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brass tub drain and overflow

author:MF manufacturerstime:2022-03-09 04:57:49

If you want to have a good bath enjoy every day,That must have a bathtub.。Lying in a big bathtub,Nothing to relax,This kind of experience is that the shower cannot be given.。Move the bathtub from the shopping mall home,We first need to install。What should I pay attention to in the bathtub installation??This will involve some relevant expertise,Next, you will popularize you.。

According to the form of the bathtub,Can be divided into two types of separate bath and embedded bathtub。Different bathtub,Its installation is inevitable.,The place you need to pay attention is also different.。

one. Separate bath

(brass tub drain and overflow)Private bathtub,Refers to the ground directly in the bathroom ground,Simple construction,Overhaul,Usually on the grounddecorationChoose bathtub after completion。

Installation Precautions:

Although the stand-alone bathtub is installed without power,But there is still a certain payment method.,There are also many places that need attention.。

1. Consider the bathroom environment。First of all, it needs to be based on the light of the bathroom.、Ventilation、Wall floor color conditions, etc.,To determine the orientation of the bathtub。in,Because the detached bathroom is the visual center of the whole bathroom,So we need to pay attention to it with other facilities and colors on the bathroom.。

2. Consider the water outlet of the bathtub。Before installing the bathtub,Consider reserved water or passage。When placing the bathtub,Accomposed close to the wall,At least20-30cm,and provide>2㎡Usage area。

3. Easy to install,Connect the bottom with the drain outlet、The upper part is connected to the water pipe。Because the four angles supported by the bottom of the bathtub,So cleaning is also simple and convenient。

two. Embedded bath

So-called embedded bath,Refers to all the equipment embedded or partially embedded in the countertop,This type of bathtub is easily,Body is very suitable。

(brass tub drain and overflow)Installation Precautions:

1. Surround wall or strengthening of bathtub,Need enough support,And tighten the surrounding sand pressure。

2. Do not use bricks or other hard objects to support the bottom of the bathtub,Otherwise it will damage and glaze。

3. Note the bottom of the bathtub and the four-week angle position,Need to be comprehensive and uniform。

(brass tub drain and overflow)4. Need to pay attention to the joint of the bathtub overflow tube and drain pipe,If it is closely coupled。

5. In paving tile,To reserve a water inspection。To take into account the surface is not damaged,Can use glue to stick tiles on the maintenance port。Thus,No need to worry, you can see from the outside.,In maintenance,It is also convenient to remove the tile。

6. Before the bath is installed,Need to install the water accessories first,Do well24Hours closed water test,Watch no leakage problem at the joint。

7. Placing a bathtub,Also pay attention to the one end of the water port should be slightly lower than the other end.,A slightly lower than the one in the foreigner。

8. Because the actual size of the bathtub may not be consistent with the nominal size,It is recommended to measure the on-site measurement during purchase and installation.,And reserve normal tolerances for installation。

9. It is recommended that the water pipe is slightly thrown.stype,It is useful for preventing deodorization。

What should I pay attention to in the bathtub installation??We are from two bathtubes,That is, a stand-alone bath and an embedded bathtub,Easy to do a reference。With the development of society,Time progress,The type of bathtub will also make progress,There will also be a new changing change on the installation.,So our introduction is not available,For reference only。