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Front,Taliban, Afghanistan“mild”Demonstrate,Woman can be allowed“Shariana”In the range,Enjoy your right。

Subsequently,The spokesperson added another sentence.——“They will live according to the teaching method,We will be very happy,They will be very happy”。

that's it,A group of men,Origin“for”Women feel happy。

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But,Re-details,Giving people feel,Be more like——First get people in the cage first,Firmly locked,Then:Um,You are free in this.。

If you try out,Light whip,Heavy weight is killed。

even,Some have already left outside,Take the family of permanent residency or citizen identity in Europe and the United States,In their hearts,Still with it“cage”,Their wife and women do not have a habit of mascorism in their lives.,But still being touched、These invisible people“Hood”Control,And limit the dead。

for example,From time to time, there will be in the international news.,Those feeling“Honor murder”。

kingston brass tub filler(kingston brass tub filler)“Honor murder”Not only in remote villages,Pakistan net red star Baruri,Just be publicly known as her brother“Honor”

Let's have a saying in China.,Call“Tiger”,Say,This should be a law and moral bottom line that looks like the world.?

(kingston brass tub filler)actually not。

2009year7moon30day,Beside the boat gate of Kingston Canal Park, Canada,Morning running resident,Found a quite new blackNissan sedan planted in the river,And immediately alarm。

kingston brass tub filler(kingston brass tub filler)Kingston is the earliest capital of Canada

(kingston brass tub filler)After the car was salved,The police found it.4Female corpse。Forensic judgment,One person is13Year old girl,Two people17-20between,Another elderly,Age should be50Older。but,DNASampling identification results also show,Three girls,Is a sister of a mother,But this50Old woman,But there is no blood relationship with them.。

The weird thing is,There is no ID card for these individuals in the car.,Including the bit of sitting on the driving position20Year old girl,I didn't have a driver's license.。

and,There is no camera in the incident,The whole thing is in the end of the dragon.。

then,Police through media such as TV and newspapers,Open the model and license plate of this car,as well as4Female age characteristics,I hope the people can provide clues.。

soon,A surnameShafiaAfghan immigrant families came over from Montreal,I finally determined the identity of these four deceased.:

(kingston brass tub filler)Three young girls are their daughter:19Aged big daughter Zana,17Aged two girl Sahar,13A little daughterGiti。Another elderly deceased is the nanny of this family,50Year-oldRona

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Four girls and their“nanny“

in,Three daughters and parents of Shafia、Brothers have already got formal Canadian nationality.,And this nanny is Pakistani,Take a job visa。

According to the state of Shafia couple,They carry three daughters and a son to open Nissan and another LexusSUVGo to Niagara Waterfall Vacation,Returning,A car hotel over Nakarton overnight。

The whole family opened two rooms that night.,Parents and sons,Three daughters and nanny sleep a house。

Next morning,Parents found that three daughters and babysitters also have a brand new black niocontrol.,Call the phone or contact。

They first found a while,Then I feel that these people may drive first.,So they also check out another car to Montreal。

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Not think,Just arrived at home,Just saw the news from TV news。

then,Shafia couple with big son,Almost all the way and folded back to Kingston,Come to claim the daughter and the bodies of the nanny。

Mohammad, did not express excited,Always board a poker face that can't be seen,Serious inferior,These people should drive out in the middle of the night.,Did not see clear road,I accidentally slipped into the river.。

(kingston brass tub filler)kingston brass tub filler


His son Hamid is very uncommon.,Not only don't feel more sad,Still complaining——It's all the women yourself.“seek death”,I have to drive out in the middle of the night.....Drown!

and,His feelings of sisters,It's better to care about the car.,Hamid asked a police:“When can the car go back??Can you fix it??”

kingston brass tub filler

son Hamid

As a mother,It is still relatively normal.。

She swept a scene of the police provided by the police,Even the body has not come and look,I started to cry.,Crying that called a heart。

The weird thing is,Mrs. Shafia cried after a while,Police careful discovery,Actually“Don't rain”,There are no tears on your face.。

kingston brass tub filler

Shafia Mrs. Par

As more evidence comes out of the water,This is poor acting,Be cold by the police。

first,Investigator found,Four deceaseds not only have a seat belt,The front seat is still placed in a single half.。

Especially the big daughter on the driving position,How can it be able to drive in the world??

kingston brass tub filler

Such a seat angle,Obviously it is not possible to drive normally.

