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1 4 danco tub drain stopper brass

author:MF manufacturerstime:2022-03-09 10:36:38

I like to take a bath,I am worried that I can't put the bathtub.,Maybe put the bathtub into the smart between the smart is not difficult.。

1 4 danco tub drain stopper brass

Not too big space,The toilet and the brake pool are mini-type,So you can put down the bathtub,Although the size is small,Bath is enough。1 4 danco tub drain stopper brass

Super beautiful brass,Toilet with bath curtains,Really look。

1 4 danco tub drain stopper brass

Regular dry and wet partition,The top and shelving plates above the bathtub are in a flexible use.。

1 4 danco tub drain stopper brass

Place a chair on the side of the bath,It is really convenient to take a bath towel and clothes.,

1 4 danco tub drain stopper brass

Practical bath holder,Save a lot of space,Match1.2Mi long acrylic deep sitting on a bathtub,Is it easy to move the bathtub to the home?。

1 4 danco tub drain stopper brass

You can also choose long1.2Rice wooden barrel for bath,Comfortable nature。

1 4 danco tub drain stopper brass

(1 4 danco tub drain stopper brass)Reasonable use of space,Embed a bathtub,Wall and countertops、Corners are used to accommodate toiletries,Separate with folded three-fold door,1.9mMen can get down。

1 4 danco tub drain stopper brass

Japanese tap tub is really popular,It can move freely,You can choose to put a rack,Use the bathtub edge to put things。

Summarize everyone.,If your bathroom is small,You want the bathtub again,Then you just need to do three points.:

1、Select small sizes,Try to buy1.2Meter-1.4Rice sanitary ware。

2、Distance between cleansing,Compact arrangement。

3、Wet separation by semi-partition glass or bath curtain。I hope to help you.。

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