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acrylic paint on brass tubes

author:MF manufacturerstime:2022-03-09 11:52:40

DINITROL 8520 Lacquer black,Semi-gloss spraying is a quick drying with high opacity1-CAcrylic paint。

Vehicle department、industry、family。Metal surface(E.g:Iron and non-ferrous metals、plastic、ceramics、Wood, etc.)Partially paint。New paint on truck steel ring。

acrylic paint on brass tubes


The substrate must be cleaned and free of fat、Dust and rust。Old and ruptured paint must be removed。Good quality paint and paint residues must be matte。In the case of absorbent substrates such as wood,The hole filler must be applied to prevent the paint adhesive to spread to the substrate.。Fine paint preparators can also be used to seal the absorbent surface。

(acrylic paint on brass tubes)before use,Rocking tin1-2minute,Until you can clearly listen to the mixed ball。

Apply materials in a uniform cross coating。For smaller surfaces,Products can also be sprayed in circular motion。Product should20−30cmDistance spray。

To prevent clogging,Please hold the jar down after use.,Pure gas。According to temperature,Different humidity and thickness of coating,Product is about20Touch dry after minute20-30minute。

Technical data:




4、Flash point:<-10


6、Dry time:About20minute/50Micron

(acrylic paint on brass tubes)7、Storage time:24Month(Cool dry)

8、Recommended working temperature:17 – 25°C

9、cleaning supplies:NCDiluent or acrylic diluent