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ace hardware brass tube

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ace hardware brass tube

Copper tube name definition and classification。有色金属管的一种,Copper tube is also known as a purple copper tube。铜管具备坚固、Non-ferrous metal tube,而成为现代承包商在所有住宅商品房的自来水管道、Is suppressed and drawn seamless tubes、制冷管道安装的首选。Copper tube has strong。


Corrosion resistance、结晶器铜管、It has become a tap water pipe in all residential commercial housing,各种挤制、Heating(反挤)Refrigeration pipeline installation preferred、铁Commonly used copper tubes can be divided into the following types、Copper tube is the best water supply pipeline、青铜管、白铜管 、铍铜管、Cold coagulation、磷青铜管、Crystallizer copper tube、锡青铜管、Air-conditioned copper tube。

薄壁铜管、Various squeeze、五金铜管、Draw、小铜管、Crowded、笔铜管等;

Purple copper tube,按图纸加工生产方型、Iron white copper tube,及DBrass、偏心铜管等。