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brass tub drain

author:MF manufacturerstime:2022-03-08 17:54:43

Nowadays, many of us are decorating the bathroom when,Will choose to install a bathtub to facilitate future bathing and relaxation。After prolonged use of the bathtub,various problems will occur。One of the most serious problems is the clogged tub drain.,The following editor will introduce to you what to do if the bathtub drain pipe is blocked and the precautions for the use of the bathtub drain pipe,Please follow me to see。

brass tub drain

What should I do if the drain pipe of the bathtub is blocked?

1、Bathtub drain is clogged,Close the drain valve first,Then put an appropriate amount of tap water in the bathtub;Put the rubber suction(To unclog the toilet)placed on the drain valve;while opening the drain valve,Stuffing the overflow hole of a basin or bathtub;Then quickly suck up and down,sucks out dirt or hair,clean up in time。In the case of severe blockage,can be repeated several times,until it clears up。

2、Blockages that occur near a bathtub drain can be addressed in several places——Overflow、Tub spout or drum trap。Let's start with the tub drain。If the blockage cannot be cleared here,Just try the overflow,Then try the drum trap。

3、If the tub drain is clogged,And I can't unclog it with a rubber aspirator.,Then first use a drain elbow auger to unblock the bathtub drain。

4、The method of using the bleed elbow auger is as follows:Remove the pop-up plug or strainer from the blocked drain,Insert the wire of the auger into the drain opening。To run the mild steel cable into the drain,just turn the handle of the auger;To increase the length of the available wire rope,just loosen the thumbscrew on the handle,Tighten it later。If the rope meets something,Then turn the auger handle,twitch back and forth at the same time。Then continue to turn the handle,At the same time slowly pull out the auger。

Precautions for the use of bathtub drain pipes

1、Do not pour solvents or medicines down the tub drainlWhen the drain cover is raised(in open state)Do not step on it or it may cause malfunction or accident。

2、Do not allow foreign objects to get into the overflow、drainage level。If there is foreign matter mixed in the drain, such as hair、accumulation of dirt, etc.,Please pull up the water-sealing cover, remove it with a brush, etc. and then dry it with a cloth。lIf the rotary switch of the drain is turned frequently or violently,it may cause the water seal cover to pop out。

(brass tub drain)3、Do not subject the drain to strong shocks。Do not hit hard objects such as cosmetic bottles against the drain。lWhen using, please turn left and right with even force,Do not spin violently。Otherwise, the drain will not open。

(brass tub drain)The above is an introduction to what to do if the bathtub drain pipe is blocked and the precautions for the use of the bathtub drain pipe,After using the bathtub for a long time,various problems occur。Replace the tub drain if it is clogged,Then the cost is too high,When you use it, you should pay more attention to the precautions for the use of the bathtub drain pipe,If a blockage occurs,It is also necessary to unclog the bathtub drain pipe in time so as not to affect the use of the bathtub。