More suspicious,Just as described above,The car was found in the canal's boat gate,Water depth is less than two meters。There is no serious damage deformation in cars.,Extraordinary inside and outside。

In this case,The four people in the car should not be severely traumatic and coma,They have the ability to succeed,Not half lying in the car,Silent and invisible。

(kingston brass tub filler)and,There are no traces of slim struggle in the car.。

also,Nissan's taillights have found damage,Survey,It is found that it is possible to fall before falling water.,Higher by another car chassisSUVFrom the back hit into the river。

kingston brass tub filler(kingston brass tub filler)Nissan saved

Subsequently,The legal medicine has also made another big doubt to surface.——Although their death is drowning,However, the backbone of the body was discovered to varying degrees of bruises.,and,From the position and extent of scars,It is almost impossible to form when a car accident falls.。

All of this——Very likely,Four women are in the case of being stunned,The out of the car was put into the car and then pushed into the river.,Camouflage“Accident”。

Contact to the Shafia couple and their son's abnormal move,What did the police seem to understand?。

(kingston brass tub filler)The police intended to hit NissanSUVStart。They immediately found Mohammad,Propose to check another car when they travel——LexusSUV。

The answer is,The car hit,Delivery....

(kingston brass tub filler)Mohammad said,They returned to the road in Montreal from Kingston.,In a parking lot,LexusSUVLefthead light。Then I sent it.。

kingston brass tub filler

Police an investigation,Even with Mohammad, the situation is basically consistent。

but,this“accident”Quite strange,Amphibial,In an empty parking lot,ThisSUV,How is it“Inch”I hit a cement column?

seemingly,They are in an attempt to cover up?。

However,Samfia is not only rich,Mohammad is still a high-spirited leader-level person in the local Afghan nationality circle,Enjoy certain words and influences,Even some politicians,For the vote for Muslim group,I have been with him very close to him.。

therefore,This case,Better than the general murder,Tough more。

Please post after the superior leader,The police quietly installed the eavesdropper in the phone and car of Shafia。

soon,They got amazing information。

The police found through the listening device,These three people talk about the most words about this case is——“Honor”(Honor killing)。

kingston brass tub filler(kingston brass tub filler)A three-port of acting

For the dead girl,Parent brother,Many people call“Slutty”。

Especially their dad Mohammad,Multiple excitement,Hand up these waves,Is his responsibility for maintaining religion and family honors,Even if the time is coming,He will still kill them without his wife and children.,And more perfect,I will never leave any clues to the police.。

More amazing is,There is also a young man named Omar during the period.,He cried with a resentment to blame the Shafia personally killed his wife......

19The old daughter Zamea is a married identity?Then why didn't she be with her husband?,Her parents did not mention this son-in-law?

then,The police quickly found this Omar question.。

This is known,Because of the problem,The two were forced to divorce on the wedding day.(Afghan folk always advocates huge gift),Even Mohammad is in Canada、Australi and Dubai have industries,Not bad at all。

Also this is this,The police found a new clue——Mobile phone under the water driver,Although the bubble is damaged,But it is still repaired some amazing information。

According to this mobile phone in water,It can be inferred that it is probably in the early morning.1:30arrive2:00between。

(kingston brass tub filler)Contrast mobile phone call records for other three family members,Morning in the morning1:24Minute,Hamid also made a call to his father.,Two people call48Second。

But,According to the previous fucking,These three people are11Before the point,I have already slept.。and,Dad, son, these three people,Still sleeping in a room——Soon,Morning phone in the morning,I explain it.。

