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9820 brass tube

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9820 brass tube

This morning,Samsung official:New generation mobile platform flagshipSoC——Exynos 9820Specification。Orion9820It is also known as the light of Android2.0,I have been looking forward to many charms,Let's take a look at how specification~

9820 brass tube(9820 brass tube)Exynos 9820Based on Samsung8nm LPP FinFETCraft,Compared to10nm LPPCraft,Power consumption is reduced10%。As a comparison,Huawei Qilin980、AppleA12、Qualcomm8150Based on TSMC7nmCraft,Also because many people spit Samsung this time is too conservative

9820 brass tube

Core configuration,SamsungExynos 9820ofCPUArchitecture2 x Customized+2 x A75Large nuclear +4 x A55Small core,Eight-core three cluster combination,Multi-core than the previous generation9810(Quad-core self-research+Quad-coreA55,2.9GHz)Promoted15%、Single nuclear performance20%,The highest efficiency40%。

9820 brass tube(9820 brass tube)GPUuseMali-G76 MP12(Than unicorn 980 More core),Performance ratio9810(G72 MP18)Promoted40%,Energy improvement35%。at the same time,First integrationNPUunit,AIOperate9810of7Multiplication。last year:NPUUse / This year:True9820 brass tube

9820 brass tube(9820 brass tube)other aspects,Exynos 9820ofISPSupport for the most in the infrared sensor5Sensor element,Can be matched before and after2200UniversalCMOScombination,Maximum double1600CMOS。Video shooting can be recorded8K 30fps/4K 120fpsvideo,4G LTEBaseband highest declineCat.20 8CA,supportUFS 2.1/3.0Flash, etc.。

9820 brass tube

S10Rendering chart

Overall,Orion9820Be biased,High power consumption,Some specifications look even better than unicorn980Have some,butOfficial production,Start modelGalaxy S10To go to next year2Moon,National Bank version of the model is not necessarily,For domestic users, it is indeed a lot of water.。

9820 brass tube

Charming:I want to use9820

finance:Do not You do not want


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