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brass tube 30mm

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The concept of healthy life affects the consumption trend of the home furnishing market,Everyone's focus on interior decoration has also shifted to health.、Environmental protection and safety above。When we decorate our home,possible coatings、floor、All wallpapers are made of environmentally friendly materials,But for hidden engineeringwater pipepurchase,There may be negligence。

(brass tube 30mm)

brass tube 30mm(brass tube 30mm)

In recent years,With the further upgrading of relevant national standards in my country,It is required to give preference to copper water pipes for domestic water supply pipes,Then a new industry emerges,will inevitably affect traditional industries,There will inevitably be conflict,Will tell the many disadvantages of copper water pipes。for example,Copper water pipes will produce patina,Problems such as verdigris being toxic。

Then the editor of Tongbu will explain the characteristics of copper water pipes in detail for you.。

Textual research from the history of human use of bronze utensils:

Is the copper water pipe poisonous?,may have been bothering many owners。really,Copper water pipes are high-end products,Market circulation is not as common as other pipes,But we can verify from the history of human use of bronze utensils。

copper,is an ancient metal,One of the earliest metals discovered by man。my country's copper culture has a splendid but long history,About5000years ago,Our ancient ancestors began to make bronze ware,for ancestral temple worship,During rituals such as feasting and washing,including coinage、utensils、architecture、statues, etc.,the scale of its use、Modeling process,played an important role in the development of Chinese history,Throughout the history of Chinese civilization。

brass tube 30mm

According to research,The scale of use of copper、casting process、In terms of plastic arts and varieties,There is no place in the world where bronze ware can be compared with ancient Chinese bronze ware,This is also one of the reasons why ancient Chinese bronze ware occupies a unique position in the history of world art and has attracted widespread attention。

products made of copper,strong and sturdy、Health and Environmental Protection。Our ancestors used copper stoves、copper pot、copper basin、bronze mirror、Copper products such as copper coins have been around for thousands of years,No copper-related occupational disease has been found。

(brass tube 30mm)brass tube 30mm

Modern technology can make copper water pipes healthier:

Now the country's material requirements for copper water pipes,Pipes are standard,specified to useTP2grade copper,that is pure copper,called red copper,copper content up to99.9%。copper stepCopper water pipeis produced on this substrate。on product qualification requirements,There are professional departments involved in drinking water sanitation control to test,Tongbu copper water pipes and copper fittings have passed the sanitation license for drinking water sanitation and safety products in Zhejiang Province,Product conforms《Measures for the Supervision and Administration of Drinking Water Sanitation》the relevant regulations。Therefore, for the safety of copper water pipes,You can rest assured。

brass tube 30mm(brass tube 30mm)

The production process is seamless drawing by cold extrusion,Methods of physical cleaning,passivated wall treatment,Makes the water flow process more clean and hygienic,to comply with national environmental protection standards,So when we buy,You can choose some professional big-name copper water pipe manufacturers。

brass tube 30mm

Is copper water pipe hygienic and safe??

(brass tube 30mm)In fact, copper water pipes are not only health and safety issues, don't worry,Instead, it has many advantages。Biological research shows that,Copper has obvious bacteriostatic and bactericidal functions,Because there is a small amount of copper in the copper wall water pipe that dissolves in the water,99%The above bacteria are entering the copper water pipe5Will be completely killed in hours。Thus,We don't have to worry about the copper water pipes being used for too long,It will breed some bacteria and harm our health。in health,Copper pipes are impermeable,grease 、germ、Harmful substances such as viruses, oxygen and ultraviolet rays cannot pass through it and pollute the water.,and,Copper water pipe is a better way to supplement human body copper。

brass tube 30mm

About whether copper water pipes will produce patina,Is there any poison:

patina”is sulfur dioxide in the atmosphere(SO2)、carbon dioxide(CO2)and hydrogen sulfide(H2S)Double salt formed on copper surface with copper oxide,The main components are basic copper sulfate and basic copper carbonate, which are green,It is a dense protective film on the surface of the copper substrate。

in the waterSO2、CO2andO2very little content,and the standard potential of copper≥0.34vMuch more positive than hydrogen and most metals,Not replaced by hydrogen ions in water,Therefore, the inner wall of the copper pipe is difficult to produce“patina”。

copper pot、Copper pots and copper water containers have been used for thousands of years,No medical report has been received so far that human health has been impaired as a result,It is a great proof that verdigris is non-toxic and harmless.。

brass tube 30mm

(brass tube 30mm)anyhow,Copper water pipes are safe and reliable、health、durable、Irreplaceable performance advantages such as aesthetics and environmental protection,Proven to be a good pipe for people to use。

The above is about the copper step editorcopper water pipeIs there any toxic analysis instructions?,I hope you will not be misled,and missed usingCopper step health copper water pipeOpportunity。

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