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1 4 in tube brass floor mount

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in the subconscious of many,Floor installation is a long-standing challenge,The floor area is relatively large,Floors need good maintenance,Therefore, it is necessary to be light-handed during the renovation process.。Even if the purchased solid wood floor is the best,If not properly laid,Floor performance will also be halved,The quality of laying directly affects the aesthetics of the floor、comfortable、service life。but,Floor installation is not difficult,today,Xiaobian will disclose the methods and skills of floor installation for everyone!

1 4 in tube brass floor mount

Basic knowledge of floor installation

Flooring needs to be installed after all other infrastructure construction and renovation works are fully completed,otherwise,Any other hard installation or construction steps may cause damage to the floor。and,The place where the floor is installed must ensure that the ground is dry enough,smooth,without any clutter interference,water pipe、Pipes such as heating pipes are generally not allowed to pass directly under the floor。

(1 4 in tube brass floor mount)1 4 in tube brass floor mount

Common floor installation methods

(1 4 in tube brass floor mount)There are several common methods of floor installation,such as suspension laying method、keel laying method、Plywood keel laying method and direct paste laying method, etc.,Each method has its own advantages and disadvantages,According to the owner's own needs,and the quality of the construction unit to choose。

1.Hanging wood laying method is usually used for grooved or double grooved floors,Generally choose tenon and groove tight,Floors with small underseams。The advantage of this method is that it is environmentally friendly and pollution-free,and easy maintenance。At the same time, the floor is not easy to arch,even if partially damaged,Also easy to repair and replace。in addition,The laying method is extremely simple,The construction period can be shortened a lot。

(1 4 in tube brass floor mount)2.The keel laying method is the most traditional and widely used laying method in floor installation.,Mainly made of rectangular wooden strips,Lay according to a rule,Excellent load-bearing properties and flexural strength。in addition,There are many materials for making keel,Among them, the most widely used is the wooden keel.,Others include plastic keel、Aluminum alloy keel, etc.。The general keel laying method is suitable for the laying of solid wood floors and composite wood floors,This installation method also saves time and effort。

(1 4 in tube brass floor mount)3.The direct paste laying method is also a kind of floor laying,apply to350mmlong floor,ground level required。This installation method is to glue the floor directly to the ground,Fast and convenient,But the construction requirements are high。However, the level of the ground is limited,A condition that can sometimes cause the floor to lift。in,Some small pieces of teak or parquet floor tiles must be laid by direct bonding,Other installation methods are not suitable for the installation and laying of these two floors。

4.The splint keel laying method realizes the laying of the keel,Then lay the rough floor,Fix the fur floor to the keel,Lay the floor on top of the rough floor,This not only has strong moisture resistance,and more comfortable、soft sensory feeling,However, the installation cost also increases。Suitable for solid wood floors、Solid wood composite floor and other floors。

1 4 in tube brass floor mount

Floor installation tips

Of course,Floor installation also pays attention to some tips。first,A reasonable gap needs to be left in advance between the floor and the fixed furniture,To prevent the floor from expanding due to weather,Affect the normal use of the floor。In addition, for the installation of solid wood floors,It must be firmly connected to the wooden cage。in the same room,Floor installation allows a certain range of ground drop,But the gap cannot exceed the standard,Otherwise, it is an unqualified installation project,Request for rework。in addition,Need to properly increase the finishing floor joints,If the edge of the floor is too narrow, it is likely to cause the phenomenon of unstable fixation,may fall off later,So it can be glued firmly。

actually,Floor installation is not difficult,As long as you do the pre-installation carefully, just understand and prepare,Then choose the most suitable installation method to lay the floor according to the situation in your home.。above,Here are some common floor laying methods and tips provided by Xiaobian for you.,I hope to be helpful!

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