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brass trip lever tub drain assembly in chrome

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After buying a bathtub,How to install the bathtub is another big problem。Bathtub is a large part of the bathroom,Don't pay attention, you will have a lot of trouble.,So the installation of the bathtub installation is especially paying attention to。under,Let's take a look at the bathtubInstallation essentials and precautionsBar。

brass trip lever tub drain assembly in chrome

Bathtub installation picture

Bathtub installation process:

Water installation→Hygistive→Shui water installation→Trial flat to find a bathtub

brass trip lever tub drain assembly in chrome(brass trip lever tub drain assembly in chrome)tub

Installation of the bathtub:

1、When installing the skirt bathtub,The bottom of the skirt should be close to the ground,The floor should be reserved in the drainage250~300mmCave hole,Easy to drain,Insulation holes in the bathtub drainage end wall。

2、Other all kinds of bathtubs can determine the plane height on the bathtub according to relevant standards or user needs.。Then use two bricks to install the bathtub.。Such as bathtub side skirt wall,Maintenance holes should be set in the bathtub drain or open inspection holes on the wall of the drainage end.。

3、Various bathtub cold、Hot tap or mixed faucet height should be high in the bathtub150mm。Do not damage chrome-plated layers during installation。Chrome hood should be close to the wall。

4、Fixed shower、Hose shower can be installed according to the relevant standard or by user requirements。

5、The plane of the bathtub must be flattened with horizontal calibration.,No side。Application of sealing paste fill in the side of the bathtub with wall binding。

6、Bathtub drainage and drainage connection should be firm,And easy to disassemble,Not open。

brass trip lever tub drain assembly in chrome

Bathtub picture

Bathtub installation consideration:

1、Do not destroy the waterproof layer。Already destroyed or no waterproof layers,Want to make waterproof first,Via12Hour water leakage test。

2、Fix firm,The pipeline interface is strict。

3、Pay attention to finished protection,Prevent bumps。

brass trip lever tub drain assembly in chrome

Bathtub real shot map

Bathtub installation method:

(brass trip lever tub drain assembly in chrome)Bathtub before installation,The bathtub should be scrub,Pain the legs to remove the legs,Plug the diamond into the bathtub under bedroom,Put the legs on the bathtub,Nut,Tighten。Bathtub like a brick leg,The brick leg should be made,Cement mortar,Place the bathtub on the brick station,Find a flat;Such as the bathtub and brick table does not match,Cement mortar fill。

Bathtub water installation,Put the bathtub water three-way nut on the underwater manner,Cornstone cotton rope,Insert a three-way,Tighten the nut,The three-way fits the copper pipe inserted into the water pipe,The bottom of the copper pipe,Plush the bathtub under discharge pad,Fisher,Insert the bathtub,Outside the rubber pad and the eyeliner,Silk deck、Tangle、Fisher。Card the underwater rib with fork dial,Under the water elbow。Put the overflowing riser,Wrapped oil root rope,Insert a three-way,Aligning bathtub overflow hole,Tighten the nut,Equivalent elbow1mmThick pad,Fisher,Turn the bolt through the long tube on the water elbow"one"Word wire buckle,It's okay.。Bathtub water three-way and sewer pipe interface place,Wreath oil stone cotton rope,Twisted,Re-enclose the ash。

brass trip lever tub drain assembly in chrome

Bathtub installation diagram

Shui water installation,When the bathtub is installed long neck inlet,Such as cold in the wall,First use a short tube to find a short tube,Quantity,Sawing wire,Pieces an end,Trich into the pipe,Tighten,Revenue。If you install a shower mixed water door,Cold、Hot water tube wire blocking,With a short tube with a silk buckle into the mouth,Trial flat,Wipe the mixed water door into the lead,Insert the import of imports with the key,Get cold、Hot tube,School to a good size,Tights close to the wall,Then import the mixed mouth to import,Tighten the nut,Trial flat,Be followed,Drease the mixed water,Replace the oil after retreat。

brass trip lever tub drain assembly in chrome

Bathtub renderings

Summarize:The bathtub is a big object in household items.,Pay attention to some small details during the installation process, you need to understand。The above chicening is shared by everyoneInstallation of the bathtub installation and precautions,I hope to give you a reference.。If you want to know more information,Please continue to pay attentionMouseDecoration network Other articles。