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brass tubes curtain rod

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Curtains are a necessity in home life,Curtain rods are a must for curtains,Today, the editor of Cast Nest will introduce the price of curtain rods and the matters needing attention when purchasing.!

brass tubes curtain rod

one、How much is the curtain rod per meter

1、At present, in order to meet the needs of various customers, manufacturers in the market,Curtain rods are also available in various styles。Materials are also different,There are many production processes,The price is also very different,Generally speaking, the price of curtain rods is generally in the range of ten yuan to dozens of yuan per meter.,According to different styles,material,Process prices are high and low,The more expensive ones are generally stainless steel,Zinc alloy metal material。plastic,Space aluminum is cheaper,The market price is usually5to25Yuan varies,There is also a pure copper material,Copper itself is relatively valuable,Therefore, the price of copper curtain rods is higher.,The market price is usually60more than yuan。

brass tubes curtain rod

two、Curtain rod purchase considerations


Now the curtain rod materials sold on the market can usually be classified into wood and metal materials.。According to the style of the bedroom or home, choose the curtain rod style and its material we need,Usually wooden curtain rods will give people a warm and leisurely feeling,It will not be affected by home style and curtain texture,It is also relatively easy to match,Metal curtain rods are matched with soft yarn curtains,Can produce a rigid and soft effect。

(brass tubes curtain rod)brass tubes curtain rod

2、The difference between open rod and dark rod

modern home decoration,Most people prefer to buy open rods for home curtain decoration,It means that the color and decorative head of the curtain rod can be seen.,However, the dark rod means that it is difficult to see when it is placed in the embedded curtain box.,Now most of the home decoration is the use of bright pole decoration。

brass tubes curtain rod

3、see workmanship

When we buy curtain rods, we must first check the workmanship,Some manufacturers will cut corners,So we're going to check the wall thickness of the curtain rod。Just remove the decorative head for inspection,See what material it is made of,Usually the thicker the wall,The load-bearing effect is better。

(brass tubes curtain rod)brass tubes curtain rod

4、Material selection is very important

(brass tubes curtain rod)Various styles of curtain rods,Usually stainless steel curtain rods have the longest lifespan。Wooden curtain rods look better,The decoration is also better,The disadvantage is that the wooden curtain rod will be prone to insects after using it for a long time.、Volatility,Because the wood weighing effect is not so good,Therefore, it is finally recommended to use stainless steel curtain rods in the decoration.。

brass tubes curtain rod

The above is about the purchase skills of curtain rods!Want to know more about home improvement,Follow Forge Nest Decorations,We will continue to bring you practical home improvement information!If you have questions about home improvement,Welcome to leave us a message!We will answer you as soon as possible!