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silent brass tuba

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Different according to element content,Lead brass、Tin brass、Manganese brass、Iron brass、Nickel brass。

one、Lead brass

Lead is actually soluble in brass,Templaced point status is distributed on the grain boundary。Lead brass is in its tissueαand(α+β)Two types。αLead brass due to lead-out harmful effects,High temperature plastic is very low,Therefore, only cold deformation or thermal extrusion。(α+β)Lead brass has good plasticity at high temperatures,Forging。

two、Tin brass

Join tin in brass,It can significantly improve the heat resistance of alloy,Especially the ability to improve the corrosion of seawater,Inert copper“Navy brass”Claim。

(silent brass tuba)three、Manganese brass

Manganese has a large solubility in solid state brass。Join1%~4%Manganese,It can significantly improve the strength and corrosion resistance of the alloy,Do not reduce its plasticity。Manganese brass has(α+β)organization,Commonly usedHMn58-2,cold、The pressure processing in hot state is quite good.。

Four、Iron brass

Iron-brass,Iron is exhibited by ferrule,Crystal grains as a crystal nucleation,Can block the recrystallized grains from growing up,Thereby improving the mechanical properties and process performance of alloys。Iron content in iron brass is usually1.5%the following,Its organization(α+β),High strength and toughness,High temperature is very plastic,Cold state can also be deformable。Commonly used gradesHfe59-1-1。

Fives、Nickel brass

Nickel and copper can form a continuous solid solution,ExpandαPhase area。Nickel in brass can significantly increase the corrosion resistance of brass in the atmosphere and seawater。Nickel can also improve the recrystallization temperature of brass,Promoting a fine grain。HNi65-5Nickel brass has a single phaseαorganization,Good plasticity at room temperature,Can also be deformed in hot state,However, the content of heteropathy must be strictly controlled,Otherwise, it will seriously deteriorate the hot processing performance of the alloy.。

silent brass tuba

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Brass expression method:According to China《Non-ferrous metal and alloy product card》Provisions,Brass adoption(Chinese Pinyin Letter)“H“Express。Ordinary brass”H“Add basic elements of copper content,Such as:68Copper is expressed asH68,65Copper is expressed asH65,H62Concrete。

silent brass tuba(silent brass tuba)

silent brass tuba(silent brass tuba)

silent brass tuba

silent brass tuba