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1.5 od brass tube

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(1.5 od brass tube)

when you need to buyPPRplumbing,Two kinds of pipe fittings are often seen in the market(As shown below),One is a pipe fitting of white metal,One is a yellow metal pipe fitting,These two metals are commonly used inPPRNickel-plated brass and non-nickel-plated brass on fittings。

(1.5 od brass tube)1.5 od brass tube

Pictured left is nickel-plated brass,Pictured right is non-nickel plated brass

(1.5 od brass tube)Brass is an alloy of copper and zinc,better wear resistance,Its unique physical and chemical properties have long been proven to be very suitable for the manufacture of valves、water pipe fittings、Air conditioner connecting pipes and radiators, etc.。

in the marketPPRMost of the metal fittings of the pipeline are made of brass alloy。for home improvementPPRPlumbing has everyone who knows it,EU imported brands use non-nickel-plated brass fittings(Brass Primary Color),While most domestic brands use nickel-plated brass fittings(silver white),Why is there such a difference??The key lies in cost differences and differences in industry standards。

Why Nickel Plated Brass??Because the quality of brass alloys is different,Brass is easier to oxidize,If the standard for naked use is not met,Corrosion and rust after prolonged use,Seriously, it will cause the metal and plastic contact surface to age and fall off,cause water leakage。If a layer of nickel with higher stability is plated on the surface of the brass alloy、metals such as chromium,can effectively prevent this problem,Also keeps metal parts shiny as new。

But in EU countries,especially Germany,Environmental requirements for drinking water are relatively high,Due to the toxicity of metallic nickel,already2004The use of nickel-plated plumbing fittings has been strictly prohibited since。This is why imported from EU countriesPPRPipe fittings,are made of non-nickel-plated brass。

1.5 od brass tube

nickel-Baidu Encyclopedia

2017year10moon27day,Preliminary reference for the list of carcinogens published by the World Health Organization's International Agency for Research on Cancer,Nickel compounds are on the list of Class I carcinogens,metal cobalt, metallic nickel and containing66-67%nickel、13-16%chrome and7%In vivo implantation of foreign bodies of iron alloy powder、Nickel metal and nickel alloys in2Bon the list of carcinoids。

(1.5 od brass tube)Because the nickel plating process can greatly increase some physical and chemical properties of the brass surface,Then the requirements for the material of the brass inside are not so high.,Therefore, the corresponding cost is reduced。because in the countryPPRPipe fitting production standard,There is no express prohibition against the use of nickel plating,This has led to the domestic use of nickel-plated brassPPRPipe fitting production still occupies an important position。

see here,You naturally understand why there are pipe fittings in different colors of metal。German Microfarm has been committed to producing high-quality healthy pipes,The brass used not only meets EU standards,And through the most stringent German water and gas technology association certification,Can be used for direct drinking water。For the health of yourself and your family,More and more consumers will choose to use non-nickel plated brassPPRpiping system,It will also bePPRThe development trend of the pipeline industry。

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