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reeded brass tube

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For273mm×12mmBrass and brass(H62)Docking,High welding heat efficiency、Weld quality, melting, half-automatic argon arc welding, is better,The specific process is as follows:

(reeded brass tube)



①To ensure continuous welding of copper pipes,Self-made tire、Set,The tire can be adjusted to the fitting according to the welding requirements group.。

②Brass liquid metal fluidity,Welding formation,Burning tumor is easily produced during welding、Defects such as fusion,Using a liner to prevent the above defects。The outer diameter of the liner should be less than the inner diameter of the soldered brass1mm,Try to match,The size of the liner is wide.xhigh=40mm×(4~6mm),Material is brass or stainless steel。

③Welding equipment:NB500Welding machine、Oxycethane welding equipment、Argon, etc.。

(reeded brass tube)④Welding materials:Φ1.2mmBronze welding wire(QSi3-1)。

(reeded brass tube)⑤Slope。Slope group is an angle85°,Not leave blunt,Do not leave a gap,On both sides of the pipe slope30mmMechanical cleaning,Out of metal luster。

(reeded brass tube)⑥Preheat。Heating the welding area with oxygen acetylene gas flame to300℃about,Each other100mLocation welding,The positioning welding is grounded into a slope shape with a corner of the grinding wheel.。

two,Welding operation

①Welding parameters see1。

reeded brass tube(reeded brass tube)

②Brewing,Welding wire alignment weld center,Welding wire does a small moon tooth oscillate。Filling and cover welding,Welding wire still swinging,And slightly stay on both sides of the groove(1-2s),Appearance from both ends of the groove,Standfinder、Defects such as fusion。

③Each welding should be welded continuously,And control the temperature of the lamination must not be lower than300℃

④Welding workpiece after welding(Welding area)Re-heat400℃about,Insulation。

⑤Press the pipe when welding。Do not fire arc on pipe outside the grooves,The wiring should be configured。

reeded brass tube

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