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1-1 4 brass drain tube

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Drainage pipe size Daquan,Select the right specifications to ensure smooth waterway

There are various pipes in the environment where we live and work,The water supply and drainage system is very important,To ensure people's normal life,Drainage pipes play a very important role,Everybody knows,A wide variety of drainage pipes,Can meet the needs of different environments。

1-1 4 brass drain tube

In addition to the requirements for pipes in the drainage system,Dimensions are also very important,Too big or too small for the drainage system to work properly,The next thing to introduce to you is the size of the drainage pipe,Let's learn together。

1-1 4 brass drain tube
  • in family life,bathroom、Drainage pipes are required in kitchens, etc.,The location of the drain pipe determines the size of the pipe,The most common drain pipe sizes are40mm、50mm、75mm、110mm;
  • in40mmDrains are mostly used under sinks、Floor drain and balcony water,kitchen drain pipe50mm,kitchen、balcony、Total drainage requirements for basins etc.75mm,110mmMost of them are toilet water and external wall water。
1-1 4 brass drain tube
  • Drainage pipes have lower requirements than water supply pipes,Because it is under less pressure and is used to discharge sewage,Therefore, it will not have too much pressure bearing capacity and environmental protection characteristics.;
  • However, the drain pipe must have strong anti-aging properties.、Guaranteed service life,If there is a problem with the drain,very difficult to repair,And it will have a great impact on the downstairs residents,Therefore, you must pay attention to the quality of the materials when purchasing。
1-1 4 brass drain tube
(1-1 4 brass drain tube)Drainage pipes are made of many materials,In order to let everyone know clearly the characteristics of each material and choose the right one,The following is a detailed analysis of various common drainage pipes。


1-1 4 brass drain tube

This kind of pipe is mainly used for water supply for buildings、Drainage material,Its main feature is chemical resistance、good hygiene、good flexibility、impact resistance、Easy to operate, etc.,Currently mostly used for urban drainage pipes。


1-1 4 brass drain tube

PVCWe should see a lot of pipes,It is also the most unique type of drainage pipe,belonging to polymer materials,under the action of vinyl chloride initiator,A thermoplastic resin formed by polymerization,It is characterized by low cost、Wide range of applications,Especially in the application of furniture drainage is very many。


1-1 4 brass drain tube
(1-1 4 brass drain tube)This is a material specially used for drainage pipes,It has very good heat resistance,The working ambient temperature can reach100Spend,PPThe pipe also has good insulation,is today's building、The most ideal drainage pipe in the engineering field。

(1-1 4 brass drain tube)read the above,Do you have a better understanding of the pipeline?,important role in life,When purchasing, you must decide the pipe specification according to the location used.,At the same time grasp the quality of the pipe,Make life more convenient。