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brass tubes for crafts

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CopperAlso named red copper,Pure copper,That is the copper,Due to a purple red color。It contains a certain amount of oxygen,Therefore, it is also known as oxygenate。Copper is hard、Be uncomfortable,High temperature resistance、High pressure and high conductivity、High thermal conductivity and other characteristics are favored by the market。

brass tubes for crafts

Copper finished product——Purple copper tube,As a high-quality pipeline, high-quality pipelineAir conditioning and cooling、Warm-away、Hypoxic、Ship、Heating、Take water pipeline, etc.field。And due to copper regeneration benefits,Copper tube is still a sustainable green building materials。Current copper distribution in the market,Such as evaporator and condenser、Air conditioning refrigerant copper pipes are all processed by the copper pipe。With the continuous development of society,People have a higher level of quality,The tertiary tube is more confidential as the daily life of high quality pipe and humanity.。

Copper tube characteristics:The copper tube on the market mainly uses brass and copper.。

BrassCopper content is lower than70%,High impurity content,High hardness,Mainly processed crafts、Thick wall tube such as threaded products appears in the market;

Purple copper tubeCopper content99.9%above,Physical properties are mainly reflected:High plasticity,Good delay,Easy to process,Good stability,Is a green building materials for sustainable development。

brass tubes for crafts

brass tubes for crafts

Copper pipe application

  • Multi-field application of copper tube,Main air conditioning refrigeration industry、Hypoxic system、Self-water pipeline system is a typical representative。
  • Air conditioning and refrigeration industry:
  • Whether it is a production and manufacture of air conditioning equipment,Still the installation process,Copper tube is one of the most applicable raw materials,In the air conditioner inside the refrigerant and copper tube is the closest relationship,The copper tube flows inside a massian refrigerant,The top of the massification refrigerant is a copper pipe protection.。The cost of use of the copper tube is about one-third of the cost of production costs of air conditioning equipment.,At the same time, the material costs are in the central air conditioning installation.70%。The quality of the air-conditioning equipment is not sluggable with the copper pipe used in the production and installation process.。
brass tubes for crafts

Hypoxic system:

  • The medical system is the central oxygen system of the hospital.,The gas for medical gas pipelines is often directly acting on the patient.,Therefore, the requirements of cleanliness and toxic residue are very demanding,The pipe used must be strictly subjected to the provision.。Hazardous copper tube is good physics,Easy to connect,Can save material costs,And the degreasing copper tube belongs to an inert metal material,Oxidation,Anti-corrosion,Life or even the same period,It is ideal for medical gas systems。

  • Tap water system:
  • As people's requirements for the quality of living water are continuously improved,Purple copper copper water pipe slowly entered people's lives。Purple copper water pipes have universally recognized antibacterial and excellent durability,It has always been a domestic water quality tube recommended for the Ministry of Housing and Construction.。