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Guide:There are many copper materials.,Sino-foreign standard。We generally be mainly said to be domestic standards。Copper materials have domestic standards Industry Standard、Distinguishment of local standards and corporate standards。National standards in copper material standards have recommended standards and mandatory standards。Most companies use copper materials China standards。Of course, some companies have developed Higher standards than national standards,Enterprise standard。The standard of copper material enterprise is of course the standard for enterprises.。Various manufacturers can formulate copper enterprise standards。There are many systems of copper grades.。Including the United States、 nation、U.K、France and Russia, etc.。


Copper grade type?

1、Copper grade:Color is purple pure copper material。Copper materials also include pure copper、Oxygen-free、Phosphate and special copper materials。

(9 16 brass tube near 08221)2、Brass:Copper zinc alloy material。

3、Bronze:Original copper tin alloy material,Later, the brass﹑Copper alloy material other than white copper。

4、White copper material:Adding elements as nickel、Silver white、Copper-based alloy material with metallic gloss。

(9 16 brass tube near 08221)China copper material grade representation method?my country National Standard(GB340-76)Regulation,Processing copper and copper alloy number named“Copper type code、Element content or sequence number after chemical symbol”Express,in,Copper type code to take the first upper capital letter of the first Chinese character Chinese pinyin,“T”Represents pure copper,“Q”Bronze,“B”White copper。

China copper material number indication method method for classification grade compositionPure copperT+Sequence number(1)E.g:T1、T3。Pure copper(Add other elements)T+Add element chemistry symbol+Sequence number(1)Or add an element content(2)E.g:TP2、TAg0.1。Oxygen-freeTU+Sequence number(1)E.g:TU1、TU2。Ordinary brass(Binary)H+Copper content, for example:H90、H65。Brass(More than three yuan)H+Second Main Add Element Chemical Symbol+Element content other than zinc(Digital“-”Separately)E.g:HPb89-2、HFe58-1-1、HMn62-3-3-0.7。bronzeQ+First main adding element chemical symbol+Element content other than copper(Digital“-”Separately)E.g:QAl5、QSn6.5-0.1、QAl10-4-4。Ordinary white copper(Binary)B+nickel(Cobalt)Content, for example:B5、B30。Complicated white copper(More than three yuan)B+Second master add element symbol+Element content other than copper(Digital“-”Separately)E.g:BZn15-20、BAl6-1.5、BFe30-1-1。Note(1):Copper content decreases with the increase of sequence number。Note(2):Element content is a percentage content(Below)。

American copper material grade representation method?

AmericaUNSNumber system(ASTME527)Regulation,Copper and copper alloy are used5Bit number as a code,Expressed as “C+xxxxx(Five digits)”,in,Processing copper“Cl0000?C15999”,Processing copper alloy is“C16000?C79999”。This code system is in the past3 Based on the number of digits,Developed by the American Materials and Test Association and the US Motor Engineers Association,And become the US metal and alloy unified number code system(UNS)Composition part。

9 16 brass tube near 08221

American copper grade representation method

Japanese copper material grade method?

Japanese industrial standard(JIS)Processing copper alloy sign method and the United StatesUNSThe number is basically the same(More than one digit)。which is:C+XXXX(Four digits)。The first digit represents alloy series,use2~9Express。The meaning of each number is as follows:

2——Copper zinc;

3——Copper zinc lead line;

4——Copper zinc tin system alloy;

5——Copper tin、Copper tin lead alloy;

6——Copper aluminum、Copper silicon、Special copper zinc alloy;

7——Copper nickel、Copper nickel zinc;


9 16 brass tube near 08221

(9 16 brass tube near 08221)Japanese copper material shape category and code table

(9 16 brass tube near 08221)German copper material gauge method

(9 16 brass tube near 08221)

AA method based on chemical elements

according toDIN1700—1954Provisions,The granding of copper and copper alloy is generally composed of two parts.:

(1)Description Mark letters of manufacturing methods and applications。E.g:See the pure copper in the table;

(9 16 brass tube near 08221)(2)Directly marked alloy ingredients。E.g:See the copper alloy in the table。

9 16 brass tube near 08221

German copper grade representation method1

(9 16 brass tube near 08221)BNumber code

existDIN17007—1956Provisions,7The form of the digit code is as follows:

X·XXXX·XX(which is:Group·Category number·Additional number)

(9 16 brass tube near 08221)in:Group——Total10Large group,Copper and copper alloy are the first2Group;

Category number——Specific alloy,Mainly according to the chemical composition of the material、Preparation method;

Additional number——To mark such as smelting、pouring、The heat treatment method and whether it is hardening and profile、Surface condition, etc.。

The specific number code of German copper and copper alloy is shown in the table。

9 16 brass tube near 08221

German copper grade representation method2

International copper material grade representation method

International standardized organization standard(ISO1190/1—1982)Regulation,Copper and copper alloy Chemical composition of material。All copies should have“ISO”Prefix,However, it is clearly known in international standards or communication documents to useISO牌号时,brand time“ISO”。基体元素和 can be omitted for brevity,其后加上表示金属特征的字母或表示合金名义成分的数字。

(9 16 brass tube near 08221)

(9 16 brass tube near 08221)9 16 brass tube near 08221

9 16 brass tube near 08221(9 16 brass tube near 08221)

一个有温度的平台一个有深度的平台(The composition of processed copper and copper alloy grades is shown in the table)

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