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kingston brass deck mount tub faucet

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bathtub faucet classification

1、bathtub faucet

It is a faucet installed above the bathtub,Can release hot and cold mixed water,You can turn it on and off when you take a shower,very convenient,The valve body of this type of bathtub faucet is mostly made of brass,Appearance can be chrome plated、Gold plating, etc.。Now more common on the market is the ceramic valve core type single handle bathtub faucet,It can easily adjust the water temperature with only one handle,And its ceramic spool is also very durable。


Shower faucet is also a kind of bathtub faucet,Its function is also to open hot and cold mixed water,The valve body of this bathtub faucet is also made of brass,Chrome plating、Gold plating, etc.。It is divided into hose shower and wall shower、Thermostats with special functions、Faucets with filter device, etc.。

kingston brass deck mount tub faucet

How to choose a bathtub faucet

1、look at appearance

Shop Bathtub Faucets,First of all, let's see how it looks and works。The chrome plating process on the surface of a good bathtub faucet is very complicated and exquisite,Generally speaking,The brighter the surface of the faucet, the better its quality,On the contrary, it is inferior。

2、Turn the handle

The second criterion for distinguishing whether a bathtub faucet is good or bad is its handle。A good bathtub faucet when turning the handle,The gap between the faucet and the switch is just right,Switching is easy,won't slip。If it is an inferior product,Then the gap between the faucet and the switch will be larger,The sense of obstruction is also stronger。

3、listen to the sound

(kingston brass deck mount tub faucet)The material of the faucet is the most difficult to distinguish,It can only be easily distinguished by the sound。Generally speaking,A good faucet as a whole is cast copper,It sounds dull when you knock it on,If the sound is crisp,Then it must be stainless steel,The grade will be much worse,The quality is definitely not the same。

4、see mark

Generally speaking,Regular brands will have their own brand logo printed on the faucet,And some informal products or inferior products will only stick some paper labels,Some are not even marked,If you really can't tell the difference,It can also be seen through this。

Choose a Bathtub Faucet,Apart from paying attention to its quality and functionality,Also consider whether the style of the faucet matches the decoration style。Now the common bathtub faucets on the market are stainless steel chrome plated,This type of faucet can be matched with a stylish and simple decoration style;There are also some brightly colored faucets,like gold,Can be matched with European decoration style,Bronze can be matched with Chinese decoration style, etc.。

kingston brass deck mount tub faucet

Bath faucet installation steps

(kingston brass deck mount tub faucet)1、Installation tool preparation First prepare the installation tool,Check whether the supporting parts are complete before installation,Common faucet spare parts are:hose、Rubber gasket、shower head、go to water、kidnapper、decorative hats, etc.。

2、Clean before installation. Before installing the faucet, it needs to be flushed with water.,Clean the sediment and impurities in the water pipe,Remove debris from mounting holes,And check that the accessories in the box are not mixed with impurities,So as not to block or wear the ceramic valve core。

(kingston brass deck mount tub faucet)3、When the left hot water and the right cold water take over,Remember that the left side is hot water,cold water on the right,two tubes apart100mm-200mm。Remove the faucet after fixing the position of the water inlet,After the wall plastering is completed,Reinstall the faucet,So as not to wear the coating on the surface of the faucet、scratch。

(kingston brass deck mount tub faucet)4、When installing a single hole basin faucet,Be sure to choose a special angle valve,The angle valve must be fixed with the hot and cold water pipes from the wall.。When there is a distance between the angle valve and the water pipe on the faucet,Go buy a special extension tube to connect。Here is a reminder on Jiuzheng Home Furnishing Network,Do not use other water pipes to connect,Because if the water pressure is high,easy to fall off,water leakage,cause you loss。If the inlet pipe is too long beyond the outlet pipe,Can be cut off as needed,If the angle is not suitable, it can be moderately bent to the required position as needed。

5、take a shower、Installation of bathtub faucet After purchasing a concealed faucet,Generally, the valve core of the faucet should be pre-buried in the wall,Be sure to pay attention to the thickness of the bathroom wall before pre-embedding,If the wall is too thin,Spool will not be able to be embedded。When pre-embedding, the plastic protective cover of the valve core should not be easily removed,So as not to damage the spool with cement and other chores during pre-embedding。In addition, when pre-embedding the valve core, you should also pay attention to the upper and lower parts of the valve core.、left and right direction,So as not to bury the wrong valve core。The size of the wall-mounted faucet is deviated when the water inlet pipe is pre-buried,Adjustable kidnappers can be used for alignment。

kingston brass deck mount tub faucet

kingston brass deck mount tub faucet

(kingston brass deck mount tub faucet)kingston brass deck mount tub faucet