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Global memory module manufacturer Kingston estimates,This year because the mainDRAMBig factories have no plans to increase production,annualDRAMFacing shortages;Pan Jiancheng, chairman of Phison, also emphasized,storage flash memory(NAND Flash)because entering3Dgeneration,Process yield cannot be improved,Estimated to be out of stock for a whole year。

due toDRAMandNAND FlashEssential electronic components for smartphones and personal computers,Two products are out of stock at the same time,Fear of impact on mobile phones and personal computers,Even the shipment performance of consumer electronics products in the next quarter,In particular, the impact on second-tier factories will be greater。

Kingston is the global leader in memory modules,also globalDRAMandNANDThe largest user of the chip,Early warning for memory shortages this year,indicative。

Chen Jianhua, chairman of Kingston Taiwan, attended the ceremony of the third plant in Zhunan,againstDRAMMarket presents latest analysis。

(kingston brass tub faucet installation)he emphasized,Currently the mainDRAMNo major factory plans to increase production,and shift production capacity3D NAND Flash,causeDRAMsupply and demand shortage。

According to understanding,Samsung is this waveDRAMThe main driver of price increases,At present, more than 70% of Samsung's production capacity has been used by Apple、mobile phone andOPPOandvivopack away,Can supply other brands or limited PC applications,Coupled with the transformation of production capacity into the fastest growing3D NAND Flash,Although other memory manufacturers have followed suit,But the process yield is not as smooth as Samsung,Give Samsung more power to dominate price hikes,make up for itNote 7Huge loss of mobile phone battery out of the package。

removeDRAMsupply-demand imbalance,Shortage of related printed circuit board materials,also letDRAMSupply module supply is restricted,LetDRAMOut of stock problem is more serious。

Although Kingston would not comment on this year'sDRAMgain,But earlier TrendForce(TrendForce)issue a report,Propose the first season standardDRAMrose more than30%,for serverDRAMThe rise is also25%~30%,for actionDRAMIncrease approx.15%~20%,Niche type memory approx.10~15%,Especially for standard and server useDRAM,In the off-season soared the largest single-season increase over the years,Highlight the worldDRAMSupply and demand imbalance,Channel dealers and brand foundries stock up early in the off-season。

abundant in the pastNAND FlashPan Jiancheng, who is proud of the chip, said very directly,Phison currently has New Taiwan Dollars50billions of dollarsNAND Flashin stock,But as soon as he sells,These should be sold out quickly within a month,Highlighting shortages has spread in the market,and start looting。

Pan Jiancheng confirmed,There's a lot of looting at the moment“false demand”appear,He admits that the out-of-stock situation is beyond his expectations。

he analyzes,because of India、Demand for mobile phone purchases in emerging markets such as Indonesia,From feature phone to low-end smartphone,Low-end smartphones use storage memoryNAND Flash,Although the capacity is not high,But as soon as they got their hands they took a lot of pictures,Then upload to the cloud,push server pairNANDChip demand soars。

source:United News Network