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■Xuzhou Jiangsu Yin Yu Li Jiameng Li Gen

Say“Tentative”,First of all, I have to talk about the production of bronze mirrors.。About China's copper mirror origin,The former people have started from ancient literature materials,Through logic reasoning, its conclusion。Liang Shangyu has undergone ancient literature,Propose China's copper mirror originated from。He summarizes the source of the ancient mirror as:“Stop water、Justice in the pot、Waterless light、Glutinous、Bronze tablets、Plain fiber、Surface plot color、Change color production、Co-casting word。”This view is the most affected by the academic community,Many scholars agree with this。Another point of view thinks the bronze mirror is evolved from Yang.,Another ancient mirror stream is also proposed。In recent years, He Tangkun has put forward a new point of view.,think“Mirror”still“Mirror is coming”Can't set up,Because the current archaeological discovery cannot prove that the era of yang or copper test is better than the bronze mirror.。In this way, Mr. He proposes that the bronze mirror should be derived from a variety of early and brighter metal.,And it is considered that the copper test is likely to appear after the bronze mirror.。

Is there a direct connection between bronze mirrors and copper??Shang Zhou text“Supervise”Shape,At once“Like people stand in the water basis”。when“Supervise”of“Improve yourself with water”Basein disappears,Jin Wen plus“gold”(copper)Separately“Tentative”replace,Indicates to view the image with bronze mirror。Literacy:People are heading on a water surface to discover their images on a ballad water.。

therefore,Guo Moruo once said:“The ancients used water as a,That is, according to the basin water,Such a wash is called,Take copper”。also,In the literature“mirror”Be called“Tentative”。Such as《Zhou Li·Examination》have“Kim Tin,Be mentioned(Agent)”。Zheng Yushu:“Tasting also。”《Zhuangzi·Morality》Also:“Characterization is less dust,It is unclear。”here“Tentative”Also“mirror”。According to this,The former person is studying the origin of China's bronze mirror,No, no bronze mirror is associated with copperbook,Even some scholars are not approved“Mirror”the opinion of,But when it discusses the stage of development of the bronze mirror,Still:“due to several reasons,Although the bronze mirror has invented,But use is not wide,Only a copper appraisal appears”。Actually,“Water appointment”Is a traditional way of viewing。therefore,“Water appointment”The traditional way has not changed。

Tasting from the development of pottery used for water,Have experienced summer、business、Development of Bronze System on Wednesday,Developed from the Yin Zhou period to the Spring and Autumn Warring States。Early in the Neolithic Age has appeared。according to1964Year《archeology》Record,In Jiangxi Linchuan Neoli Times Site、Hubei Jingshan Zhujia Tsui Xinshi Site unearthed pottery。Bronze dish in the early days of business,But there is not much quantity,Everal events in the late stage。Development to the West Week,Especially in the West China,“The shape change of the disk is large,Abdominal;Generally there is a lunch,Some have a wider flow and,Some are enough in the lap,Increase height”。Spring and autumn time,Appendata,Cap over a narrow and shallow,Double ear-beast,There is a small bird in the ear.,Under the hollow ring,Edge。

In the West Zhou late,Tasting is used as a water、Bathing and bathing time。《Literacy》:“Tentative,Large pot。”《Zhuangzi·Row》In the middle:“Linggong has a wife and three people,Same from the bath。”This is visible,About Zhou's bath is also known as“plate”,When I arrived in the spring and autumn“Tentative”In。《Zhou Li》say:“As,Big mouth,Water,Food in food,Royal warm gas。”Tasting is still used to be ice,Its use is like the current refrigerator。Big Jast can still be used to take a shower。This shows that in the same time is a large multi-function container。

exist《Bronze name》Talk about:“Existing,Both spring and autumn、Warring States。”But we can learn from the tomb of the Tomb of the Han Dynasty.,Existing discipline is not limited to spring and autumn、Warring States Period,There are still many cases of unearthed in the Han Dynasty.。Guangzhou West Han Dynasty Wangzheng Tombs were discovered for three pieces。Belly with chicken、pig、Cattle、Own and fish、Turtle and other sea products。In addition, there are two“Thai official”Seal。These have explained that unearthed is a living and practiced.,And it is the funerary bucket of the Southern Emperor Southern Dynasty during the Western Han Dynasty.。There are ten copper through the western bronzer group unearthed in the high kiln village of Xi'an Sanqiao Town.。Here is a few pieces of Jast of Xuzhou Tomb unearthed.。

Silver(picture1)。high11.4centimeter,caliber74.7centimeter,Xuzhou Lion Mountain Chu Wang unearthed。Silver founded in the second side of the west。Profugment,Both rings below,Short neck、flat、Plain surface。There is a week of folding in the lower belly,Left-handed lying in the texture“宦 宦 尚 银 沐 Tentative 二 二 石 石 石 石 石 石 第一 石 第一 第一 第一 御 第一”25Character,The inscription records the specific use of silver、Weight and capacity,Indicates it is a shower device。For water,Before the bronze mirror did not appear,Ancient people commonly given water reflection。Silver pan from it、Silver disc use is the same,They are all Chu Wang and the buffet machine。

Copper(picture2)。high37centimeter,caliber88.5centimeter。Xuzhou Lion Mountain Chu Wang unearthed。Bronze flat,Bottom,Upper abdomen3Ring。Outdooted in the west2Side chamber,When it is unearthed, there is1Piece of copper pot and2Parts with duck-shaped flowing copper:This trial is the largest bronze of the outdoor volume of the room.,Because of silver pot、Silver Jian and other shower utensils,Bearing machine。《Zhuangzi·Row》Record:“Linggong has a wife and three people,Same from the bath。”This is known,Pre-Qin period,Task, once a shower device。The bronze tricks of the Linggong bath can accommodate the same bath,The volume should be very huge。This bronze-through body that is unearthed from the Tomb of the Lion Mountain, can't take it in the bath.,Should be used in water。

Han Dynasty,Bath becomes a social custom,The court inside and outside is very concerned about the neatness of the clothes.,“Go”Become a legal holiday in the Han Dynasty。2005Digital bronze tricks unearthed in Xuzhou Yanggou Mountain、Copper flat pot、Copper、Copper、Copper amount and other shower instruments。These indicate,The King of Chu also attaches great importance to bathing.。The shower facilities unearthed from the Tomb of the Lion Mountain,Shower utensils with silver pot、Silver disk、Silver、Copper、Copper flat pot、Copper、Copper lamp, etc.,The function includes lighting、Boiled water、Water、Watering, etc.。Bathing with a bath with a bath、Care Bathing Medicine、Wipe the bath towel for body、Take makeup bronze mirror and cosmetics, etc.。

Bronze(picture3),diameter30centimeter,high20centimeter,Sorghum,Exterior,A couple,There is a short surface。鉴,For water or ice。Outter away from Xuzhou。Because of the small volume,We believe that it should be used in water。

Discussed,We have found that the ancients develop from the pottery to the dish and 匜、Tibetan ice、Corpse、Tasting of use,Reflected that people's exquisite craftsmanship and extraordinary creativity。