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brass tub faucet

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Many people don't know how to buy a good faucet。Especially now in order to match different styles of home design,The faucet is more and more,Colors、luster、Muscle、Various wonderful presentations in texture。So how do you choose a faucet??

brass tub faucet

(brass tub faucet)There is a set of small steps to buy a faucet:

(brass tub faucet)First,What style of the faucet need?

The faucet is divided into bath basin faucet according to the function of use.、Kitchen faucet、Bathtub faucet、shower、Hurry。

· Basin faucetChoose according to the height of the basin,Table on the basin chooses to increase the faucet,Taichung Basin、Lower basin chooses a suitable height ordinary faucet。

brass tub faucet(brass tub faucet)

· Kitchen faucetHigh,Generally360°No dead angle rotation,Some can stretch,It is to be cleaned.。

brass tub faucet

· Bathtub faucet and shower faucetDifference,Bathtub faucet underwater,Shower faucet did not go out。

brass tub faucet

· HurryA faucet。

brass tub faucet(brass tub faucet)

second,Learn about the lead material。

(brass tub faucet)Everything is the most afraid of the torrents that are in contact with water is rusty,Rust not only affects the value,It also pollutes water quality。Therefore, the faucet we will choose all products made of brass.。Because of brass plasticity、Machining、Corrosion resistance and electroplating adhesion is good,Is one of the most mature materials that are currently manufactured in the manufacture of faucets。

brass tub faucet

Faucet section

High quality faucet will be labeled as national standardHPb59-1or60Brass(Hans Gas60copper)manufacture。Some black heart manufacturers use low-key brass and even recycled scrap copper manufacturing faucet,Such faucet material toughness is insufficient to brittle,And also precipitate more lead,Impurities that may have hazardous impurities in many unknown。

(brass tub faucet)brass tub faucet

third,See the appearance of your product。

(brass tub faucet)Internal and external repair is very appropriate to describe the faucet。The surface of the faucet will be polished、Plating treatment,To enhance the wear resistance of the faucet、Corrosion resistance and aesthetics。Chrome-plated process good faucet surface crystal bright,Hairy piercing hole,Refromite curve smoothing,Easy to clean。Harm in the faucet while purchasing,The fog disappears is relatively fast.。

brass tub faucet

(brass tub faucet)fourth,What spool is used?

Whether the switch counts countless times a day is smooth,Depending on the faucet we can't see the valve,Therefore, the quality of the spool directly affects the life of the faucet.。Most of the brand uses high quality ceramic spools,Because wear resistance and high sealing,Not easy to leak,Smoother。Big brand is generally imported ceramic spool。

brass tub faucet

fifth,Believe in the power of the brand。

Brand is always better than three productsnMultiplication,A product is called a brand is not there.。In addition to the superior propaganda,The strength of the product itself is alsoOKof。Big brand faucet is not only material superior,Detail processing is also more exquisite。

brass tub faucet

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