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kingston brass tub drain

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The bathtub is a common bathroom facilities in the modern bathroom space.,Mainly for people to take a bath,Bathrooms should be used normally also need to have the installation of the water supporting equipment.,Because every time you use the bathtub, you will finish it.,Of course, the bathtub will also encounter blockage.,However, many people encountered the sloppy of the bathtub, but they did not know when they were blocked.,Today, let the small brain take you to learn how to do the underlying water jams and how to install the water structure in the bathtub.。

kingston brass tub drain

How to do the bathtub sewer jam:

Want to know how to do the bathtub sewer?,Xiaobian reminds everyone that it is best to understand the cause of the bathtub sewer.,Then make one by one by one according to the cause of it.,Let's take a look at the following introduction.:

one、Causes of sewers in the bathtub:

1、The water tube in the bathtub is not vertical.,Generally there will be section horizontal tubes,More90°elbow,The shedding hair and dirt generated when taking a bath are easy to gather here.,Time will block the pipeline。Therefore, the side of the general bathtub will remain in the side of the bath.,It is to solve the problem of water in the water in the future.。Now the whole bathtub is okay,Pull out and clean up,If it is a skirt without a check, it's trouble.,I have to make the skirt。

2、Hair sewer occlusion caused:After the sewer is used for a while,Rinse hair is usually hanging on the wall to lead to more congestion conditions,Accumulate,Hair usually causes the toilet blocking floor drain,Toaken plug,Bathtub,Shower room。therefore,An overlay is usually used for drainage covers and other protective equipment to a certain extent,If your hair can easily pick up the trash can。

3、Blocked the sewer with hard objects:Do not use it unexpectedly in the hardware blockage drainage,This is very common。

4、Renovation caused sewer:This is the possibility of furniture,We have encountered a lot,Because when you are not careful,Refurbished cases due to sewer blockage,This is definitely not a coincidence,So we have to do protective measures。

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two、The sewer is blocked by the bathtub.:

1、The cause of the bathtub is mainly caused by the hair left when taking a shower.,Generally, there is a cover at the water in the bathtub.,We can only go out from the ground.,You can buy a spiral steel wire at the store.,Promote the edges of the ground leakage,Did to feel foreign objects,Lightly pulverally pull out,This will remove the sewage dirt.。

2、If there is no cover in the bathtub in the bathtub,That's more convenient.,Pay attention to acid,One is a pollution environment,Secondary pipeline uses too long susceptible to being acid erosion,Trouble will be bigger。

3、Put the foundation into the mouth of the sewer,Then pour the boiled water in。

(kingston brass tub drain)4、Special pipe dredge,The main ingredient is sodium hydroxide、Oxidant、Surfactant, etc.,Grease、Organic matter such as hair is dissolved,you can try。

5、Rough vine strips,Rattan head nail ten mouth eight-inch long iron nails,Intangle into one side to turn agitation,Bless the debris,Then Iol in the concentrated alkali solution,Push the rattan to pull out,Operate multiple times,Willing。

(kingston brass tub drain)6、Can't,I can only find a professional person to help you.。

If the above is the detailed introduction of how to get clogged in the bathtub,In fact, the dredging of the bathtub's dredging and the dredging method of the floor or the toilet sewer is almost almost.,However, in order to reduce the occurrence of blockage in the bathtub in the bathtub in the bathtub.,Xiaobian suggests that you must pay attention to the installation of the water structure under the bathtub.,How to install the water structure in the bathtub??Let's take a look at the following introduction.:

kingston brass tub drain

How to install the water structure in the bathtub:

(kingston brass tub drain)one、Introduction to the water structure of the bathtub:

(kingston brass tub drain)The water bath is very convenient.,Mainly some people's heads are long when they are washed, and the hair is easier to bring the hair to the water to go to the water. When the length will cause the sewer block to always can't see the day two days, but the time is long, and it will be long. I feel that the sewer is blocked, it is very troublesome.,Bounce can effectively filter impurities to clean up at any time on the bouncer,Block impurities from entering the water pipe gambling,For example, where the shampoo is waiting,The shortcomings of bounces are also obvious,Life shortage,Bouncers are easily damaged。

two、Mounting method for the water structure of the bathtub:

1、Clean up any excess water in the sink,Waterway assembly and pop-up rod,Use a pair of pliers to grasp the lock nut and loosen,Lock nuts near the sewer,If it is a locking nut loose,A little relaxation in assembly and swing,There will be a residual water overflow,Back to the top of the sink and spinning,Remove the front ring,Bounce from the bottom,You can prepare to install new pop-up。

kingston brass tub drain

(kingston brass tub drain)2、Install new drainage flange,Clean old twisted or oil drain,Plumber's putty completely new flange around the bottom of the chrome ring,Have an appropriate amount,the most important is,At the bottom to overwrite,Some components will use the rubber pad or you can also use silicone sealant.,But the putty work of the plumber is the most important。

3、Prepare to assemble the bottom,Equipped with rubber gasket at the bottom of a pipe joint putty,This will make sure you get the bottom of a nice sealed sink.,Have a good seal by sinking the bottom of the bottom,The top of the screw enters the bottom assembly,Stick to the top of the sink,It doesn't need nervous,the most important is,It is connected,Instead of crossing thread,Use a wrench or pliers,Tighten the lock nut fitting with the bottom,The extra putty between the rings and the extruded surface sinks,Wipe clean with clean rag。

4、Install the brake,Put into the top of the sewer,Ensure the rear of the hole,again,Back to the bottom,The remaining plug unit is made from a ball and a pole,Nut in the ball,Threaded tube,Make sure the unit is moving up and down by the push rod。

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