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1 4 x 1 4 tube brass compression union fitting

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Copper water pipe,Long-term use does not rust、Fouling,Secondary pollution to avoid water,Reduce water head losses,Energy consumption,Inhibit bacterial growth in the pipe,Have stronger advantage over other traditional water pipes。However, the connection method of the copper pipe is connected,Today's leakage occurs,Popularization of copper water pipes。If it is a wall-type copper tube, it is leakage,Huge maintenance and maintenance work project,Decorating a new room facial eye,Decorative companies and consumers,Renovation of water supply pipes will be a trouble。

1 4 x 1 4 tube brass compression union fitting

Copper pedurry

The copper step tube has successfully developed a limit of automatic locking fast connecting pipe,Thoroughly solve the problem of leaking water pipe interface,More standardized and rigorous in the construction process of copper water pipes,It can follow the chapter of the pipeline construction acceptance standard.,And the installation time saves at least50%above。

(1 4 x 1 4 tube brass compression union fitting)1 4 x 1 4 tube brass compression union fitting

Copper pipe

At present, the copper pipe connection is mainly:Welding、Stress、Snap、Steel ball lock, etc.。Copper step limit automatic locking connection method is flexible and fast、Large connection strength、Work performance stability、The comprehensive and excellent characteristics of good sealing is popular in the copper water supply market.。

(1 4 x 1 4 tube brass compression union fitting)one、Welding:

Welding is divided into brazing、Soldering and silver welding。

(1 4 x 1 4 tube brass compression union fitting)1、Brazing is a comparative original metal tube welding method,US is already1986Lead is prohibited by legislation for drinking water pipes(Safety drinking water legislation amendment,1986)。

2、Lead in soldering is toxic and heavy,Very big damage to the human body,Even lead-free solder,How many of them contain certain lead。Lead smokeGBZ2-2002The limit is very low,Very poisonous。

(1 4 x 1 4 tube brass compression union fitting)3、Silver welding point is low、easy to use、Easy to repair,And do not produce harmful substances。The capillary in the welding is conducive to improving the tightness of the weld,Can guarantee the quality of pipe welding。

1 4 x 1 4 tube brass compression union fitting

Copper tube welding connection

Copper pipe welded drawbacks are:

1、The copper tube will oxidize when he is hot.,The harmful oxide produced after welding will remain on the inner and outer wall of the water pipe.,The outer wall of the copper water pipe after welding is still handled.,The inner wall is not easy to clean up.,Limitations。(The threaded copper quick joints in the copper step tube industry are silver soldering to connect lead-free brass and copper pipe fittings.,After welding, the secondary treatment of the inner and outer tube wall of the pipe member is followed.,To achieve environmental health standards。)

2、Construction is more mechanical and passive,Can not be welded360Spiritual rotation and disassembly。

(1 4 x 1 4 tube brass compression union fitting)two、Stress:

(1 4 x 1 4 tube brass compression union fitting)1 4 x 1 4 tube brass compression union fitting

Copper tube locking

1、Card pressure connection is difficult to control in the construction process,Power too light,The card is not close enough,Excessive force,Will deform the pipe card or damage。Because the compression tool is angular,Not a round,Fixed the connecting pipe by the undulating shape after the compression。

2、In the construction process,After the copper pipe is pressed, it is fixed.,Cannot360Degree rotation,No flexibility。


Tooth connection method,As the name suggests is to rely on the card tooth front of the surround circle to hold the tube wall and achieve quick connection。Cannot rotate after connection,Once the card teeth of the ring, the tube wall is scratched, causing a groove.,Influential sealing。

Tooth-type connection for tightening,Therefore, the inner wall of the tube is less than the actual pipe diameter.,Moreover, the hardness of the card teeth is higher than the hardness of copper.,Therefore, the material of the tubes is selected is stainless steel.,When the copper water pipe is inserted into the stainless steel trip joint,The process of inserting will scratch the tube wall.,Sealing of the connection position is damaged,And if the pressure of the internal seal can not fill the copper pipe scratch line injury,It is easy to cause leakage after water。

Four、Steel ball lock:

The steel ball lock is the steel ball to hold the tube wall to reach a fixed connection.,Compare with the snade teeth,Steel ball lock does not scratch the wall,The disadvantage is that when the pipe is water pressure fluctuations,Steel beads slide,Once the steel beads fall off, the connecting head is not sealed.,Thus causing leakage。

(1 4 x 1 4 tube brass compression union fitting)If the groove is machined in the tube wall connection,Then the steel ball card will slide on the groove.,Disassembly is not convenient。

Fives、Limited automatic locking:

1 4 x 1 4 tube brass compression union fitting

Copper pipe elbow

Limited automatic lock combined with card pressed、Snap、Steel ball locks,Realized non-leakage,Do not scratch the wall,After connection360Rotate,Free dismount,Repeatable connection,Connection intensity increase,Work performance is more stable。

Limited automatic locking connecting pipe is first successfully developed by the copper step pipe industry,And apply for national utility model patents and invention patents。The two-port of the copper pedicing tube industry is-automatic locking fast joints with self-locking sealing mechanisms,Connection,First, the copper water pipe interface to be connected is close to the groove machining tool for copper steps.,Make the copper step limit automatic locking fast joint limit automatic lock,Expanded sealing treatment technology,Realized the breakthrough innovation of copper water pipe connection technology。

Copper step industry“Limited automatic locking”The copper water pipe connector has the following advantages:

Copper step-limited automatic locking speed tubes with national invention patents,Is a copper pipe joint without installing tools and enables fast disassembly。

1 4 x 1 4 tube brass compression union fitting(1 4 x 1 4 tube brass compression union fitting)“Limited automatic locking”patent certificate

Copper step limit automatic locking speed tube is safe to use、Disassemble、Clean and health,Suitable for water supply(Tap water)、Oil road、Gas pipeline,Thoroughly achieve high efficiency without leakage fast connection。

Copper step limit automatic locking quick-fitting tube can be compressed6MPaabove、Operating temperature-60℃-180℃,Applicable to current various water supply and drainage systems。Imported food grade silicone seal ring,Have strong anti-aging、Acid-resistant、Good sealing performance, etc.。And the seal is used to use expansion sealing treatment technology,VSlot structure,Better in sealing。

1 4 x 1 4 tube brass compression union fitting

Copper pipe

(1 4 x 1 4 tube brass compression union fitting)In short,Copper step limit automatic locking same welding type、Stress,Snap、Parlet locking comparison,Stress,Snap、Although the steel ball lock is also plugged in,But there is still a deficiency,And copper step limit automatic locking connection is more standard,Connection is more secure、Because of the pressure。Connection intensity1500Newton,Work pressure60More than a kilogram,Burst pressure test100kgabove,The connection principle is the limit automatic lock,Don't worry。Copper step limit automatic lock fast connection method,Help you completely solve the problem of leakage water pipe joint interface。

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