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brass tub shower faucet

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(brass tub shower faucet)Exterior:

Come and basss when picking the faucet、Bathtub and bathroom style is integrated,Play to paint dragon point。

brass tub shower faucet


The faucet is in chrome-plated products,Ordinary product coating is20Micron,Time long material is easy to be oxidized by air,And the copper chrome plating plating, the workmanship28Micron,Its structure is strict、Coating、Color bright、Smooth and delicate,Long-term use can still be shining like new。


The faucet generally has a high quality grade.:Titanium alloy products、Copper chrome-plated product、Stainless steel chrome、Aluminum alloy chrome products、Several Iron chrome plated products。


The main body of the faucet is generally brass。Electroplating quality by brass is most guaranteed。


The spool is equivalent to the heart of the faucet,Ceramic spool is the best spool。Good quality products use ceramic spools,Strong wear resistance、Good sealing performance,Usually use30More than 10,000 times;Low-grade products use copper、Rubber and other seals,Short service life,But the price is low。

Common faucet spools with steel ball spool and ceramic spool。Steel ball valve core has a good resistance to voltage resistance,But the disadvantage is that the rubber ring is easy to lose,Soon aging。Compared with steel ball spool,Ceramic spools are more heat resistant to wear,At the same time, the ceramic valve itself has good sealing performance.,Therefore, it can achieve a high number of weakness.,Will not cause a nozzle drip due to valve core。Faucet with ceramic spool,It is also more comfortable in hand、Slippery,Open、Close up。Because the spool is in the water tap,Consumers can't see the spool when purchasing,However, consumers can simply determine the valve core as good as the feeling of rotating the handle.。

(brass tub shower faucet)handle:

Generally,Consumer、Down、Left、Right rotating handle,If you feel light、No blocking sense, the spool is better。

Test flow:

The faucet is purchased,Should choose the faucet with a bubble,And touch the feeling of water with hand,Water flow with soft and foam(Water flow bubble content)Enriching the quality of the bubble。Bubbleware generally wants six layers,Usually a metal mesh cover(Part of the plastic)constitute,When the water flows through the net cover, it will be cut into a large number of intermediate mixed air.,Splash all around。


Choosing the brand should go to the formal market and supermarket to purchase brand faucet。Brand products have brand logo for manufacturers,Informal products or quality products are often pasted only some paper labels,Even no tag。The faucet packaging should also have a manufacturer's brand logo.、Quality Guarantee and after-sales service card。

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