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1 4 brass water nylon tube fittings 90

author:MF manufacturerstime:2022-03-09 10:33:12

Corrugated pipe waterproof joints are available in straight and elbow。

Three characteristics of Haixing Shengda waterproof corrugated pipe joint:

(1 4 brass water nylon tube fittings 90)1.Easy to install。

2.Safe and reliable。high quality,Strict detection,Safe and reliable to use。

3.high life,durable。

Shengda plastic waterproof joints are widely used,Meet the interface in the industrial field,Mainly related to automation equipment、New energy equipment、Lighting industry、Mechanical equipment stage special effects equipment、and other special bellows joints,Complete specifications,Can match different specifications,Suitable for use in different environments。

Best quality:Made of nylonPA66material,water proofIP68,Strong tensile strength。

Has excellent sealing:Thicker seals are preferred,Material is tough and resistant to aging,Strong sealing performance。

special sex:Special design of inner lock and body,Just plug in and out,No tools required。

1 4 brass water nylon tube fittings 90

Instructions:JFPlastic bellows joint is a supporting product for plastic bellows,Can be connected to the equipment box,It can also be connected to electric equipment whose inlet and outlet are internal threads according to the selection of threads.,Just insert the plastic bellows into the interface。

Assembly and disassembly:Just insert the nylon hose into the connector。when taken out,Tighten the connector to the left,Pull the hose to the right to remove。