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11 32 brass tube

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Copper step purple copper water pipe as a high-end plumbing pipe,Corrosion、Thermal heat、Long life and other advantages。Domestic commonly used are different plastic pipes as water pipelines,Therefore, there is not much understanding of copper water pipes.,Worried life and construction difficulty。In fact, the copper water pipe has a long history in the building.,It is a recognized tube that has been fully tested by more than a hundred years of time and practical experience.,There is also a layer of copper step copper water pipe.PEMaterial protection layer,No oxidation problem,More acid and alkali,preservative。

(11 32 brass tube)11 32 brass tube

Copper water pipe

Home decoration,Different ways to connect the copper tube,The firmness of the connection is naturally subjected to additional challenges。If the connection process is defective,It is also easy to leak。

A simple and convenient copper pipe installation method:Limited automatic lock connection。

Limited automatic locking connection method,Successfully developed by the copper step industry,Ideal for construction projects、Home improvement and other water supply。Its biggest advantage is safety,clean,Quick and can withstand enough pressure。This method is automatically locked by the sealing mechanism of the copper fast joint.,Installation method is very simple,Just take a loop groove at the copper pipe interface,Then insert the copper pipe joint directly to automatically lock。Choose to use copper steps to automatically lock-upless connection methods that do not need to use installation tools.。If you need to adjust the layout, it is convenient.,Simply disassemble with copper steps,Do not cut。

11 32 brass tube

Copper step purple copper water pipe installation steps

Copper step limit automatic locking connection method should pay attention to the following steps:

1、Accurate metric copper water pipe,Cut copper pipe。

Cutting copper water pipes must make the end face perpendicular to the tube axis,Copper water pipe cutting application special metal pipe cutter。When cutting, pay attention to the copper water tube cannot fall to the ground.,Because the falling ground impact will cause damage to the pipe,This will bring hidden dangers to the sealing effect.。

2、Remove the burr,And clean the surface。

The tube port is performed inner and external chamfering treatment by the special ahead provided by the copper pedicing industry.,Remove the pipe port burr,Avoid clocking in the seal insertion,Resulting in the absence of water。

3、Marker location,Insert directly。

Tag copper water pipe insertion depth,To ensure that the copper pipe is inserted into the right position,Ensure safety connection。Before the copper pipe is inserted into the joint,Please check if the copper water pipe insertion is smooth.。If there is a scratch,Please use sandpaper or blade to use sandpaper or blade to insert it.。

4、Roll out groove,Pay attention to the depth。

When the copper water pipe is inserted into the copper joint,Be sure to roll a groove on both ends of the copper pipe,Depth requirements of grooves0.2-0.3mm.Cannot be too deep,After deep, it will lead to the steel ring in the sealing mechanism.,It will cause the copper water pipe connection to fall off。

5、Mounting connector can be rotated,It is natural to place the wall tank.,Slot connector needs to be protected。

Installed copper water pipe can be rotated,But it is strictly forbidden to put into the wall tank,Need to be natural and easy。If it is going underground,After the safety test。The joints of the ground slot must be covered with cement.,Avoiding the injury in the leakage of the joint while avoiding subsequent construction。

6、Removal operation。

If the installation error,Please use copper-step copper water pipe disassembly tool to disassemble,It is strictly forbidden to use external forcibly disassembly。

11 32 brass tube

Removal step

(11 32 brass tube)Copper pedurry industry copper water pipe fittings use purity99.9%ofTP2Purple copper is pipe,Purple copper has a powerful bactericidal function,Sterilization rate99%above,Thus purify the water quality。The company's independent research and development limit automatic locking speed pick-up,Health and safety、Explosion-proof durability、Core advantages such as fast and energy-saving and environmental protection,Won many national patents。Widely used in building hot and cold water pipes、Tianshi、Medical gas pipe、Food wine drink enterprise production pipes and other fields。

(11 32 brass tube)11 32 brass tube(11 32 brass tube)Copper-step purple copper water pipe

Bronze purple copper water pipe product quality assurance:Copper-step purple copper water pipe,Tube100year。Copper-step purple copper water pipe products product quality is underwritten by China People's Property Insurance Company,And implement bilodynamic commitment,Body protection,Refugee construction process。

11 32 brass tube


Bronze:About how to install copper pipe?Bronze copper water pipe installation method and step,The relevant introduction is here,I hope to be helpful。

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