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tuba brass instruments

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In the previous article,To everyone, the various types of wood tube instruments, and the application in symphonic music,Also introduce the different line of the tube musical instrument and the copper tube instrument。

In fact, the sound of copper tube musical instruments and wood tube instruments is completely different.,Wooden tube instruments are obviously no vast potential and volume of the copper pipe,In some huge music, you must have a bronze tube out of the pounds to show some music's momentum.,They are an indispensable part of symphony music。

tuba brass instruments

In early symphony music,Nothing to use the copper tube instrument,We are familiar with the Baroque Magic Music Most of them consisting of strings.,At that time, even if the number of copper tube instruments will not be large.。Until the nineteenth century,Due to the needs of some large works and the improvement of the composer,It is widely used in the symphony band。

tuba brass instruments(tuba brass instruments)

Brilliance of the tube musical instrument,The huge wide volume is the common characteristics of their families,This is also difficult for other instruments.。

Here, you will introduce you to the main use of the copper tube instrument in the symphony orchestra.,In the previous article, we also said,Although there are very many kinds of each instrument family,But only these kinds are used in symphony,They are also most common、Common instrument,In the mainstream music form。


(tuba brass instruments)In any instrument,High musicians are mainly responsible for the number of melodies,And also the most striking musical instrument。In the copper tube instrument,The highest in the area is the trumpet.。

tuba brass instruments

Small history,In ancient times, it is a device used to transmit signals in the army.,exist17After the century, it gradually became an orchestra.。In early music,Trumpet is applied to the angle of performance,After the birth of the nineteenth century modern trumpet,With the development of romantic music,The tale of the small part has got a large development,Form more diverse。

tuba brass instruments

The trumpet is responsible for the performance of the melody in the orchestra or the rhythm of high,Voice bright,High and sharp,Brilliant sense,Playing skills complex,It is also rich in expression。It can not only be used to play a beautiful paragraph,Can also be used to play some kinds of melodies。So small in symphony music、Symphonic Band、The military music group and the modern jazz are widely used.,Is a very flexible instrument。


The history of the long history can be traced back15century,exist17-18More than the church music and opera,Arrived19Century,The length is a fixed instrument in the symphony music.。Of course,A long sign is also one of the important instruments in the military music group.,And is widely used in jazz music,Because of its homework, the sound is changed.,So it is also known as“Pull up”No。

(tuba brass instruments)tuba brass instruments(tuba brass instruments)

Although the length is not a small tone,But its tone is the same brilliant,And a solemn and magnificent color。Tone is very full and powerful,And in the weak, you can still show your euphemism。Because of the use of tube type control,So the long can be freely playing various halftooth and unique slides,This is also what other tube instruments don't do.。

tuba brass instruments

In the symphony orchestra,The length is mainly used to express the melody and rhythm and sound of the bass sound.,Of course,It can also be used to solo。

Round number

In the copper tube instrument,The round number is the only thing that can be expressed.“Fierce”Musical instrument。Typical tone with a copper tube instrument,Gently and elegance,Extremely soft,Ability to have a perfect connection with the wood tube and stringed,It is called a musical instrument“Princess”。

tuba brass instruments

The round number is also known as the French number,And the shape of this instrument will never make you mistakenly think that other instruments,It is a threaded circular curling,Mouth funnel,And the flare is large,You often see the round speaker ringing it.,Use“fist”Working into the speaker playing posture。

tuba brass instruments

The round number is the most broad musical instrument in the copper tube instrument.,And due to its tone characteristics,Application is very extensive,In the symphony orchestra,Generally adopted4Roundation。The voice of the round is relatively soft and full.,Poetic,Extensive expression;But it is very powerful when it plays.,Time-wave area,Brilliant sense。In the round number,Some special tones can be controlled by hand,This is also why it often sees the reason for playing in the round tube.。

Secondary tone

(tuba brass instruments)Generally, the middle sound area is very easy to be ignored.,Even the burn-up audience does not necessarily pay attention to what wonderful changes in the sound of the musical instrument。so,Such a musical instrument, such as violence and the times, is not well known。

tuba brass instruments

But the existence of a musical instrument must have its reason,If you have less performance,You will definitely have a single tone that can't come up.。The tone number is not often used in the band.,But in the tube orchestra is one of the necessary instruments,And it is an important role in tube replay。

This musical instrument is not like other instruments have a long history.,It was originally born19century,Created for a stage music drama of Wagner,His shape is less than the large number,Be called“Wagner Large”。

(tuba brass instruments)The voice is more bright relative to the round number.,And be more disgraceful than the long number,Is an excellent and flexible middle and music,Can be used to play the scale、And sound and decorative sound, etc.,Have excellent performance in the middle sound area,But usually play with other tube instruments,As a solo, there is little。


Each family of music will have a complete system from the top of the treble to low musicians.,The copper pipe instrument is no exception.。The bass role in the copper pipe instrument is the large number,Also the largest copper tube instrument。

tuba brass instruments

Large also has some other low musicians,Due to the low range,Pronunciation will be more slow,Flexible in performance without medium and high musicians,But the size of the rhythm and sound resembled sounds in the performance of the bass,Status with other treble copper tube instruments cannot be replaced。Excellent large player is completely solo。

Large in the symphony orchestra is one of the necessary musical instruments,However, due to the large volume of the copper tube instrument,So it is not like the bass piolin.,A orchestra generally only uses a large number。Large is also the necessary role of copper tube five reunion,And in jazz can be used to replace the bass violin with insufficient volume of volume。

This musical instrument is similar to other copper tubes,His sound is low,Sound field is wide,Enhanced copper pipes in the symphony orchestra、Wood tube bass and the role of the bass sound。


Although the copper tube sounds are usually sitting behind during the performance,But when their sound sounds,It will be amazed.。Although in flexibility and performance,They are not a stringed and wood tube instrument,But in the full play,The copper tube has become the main pillar of the band.,Ability to make a full brilliant sound and huge sound effect。

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