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a brass condenser tube k 110 w m-k

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recently,Colleagues argue about the difference in the use of condenser tubes,red face,Nobody agrees。The students are stupid and can't tell the difference,wait for me。

There are three types of condenser:Straight condenser tube、spherical condenser、serpentine condenser,Actually there is an air cooler,and a fractionation column that looks like a condenser。Look at the picture below。

a brass condenser tube k 110 w m-k

Straight condenser tube

a brass condenser tube k 110 w m-k

spherical condenser

(a brass condenser tube k 110 w m-k)a brass condenser tube k 110 w m-k

serpentine condenser

(a brass condenser tube k 110 w m-k)a brass condenser tube k 110 w m-k

air condenser

a brass condenser tube k 110 w m-k

Fractionation column

Straight condenser tube,The glass tube in the middle is long and straight。Condensed water flows into the outer pipe to form a water jacket,Wrap the straight pipe in the middle,To achieve the purpose of cooling the intermediate gas。for boiling point140℃Distillation or fractional distillation of,Generally placed at an incline。Of course,Some teachers will also use it for condensing reflux.,It's not standard。

spherical condenserAppeared many times in the college entrance examination。Its inner layers are designed as spherically connected structures,looks like a bunch of candied haws。compared to straight tubes,The bulb-shaped inner core tube has a large cooling area,good effect,other parts withStraight condenser tubesame。same cooling area,The length of the condenser tube can be shortened,Improve condensation effect

Because its inner core tube is bulbous,Distillate tends to accumulate in the bulb,Therefore, it is not suitable for inclined distillation device.,Mostly used in vertical distillation units,Suitable for reflux distillation operations。So if you can choose,We will use straight condenser tubes for inclined distillation,And use spherical condenser to condense reflux。

(a brass condenser tube k 110 w m-k)serpentine condenserLess used in high school,Its inner tube is serpentine,Larger contact area than spherical condenser,better cooling。However, if crystals are precipitated in the serpentine condenser,will block the condenser,Be careful when using。

Since the inner core tube isserpentineDistillationaccumulated over timeDistillationliquid more,Therefore, it is suitable for vertical continuous long-termDistillationorreflowdevice。

(a brass condenser tube k 110 w m-k)a brass condenser tube k 110 w m-k

Diagram of the distillation device of the serpentine condenser

The cooling effect of the air condenser is poor,Replaced only with long straight glass tubes in high school。

finally,say something“countercurrent cooling”principle。

The cooling water in the condensing pipe is entered from the lower port,top discharge。Otherwise, the outer water jacket will not be filled with water.,Affects cooling effect。So,in inclined distillation units,The flow of steam and the flow of condensate are opposite。

a brass condenser tube k 110 w m-k

distillation unit

(a brass condenser tube k 110 w m-k)but,Countercurrent cooling is just a“result”,not one“Purpose”。soCounter-current cooling is not the cause of the direction in which the condensate enters。in the condensate reflux unit,We have no way of countercurrent cooling。

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