Follow,The police found the positioning of the phone,Amazing discovery,This is the time period in this time period,Not sleeping at the hotel,They are in the case——Beside of the canal park。

and,By positioning your son Hamid mobile phone,Can learn,Two days before the case,He has been here for a Kedton,Half a half days near the corner——This is not typical“Stepping”Does the event??

kingston brass tub filler

After you have enough evidence,The police got the search order,Inside the house in Shafia,I found a few amazing truths.。

The previous mentioned from Pakistan, Rona,In fact, it is not a babysitter.,But Mohammad's big wife。

This is still traced back to the last century.80Era,When the Soviet Union tossed in Afghanistan。

In order to avoid war,Mohammed goes south to Pakistan,defected to his cousin。

under cousin matchmaking,Mohammed, a good-looking man who went to college,Climbed into a good marriage。Wife Rona is young and beautiful,Father-in-law has money and connections。

kingston brass tub filler

last century80s,Mohammed's wedding photo

Although Islam opposes high dowry,But Pakistan is deeply influenced by Indian culture,rich or not,marry a daughter,They're all very cheap。

Muhammad is relying on the high dowry of his Pakistani wife and the resources of his father-in-law,successfully started his own business,And it's getting more and more prosperous,arrive90era,Do business abroad。

only,between the two,no emotional basis,Plus Rona was diagnosed with infertility,Muhammad started for his own“Succession”of“great mission”Feeling anxious。

but,According to Sharia,Although he could have four wives,but to marry the second“flat wife”if,The eldest wife must sign and sign to express her consent,Otherwise the marriage is void。

result,The alternation of hot and cold violence in Muhammad“call”Down,rona“Generous”expressed“agree”。

After looking for a while,Muhammad married himself17Year-old Afghan girl Tuba is flat wife。

kingston brass tub filler

Muhammad's second wedding,Rona also stood beside her husband and bride

kingston brass tub filler

Wedding scene

Muhammad and Tuba live together7children,The eldest is the daughter,The second is the one in charge“tap”Hamid,The second and fourth are the other two daughters who were killed together,two youngest boys,During the incident,Both attend private boarding schools,not mixed in。

then,Mohammed brought Tuba to invest in Quebec after immigrating to Quebec,As requested by Pakistani father-in-law,Take the eldest wife, Rona, too.。

but,name,Just need to change——Polygamy is illegal in Canada,Muhammad had to give Rona a work visa for babysitting,And let the children in the family always call her“Aunt Rona”。

(kingston brass tub filler)Rona after leaving her family,Living in Canada is really not as good as a babysitter。

Rona only has a monthly50Canadian dollar pocket money,When she tried to go out and find a job,Also beaten by Muhammad。Live a life of semi-house arrest all day long。

even so,Lorna has been saving money carefully,Trying to escape to America's sister,and,She also intends to bring the youngest daughter of Muhammad and Tuba, who is not related by blood to her.Kitty——Rona and three daughters of Muhammad, who was also persecuted by patriarchy,get alonglove mother and daughter。

(kingston brass tub filler)kingston brass tub filler

Rona and second daughter Sahar

at the same time,The eldest daughter and the second daughter of the family have also tried to escape many times.。

(kingston brass tub filler)Eldest daughter Zana and Pakistani husband Omar are high school classmates,free love,But she was found by her brother Hamid and reported it to her parents。Then the eldest daughter was beaten by her father,Banned for one year,Didn't even finish high school。During this period,Canadian child protection groups have also repeatedly intervened。

(kingston brass tub filler)but even so,The fire of love between the two has not been extinguished,After unsuccessfully trying to elope,At the request of her boyfriend Omar's family,Muhammad agreed to the marriage。

(kingston brass tub filler)kingston brass tub filler(kingston brass tub filler)Zana and Omar

Unexpectedly,wedding day,The woman suddenly proposed to her in-laws in Pakistan,to add25million-dollar dowry,to pick up the bride。

