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7 16 od x 12 length round brass tube

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Copper alloy adds certain alloy elements in pure copper(Zinc、tin、aluminum、wrinkle、manganese、silicon、nickel、Phosphorus, etc.),A copper alloy is formed。Copper alloy has better conductivity、Heat resistance and corrosion resistance,At the same time, high strength and wear resistance。Depending on the component,Copper alloy is divided into brass and bronze, etc.。

(7 16 od x 12 length round brass tube)Brass is a copper alloy based on zinc as major alloying element。Chemical composition,BrassOrdinary copper and special brassTwo types。

Ordinary brass ordinary brass is copper zinc diploma alloy。Due to good plasticity,Suitable for manufacturing plates、Bar、Wire、Pipes and deep flush parts,Cold tube、Welding tube and machinery、Electrical parts, etc.。The average content of copper is62%and59%Brass can also be cast,Casting brass。

7 16 od x 12 length round brass tube

Special brass in order to achieve higher strength、Core resistance and good casting performance,Add aluminum in copper-zinc alloy、silicon、manganese、lead、Tin elements,FormSpecial brass。Lead brass、Tin brass、Aluminum brass、Silicone、Manganese brass, etc.。Lead brass is excellent,Wear resistance,Widely used in manufacturing clock parts,Casting production shaft tile and bushing。Tin brass's corrosion resistance is good,Widely used in manufacturing sea bread parts。

(7 16 od x 12 length round brass tube)Aluminum in aluminum brass can improve the strength and hardness of brass,Improve resistance in the atmosphere,Aluminum brass for manufacturing corrosion resistance parts。Silicon in silicon copper improves the mechanical properties of copper、Abrasive corrosion resistance,Silicone copper is mainly used in manufacturing sea vessel parts and chemical machinery parts.。