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1 od brass drain tube

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clean,In fact, it is also a skillful job.。

Combat with a variety of stains,Still cleaning?

7Month editorial selection of residentsTOP10Cleansing,Help easily solve a variety of cleaning problems,Not easy to find me!

1 od brass drain tube

1 od brass drain tube

The kitchen area is the highest level of daily cleaning.,Cook、Washing vegetables will face oil that will be left when cooking、Sketch for dishwashing dishes、ceramic tile、Stains remain on the table, etc.。Solve these stains,Guarantee,It is very important to eating health,Standard, all the following kitchens, clean things, you can solve。

GUMPTIONUniversal cleaning paste

1 od brass drain tube(1 od brass drain tube)

¥33丨 Amoy password ¥I4GEYiU2nxj¥ 

Recommended reason:Universal cleaning cream from Australia,A hand to the stain,A box,Clean pool、ceramic tile、Stainless steel、mesa、Plastic, etc.,Especially the brush is all confused.,A large bowl can be used for a long time。

(1 od brass drain tube)Use shortcomings:Big bowl,It is not convenient to use it every time you use it.。

Precautions:Put less,A little bit,It is not easy to clean up,I can't see it when you are wet.,White powder will leave a white powder after the water。

1 od brass drain tube

Sumitomo evaluation:See Lin Yi wheel, the pot, the pot, maintenance, decisive grass,The cooker is really wipeful.,Like yourself, bought a new pot。

Flower kitchen heavy oil cleaning spray

1 od brass drain tube

¥22.8丨 口令¥AXZZYiUS4m2¥

Recommended reason:Kitchen essential cleaning,Multiple surfaces suitable for cleaning the kitchen,Operating desktop、Micro-wave oven、sink、Tile surface,Even hood、gas stove。Spray out is a foam,Wait a while,The oil stains can be left behind,Can easily wipe clean,Convergence and sterilization,Remove odor。

Use shortcomings:Not very durable,If you need a lot of sweep,Need to use several bottles of spare。

Precautions:Injection,Be careful,Don't get your eye。

1 od brass drain tube

Sumitomo evaluation:It's really good to use Mr. Mr. I really.,More easy to clean,Cleaner is cleaned,Into the flower king products deeply like the sea,Other cleaning products are passersby。

Flower kitchen oil foam bleached spray

1 od brass drain tube

¥25.8丨 口令¥Lz8wYiU9oyD¥

Recommended reason:Kitchen sink,Cut vegetable chopping board、Tea cup、Tableware and other supplies to stink、bleach、Disinfection。Especially white quartz countertops or white tableware,Spray this,Waiting for two or three minutes,Effectiveness。

Use shortcomings:The taste is slightly thorny,Dilute84Disinfecting water flavor。

Precautions:Wear gloves,Need to rinse,Cannot use it with acidic products。

1 od brass drain tube

Sumitomo evaluation:I felt84Disinfectant can solve,Friend said84No effect,I recommend I use this.,Really used,The original yellow gap is white.,And the taste is not84Then,Take a long time,I don't hurt my hand.。

Oxygen-cleaved multi-function wash oxygen particles

1 od brass drain tube

¥23.9丨 口令¥N4iUYiUPEPj¥
(1 od brass drain tube)Recommended reason:Granular multi-function cleaners,Use it with hot water soaking kitchen rag、Decades and dirty clothes,Don't need to wash it, you can clean it.,The remaining water can also be used to clean the dishwash pool。In addition, the stubbound of the pot can also be removed.,Need to make oxygen into a paste。In general,Less use,Good effect,Cost-effective。

Use shortcomings:Use relatively trouble,Require hot water to flush and30-50Minutes soak effect。

Precautions:Do not put the solution in a sealed container,Because oxygen purity releases oxygen,Prevent bloating。

1 od brass drain tube

Sumitomo evaluation:Oxygen clean law,Anything you need to wash with oxygen bubble and then gently clean it.,Simply repurchase single item。

1 od brass drain tube

Bathroom scale、Mold,sewer、The odor of the toilet is a very difficult cleaning problem.。Although we all know that maintaining your bathroom can improve the whole home happiness index,But I am really afraid of dirty,Clean too much time,Tired is always a huge resistance。How to make your bathroom easy and simple and easy to stay away from dirty??The following items can help you come to you.。

mistolinScale cleaner

1 od brass drain tube(1 od brass drain tube)

¥68丨 口令¥7kHsYiUJaPb¥
(1 od brass drain tube)Recommended reason:Clean meal star product,I used to say that it is a true fragrance series,Faucet、shower、Glass sliding door、Mirror, etc.,A spurting,1minScale,Fast and simple,It can be bright as new at once.。Even severe scale,Just still need to stand5Minute。It is simply the gospel of the majority of clean forces,Lazy must clean good helper。

(1 od brass drain tube)Use shortcomings:Some tastes like clean toilet,A little bit of breath。

Precautions:Long time is not very good,It is recommended to wear gloves.。

1 od brass drain tube(1 od brass drain tube)

