease19:ventilation、Air conditioning system consumed total air volume too small

requirements:11.2.3 The combined trial operation and commissioning of the system without production load should meet the following requirements:1 The deviation of the total air volume debugging results and design air volume should not be greater than10%;

11.3.2 The ventilation engineering system has no production load linkage and commissioning should meet the following requirements.:1 System linkage trial operation,The linkage of equipment and main components must meet design requirements,Action coordination、correct,No abnormal phenomenon;2The system is equilibrium adjustment,The allowable deviation of the air volume and design air volume of each fan or suction shield should not be greater than15%。


Fan and motor revolutions are normal,No abnormalities in the wind turbine,Motor input current is different from the rated current of the motor,Give each send(Row)Small air outlet。

Cause Analysis

(1)Air filter in the air conditioner、Surface cooler、Heater blockage;

(2)Total wind tube or wind roll close up;

(3)The wind valve is not high,Local resistance is too large;

(4)Improper air conditioner designed;

(5)Designed to be used for full pressure and excessive air volume。


(1)Front of the fan,Clean cleaning within the air conditioner,Clear the initial filter,Reduce air resistance;

(2)When the total air volume is measured,First, you should open all of the branches and the wind valve to the maximum position.,Then open the total wind valve to the maximum position according to the motor operating current of the fan.(Exquisite to the rated current of no more than the motor)。If all the wind valves are open to the maximum,The total air volume is still small(The operating current is still small),Check that the wind valve open position is correct;

(3)When there is a doubts about the quality of the wind valve,Should be removed from the system,Check if the blade of the wind valve and the links have a falling phenomenon;

(1.6mm brass tube)(4)Delivery system checks a large partial resistance,And propose improved measures based on the actual situation,To reduce the pressure loss of the fan;

(5)The airflow speed in the air conditioner should be kept within a certain range.,Cold and hot load of the refrigerator or heater considering when designing,Especially should not ignore dynamic pressure loss of excessive gas flow rates.。

(1.6mm brass tube)Common disease20:ventilation、Air conditioning system consumed total air volume


Fan and motor operation are normal,Motor operating current exceeds rated current,The export wind speed of all kinds is large。

Cause Analysis

(1)Air filter at various levels of air filter;

(2)System total wind tube no adjustable valve;



(1)Air clean system is not installed in high efficiency air filters during test,System resistance is much smaller than design。The resistance of the system has a change,Wind turbine has a large change。So pay attention to the current value of the motor operation at any time.,And control within the rated range。Generally, the adjustment valve opening degree of adjusting the total air tube is generally used to control the air volume.。After the system is running, it will increase the run time.,The resistance of the air filter is also increasing,Then gradually open the opening of the total wind tube air volume regulating valve,Make the total air volume to the basic stability;

(1.6mm brass tube)(2)System total wind tube without air volume regulating valve,It will cause excessive air volume and make the motor overload,Danger with burnt motor;

(3)Drainage system design,Pipe network system resistance estimation is large,And actual resistance is smaller,Therefore, the actual air volume is larger than the design of the design.。Solution:one、Reduce the air volume of the total air tube,Increase pipe network resistance,Actual air volume is reduced to a given value;two、Re-use fan or change the number of wind turbines。

Common disease21:The total air volume of the system or the adjustment value of the support value is too large.

(1.6mm brass tube)Phenomenon

The temperature measured by the system does not match the current value of the motor operation.,The air in the room is large or small。

Cause Analysis

(1)Select measurement instrument is not suitable;

(2)Measurement holes do not meet the requirements in the part of the air tube;

(3)Measurement holes are uneven in the wind tube section;

(4)Measurement operation error;

(5)Determination of the accuracy of the instrument without technical measurement;

(1.6mm brass tube)(6)The calculation of the dynamic pressure value does not meet the requirements。


(1)ventilation、The measurement content of air conditioning system air volume has total water,Total return,one、Secondary backlight,Drainage and dry、Air volume and delivery in the barrel、Back、Vegetable air volume;

(1.6mm brass tube)(2)Determination method:The wind speed in the wind tube is measured by Biocard and microggle or a large number of hot ball wind speed.;two:Place with an impeller vessel or hot ball wind speed、Back、Vanishing port and the air volume of the new wind;

(3)Re-approve the hole,Reasonable scientific determination hole distribution in accordance with specifications;

(4)Determination of wind speed in the wind tube is accurate and ovary related to the accuracy of the measuring instrument,Also determined in the support method and instrument reading method when the Biocard or Hot Sphere Ware Meter;

(1.6mm brass tube)(5)In order to improve the accuracy of the measurement value measurement value,Biocard、The wind speed must be measured,And fix the measured value according to the correction curve。

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