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polished brass roman tub faucet with hand shower

author:MF manufacturerstime:2022-03-09 10:50:33

With the improvement of home levels,More and more home uses a bathtub,It's a busy a day, you can also relax.。So many people will be how high the faucet in the bathtub??How to buy it??Let's take a look at it.!

polished brass roman tub faucet with hand shower

What is a bathtub faucet??

Bathtub faucet,It is installed above the bathtub,Used to open cold and cold mixed water。Two-in-chip-free two pipes can be connected;The structure of the hook and closed water has a spiral lifting type、Metal ball valve、Ceramic spool, etc.。Currently, there are more ceramic cord-type single handle bath taps.。It uses a single handle to adjust the water temperature,Easy to use;Ceramic spool makes the bathtub faucet more durable、Not leak。Bathtub faucet valve body multi-use brass,The appearance has chrome plated、Gold plating and various metal bakes, etc.。

The tub is highly high.?

Whether the height of the bathtub faucet is suitable directly related to the user's convenience and comfort experience。And the bathtub is filled with separate bathtub and the bathtub,Can be equipped with wall out of the bathtub faucet when standing on the wall。Generally putting the bathtub faucet when placed separately。The cylinder block width on the stage is900mm,Bathtub at the bottom of the bath100mm,The tub is high550mm,Bathtub faucet installation height750~850mm(Mounted),This will ensure the comfort of the bath.。

polished brass roman tub faucet with hand shower

How to buy a bathtub faucet?

(polished brass roman tub faucet with hand shower)1、Model choice:Bathtub faucet handles and exported pipes,Most streamlined,Various straight or curved faucet styles can match the decoration of simple styles。When installing, you need to calculate the height of the bathtub faucet and shower installation.,This can be convenient when bathing when bathing。

2、Look out:The surface chrome plating process of good bathtub faucets is very particular,Generally, it can be done after several processes.。The resolved bathtub faucet is so badly to see its brightness,The less the surface is bright and brighter,The better quality。

3、Turn handle:Good bathtub faucet when turning the handle,There is no excessive gap between the leading and the switch,And the switch is relaxed,Not slippery。The inferior bathtub faucet is not only a gap,Blocked。

4、Listen:The material of the bathtub faucet is the least distinctive。Good faucet is the overall casting copper,Knocking up。If the sound is very crisp,That must be stainless steel,Quality is worse than a grade。

(polished brass roman tub faucet with hand shower)5、Know:If you really don't distinguish,You can choose a normal brand。Generally, regular goods have brand logo for manufacturers,Some non-regular products or some of the quality products often paste only some paper labels.,Even no tag,Be sure to pay attention when purchasing。