To know,Although both are Muslims,But the custom of Pakistanis is that the woman brings her own high dowry and living materials to marry.;The Afghans are just the opposite,Pay attention to demanding huge betrothal gifts from the husband's family。

(kingston brass tub filler)that's it,The Pakistani relatives who have accompanied a large amount of dowry,My heart was on fire,so that,refuse immediately——let me add money,no door。

there,Muhammad felt a huge insult,Immediately ask Zana to end her marriage to Omar。

(kingston brass tub filler)Omar protests like crazy,and encouraged Zana,Let her stand up for her own life。

But,Zana said nothing,Signed divorce agreement with tears,then head down,I went back with my mother-in-law。

kingston brass tub filler

Zana and Omar

that night,Omar got an email from Zana——she says,if not from,Her father threatened,would kill her and her sisters。and her father,Always been a one-of-a-kind person...

Six weeks after this email was sent,She and her two younger sisters and father's eldest wife,encountered“Accident”。

then,This leads to the fact that Omar came to the door and cursed the three members of the Sophia family.“murderer”that scene。

And second daughter Sahar,she secretly dated a catholic boyfriend,after being discovered,He was beaten by his father and brother。

(kingston brass tub filler)subsequently,She started saving money and applying for a passport again,Hope to follow the example of Mrs.,eloping with boyfriend。

Her brother Hamid peeked at her phone,Inside was found a picture of Sahar wearing only his underwear“coquettish selfie”。

It's this photo,Sentencing her directly“death penalty”。

(kingston brass tub filler)because,according to their understanding of the doctrine,If this happens in the family“slut”,affects the entire family“merit”,thereby implicated in all“slut”Relatives who are related by blood will not be able to enjoy in the future“Heaven grace”——Family“Harmful horses”,Must be removed,Suffer。

kingston brass tub filler

Big daughter and two daughter

original,Mhammad、Tu Cha and son Hamid only“Not guarded”、“Disgrace”Big daughter and two daughters“Honor murder”。

But the second wife Tu Bar is very advocated,Anyway, trouble,Simply kill the big old woman together。

but,Taking into account the big old woman Rona with the little daughterGitiExcellent relationship,The two are always sticky together at home.,If Rona suddenly gone,The little daughter must do it at home.,Not good,Very easy to reveal,Is a huge hidden danger。

Three people discuss after half a day,Put your little daughter also kill。

Reason is actually,Jiji has been affected by two sisters for a long time,After growing up, it is also a woman.。

kingston brass tub filler

Human certificate,2009year10moon11day,The police officially arrested this three,And put forward four-level murder allegations。

kingston brass tub filler

The passage of murder is like this。

They first killed Rona in the bathtub in the car.,Then put the three sisters from the back of the back into Nissan,Drive the car to the boat,useSUVHit Nissan into the river。

Operation division,When you are in the park,The rest of the mother and child is originally thinking of manpowering the car into the water.。

But I pushed for a long time.,Hamid quickly called the old man:“dad,We can't move,How to do?”

After some emergency discussion,Mohammad opened the LexusSUV,Hit Nissan into the river。

This is the half night48The origin of second call,TooSUVDirect cause of impairment of headlights,And then go to the parking lot to hit the cement column,Obviously, in order to cover the truth and deliberately。

Since Canada will cancel the death penalty,All three people“First-level murder”The most stringent sentence is sentenced——Lifetime imprisonment,25Do not leave。

This is also the first time in the history of Canada's history in four languages.——English,French(Montreal is the world's second largest French city),Afghan Push、Pakistan Urdu language。

Witness and defendant,There are several translation simultaneous interpretations right away.,Get a meeting with the United Nations……

According to later follow-up reports,This man killed the Mohammad of his wife and three girlfriends.,Quite high in prison——He was raised as a religious leader in the Muslim prisoner,Responsible for organizing worship and talking,help“Prisoner”Answer in life“Confuse”……even,He also developed some“Newcomer”,Active convert to Islam....

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