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adjustable brass tub drain

author:MF manufacturerstime:2022-03-09 14:40:07

(adjustable brass tub drain)

Install the bath in the bathroom,Although there are very few people now do this.,But there are some friends like this.,Although the bathtub is more occupied,But undeniable,There is a bathtub at home.,So later, it will be very comfortable when living;The most important thing in the bathtub is the treatment of the water pipe.,Because so much water,If there is no good water,Will be very annoying,There should be many friends' home ignore this problem.,In fact, the bathtub will reserve the standard.,Like the owner of the owner,Treatment is very good。

adjustable brass tub drain

We see that the owner is installed before installing the bathtub.,First, put a foundation in the bathroom.,Then I left a maintenance opening on the side.,Easy in the later water repair process,And about the water pipe management,In addition to the original water outside the ground,The owner also added a new water,In fact, there are two effects of this newly adding water pipe.,First, some bathtub will bring two drains,The purpose is to speed up the speed of drainage,Therefore, the ground must leave more water.,Avoid post-installation,problem appear,Then come back to rework, there will be more troublesome.。

adjustable brass tub drain

Second reason,That is to use a dark leak function,If the bathtub has only one drainage,So this newly added water pipe will not waste it.,Just need to change it slightly,This is in the later period,Even if there is a lot of water in the bottom of the bathtub,Don't worry,So say that the bathtub will be better than this.,Many friends only know if you leave a water.,Can actually be far less than enough。

(adjustable brass tub drain)adjustable brass tub drain

(adjustable brass tub drain)Of course, some friends,Three floor leaks will be left on the ground,This is also possible,So everyone is in decoration,Also considering this problem,The best way,That is when buying a bathtub,Ask the business about the requirements of the discharge,Then I will leave a dark leak.,At the same time, there is something to remind.,This bathtub base must be a waterproof,Avoiding the problems in the cement layer。

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