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1 4 tube brass compression fitting

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Water pipe is a must-have material in decoration,Because of our daily drinking water, it has to be discharged through the water pipe.,Therefore, the quality of the water pipe is closely related to our drinking water.。And the water pipe is a hidden project,Want to replace it after loading,The amount of engineering is very large,And the cost is also very high,Therefore, the pre-selection of materials is very important。How do we buy a water pipe??

First, give you a popularization of the water pipes.:

Water pipes can generally be divided into water pipes and drains。Inlet pipe for cold、Water supply,The drinking water of daily tap water is the water pipe;Drainage pipe for sewage emissions,Main connection to the bathroom、Land leakage, etc.。The following focuses on the water pipe。

Inlet pipes can generally be divided into copper tubes,Composite water pipe,PPRFour categories of hot melt tubes and galvanized tubes。

The thickness of the copper tube is generally0.9mm。Brass joint connection,High installation requirements,Otherwise it is easy to leak。Quadrant and six-tubes are commonly used in home improvement,Copper tube is not separated from cold and hot water pipes。The higher the copper content of the copper tube.,The higher the health and environmental performance,But the higher the price is also。In the home improvement,Due to the price of the copper tube,And the joint installation requirements are higher,So more people use。If the water source is copper、Lead and other metals are less corrosive,If the economic conditions are allowed, they can consider copper tubes.。But now there is basically no one in the home improvement.。

1 4 tube brass compression fitting

The inner and outer layer of the composite pipe is polyethylene,Middle layer is a supernatant aluminum tube。Divided into quartris、Six-minute (the inside diameter of)。Some are divided into hot and cold water,Hot water tube is generally orange、Red and other warm colors,Tool pipe is white、Blue and other cold tones。Usually a volume50-100Mlength。Pixin installation,Some places can be bent directly,Simple and fast construction,Self-installation。Composite water pipes are free to bend,Convenient construction,cheap price,But the pressure resistance and insulation are not the best。Because of its low temperature performance、Anti-mechanical vibration、Good toughness, etc.,More more used in the construction of the building building,Less home improvement。

1 4 tube brass compression fitting

PPRHot curator is a random co-agglutination polypropylene pipe。Divided into quartris、Six-pin tube and one inch(Outer diameter)。Two kinds of cold water,The thickness of the cold water pipe must be greater than2.3mm,Hot water pipe must be greater than4.2mm。Adopting the hot melt method to connect the pipe and connector,Eliminate the phenomenon of seepage。Need to install。PPRHot melt tube is more hygienic、Withstand voltage,Material intensity,Good insulation。PPRThe life of the tube depends on the quality of heat resistance.。PPRHot tube is very high,Is a hose commonly used in home improvement。

1 4 tube brass compression fitting

Galvanized tube is a metal tube,Easy rust。Generally there is a quarter、Six-pin tube and one inch(the inside diameter of)。Connect with same material pipe joints,Pipes must be processed when installed,Waterproof tape should be used when installing。Galvanized tube is previously widely used,It has been gradually eliminated as a water pipe.,More used in gas tubes。

1 4 tube brass compression fitting

After understanding,PPRHot cupping is the most suitable home improvement is also the most common water supply pipe.,How do you buyPPRHot tube?

1、Can see appearance。Whether the pipe wall of the water pipe is smooth,Your color is flexible,Whether the logo is complete,Is there a brand name, etc.。worsePPRHot melt tube due to plastic doping, a lot of inferior impurities,There is very little oil quality in the incision.。2、掂 weight。high qualityPPRThe metal fitting of the hot melt tube is relatively heavy,The higher the content of copper,The longer the accessories thickness and size,The more metal fittings,That is, the quality will be higher.。3、Tunative toughness。Can communicate with the merchant when purchasing products,Can be stepped on with foot、物,Watching the water pipe has no cracking and other phenomena。Good quality tube is generally curved,Overseas wall of the pipeline, Wu rough,Do not appear uneven cracking and other phenomena,Toughness is better;But the toughness is not easy to pinch the deformation tube.,Toughness but strong。Inferior tubes。4、Use fire。Can I communicate with the merchant before purchase,fromPPRThe hot meter is cut down on the scene,See if there is odor and residue,Quality tube is not。in additionPPRThe hot curator can still maintain hardness in high water temperature without softening,Inferior tube60It is easy to be soft at the water temperature of the degree.。

(1 4 tube brass compression fitting)1 4 tube brass compression fitting(1 4 tube brass compression fitting)

Read the introduction above,Can I identify the advantages and disadvantages of the water pipe?

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