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1 2 threaded brass tube

author:MF manufacturerstime:2022-03-09 12:00:30

Today, come to make a content you have been doing.,How to help designers do piping selection through this table。byGBT 7306.2-2000 55°A table in a sealing tube thread is given an example:

(1 2 threaded brass tube)This standard is a conical thread with a cone external thread,Internal thread in standardRcExpress,External threadR2Express。I don't understand the form, I have to understand the meaning of all letters in the form.,

1 2 threaded brass tube(1 2 threaded brass tube)

1 2 threaded brass tube

Meaning detailed explanationGB/T 14791-2013。Hereinafter, form

1 2 threaded brass tube

Code1/2Example,Internal thread is expressedRc 1/2,If left-handed needs to be added behindLH,The external thread is expressed asR2 1/2。

Then, how to help the designer for the design of the pipeline specification and the processing length of the pipe threads through this table.?

①Pipeline selection

If you want to makeR21/2Thread according to this table1/2Correspondencedfor20.955,Traild1for18.631,At least the pipeline specificationφ21x2Can make a thread,Given the level of processing and safety sealing,Generally, it will take valueφ21x3,Pipeline inner diameterφ15。Same processingRcThreads, we need to ensure that the large diameter is at least greater thanφ21,Plus single side1mmSecurity value,Generally at leastφ23,The inner diameter value is generallyφ18.5。

②Pipe thread length

(1 2 threaded brass tube)At this point, you should refer to the table.“Extractional thread length”,According to the value of it。1/2Thread general value is15mm。It can be found that the assembly margin is equal to the minimum length of the assembly according to the reference distance according to the table.13.2mm。

The above is a little experience,If it is helpful,If there is an unknown, you can leave a message.。If the corresponding standard can be private and I。