Sumitomo evaluation:My new house feels that meas is not cleared in one or two years.,I bought a try after I saw the grass.,Fall and love,It is recommended that there are two bottles when there is an activity.,Absolutely earn。

Flower King toilet removal cleaners

1 od brass drain tube(1 od brass drain tube)

¥19.9丨 口令¥aFYbYiUCLT2¥

Recommended reason:The best experience is to brush。Different nozzle design,Can be easily squeezed along the toilet,Do not let go of the sanitary corner。wait5One after a minute,The toilet can shine,Not only pollution、Deodorant effect in the same product,And there is a sterilization,Licensed repurchase。

Use shortcomings:Non-want to say shortcomings,It is possible to use a small toilet tile variety.。

Precautions:when using it,Although no irritating,But still need to pay attention to ventilation and breathable。

1 od brass drain tube

Sumitomo evaluation:House essential toilet cleaner,It's not enough for our home.,After washing the toilet, there is still a faint fragrance.。

Xiaolin Pharmaceutical Drainage Pipeline

1 od brass drain tube

¥23.8丨 口令¥rFGFYiTMbbl¥

Recommended reason:Bathroom sewer hair jam、Washing pool foreign body blocked、Frequent bacterial odor,Xiaolin's drainage pipe cleavage,Dirty things are dissolved.。Light forest pharmaceutical this brand is trustworthy,Absolutely use representative。Recommended bottles that are easy to get off,Regular use can also avoid pipeline clogging and odor production。

Use shortcomings:Not applicable to aluminum、Brass drain。

(1 od brass drain tube)Precautions:Don't be with acidic products、Hot water, etc.。

(1 od brass drain tube)1 od brass drain tube(1 od brass drain tube)

Sumitomo evaluation:Our family has a long time,I didn't have a few days in a few days.,Water is very slow,Now every month,The sewer will not block it.。

ROCKETMold cleaning spray

1 od brass drain tube(1 od brass drain tube)

¥22.8丨 口令¥TC9RYiTTUx1¥

Recommended reason:Not just the mold wall of the bathroom,The beautiful sewing dirt of tiles it can be strong and clean,EvenlunaWasher、Electric toothbrush hair mold,Washing milk and other items,It can solve it。Whether it is North and South,The bathroom is humid and easy to mold, you can have such a bottle.,Easy to use,No need to be troubled by mold。

(1 od brass drain tube)Use shortcomings:Mildews on the side of the washing frame are basically no effect。

Precautions:Do not touch the skin when using,Do not use with other detergents。

1 od brass drain tube

Sumitomo evaluation:Although in dry northern life,But my washroom and shower room,Easy-to-wet,The born black brown mildew is really affected by bathing mood.,Since starting this spray, the problem is solved.,Cleaning once can guarantee two or three months clean。

1 od brass drain tube

Living room hygiene compared to kitchen and bathrooms more easily,But still in addition to the daily floor、Worry outside dust cleaning,In addition to、sofa、Carpet cleaning issues also need to spend their minds,Recommend two good use,Underworld,That is。

UYEKISwitch spray

1 od brass drain tube

¥62.8丨 口令¥ekJzYi5YoVh¥

(1 od brass drain tube)Recommended reason:From Japanese home cleaning brandUYEKIThis additional spray is certified by the Japanese allergic association,Mites99%above,very effective。Formula non-toxic,Pregnant baby family can also be used with peace of mind。Most amazing,Simple spray,Sustainable effect30Long time。

Use shortcomings:Effective only for mites,Other insects such as flea without suppression,A little small price。

Precautions:After the spray, apply the item after use,Need for about half a day。

1 od brass drain tube

Sumitomo evaluation:It is said that“Sleeping with you in a month”,Decisively bought this spray,It is very convenient to use,Safe is not allergic,I still trust this effect very much.。

Dr. Beckeman Sofa Carpet Cleaner

1 od brass drain tube

¥69丨 口令¥PwwgYiT02FG¥

Recommended reason:Home has carpets and sofas,Even if you pay attention to it, it will inevitably.。Partial cleaning sofa carpet stains,This cleaning artifact is worth having,Cleanup brush,A brush is clean,Not washing,Really lazy savior。in addition,It is worth mentioning that the odor of pet hair,In-vehicle fabric cleaning can also be used。Recommend a bottle of everyone at home,Sofa carpet is no longer a cleaning problem。

Use shortcomings:It is a little more than a lot of spit.,Partial pollution only needs to use the last point,I don't know when I want to use.。

Precautions:不要过量使用,Don't use excessive use。

1 od brass drain tube(1 od brass drain tube)

住友评价:This,之前滴上去的红酒就是它弄干净的,Parts cleaning artifact,虽然略贵,The dead angle of the dirt is finally saved.。

1 od brass drain tube

以上就是7The red wine dripped before it is to get clean.TOP10清洁好物,German imported brand、卫生间、Although it is slightly expensive,让你能更轻松地做好家事!

But I found that my home carpet sofa is cleaned.,也要搭配一双勤劳的双手和说打扫就行动的心!Love~

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