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external threaded brass tube

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one、NPT、PT、G 、ZG、RC、MSeveral differences in threads

external threaded brass tube

Pipe ball valve flange

external threaded brass tube

Cabbage ball valve

external threaded brass tube

Machining thread

  one、Common type

  1.RcThread(Equivalent toPTThread,Domestic is calledZG):Sealed cone internal thread,Dental corner55Spend;Taper is1:16。

  2.RThread:Sealed cone outer thread,Teeth55Spend,Taper1:16。

  3、PT Thread is 55 Sealed cone pipe thread,Available in Wyeth Threaded Family Cement 1:16.

  4.NPTThread:American standard60Rotal spinal tube thread,Taper1:16。

  5.GThread:Non-sealing cylindrical tube thread,Tooth angle55°。

  6、MThread:Meter thread,That is, metric threads。Teeth60Spend.

  Non-sealed tube thread without taper,Cylindrical tube thread,This thread is not allowed to get a sealed,Only add sealing material in the thread(Water tape、Raw material belt、Hemp rope, etc.),Can play the sealing effect。

  Sealed tube thread(Also called self-sealing tube thread)All use1:16Threaded teeth on the taper,Thereby achieving self-sealing,No need to encryption(But some tarable tube threads,Due to the problem,In actual operation,Still on the conical screw on some sealing material,Insurance。)。

(external threaded brass tube)external threaded brass tube

Pipeball ball valve library

external threaded brass tube

Ball valve


  1.Sealed common cooperation:Rc/R(Cone cone)。

  2.Sealing cooperation:NPT/NPT(Cone cone)

(external threaded brass tube)  three、use

  1、Conicone threadRThreaded in the same cylinder can be screwed into the sizeGsuperior

external threaded brass tube

Fitting fitting

external threaded brass tube

Fitting fitting

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