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danco universal tub spout with diverter polished brass

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The bathtub is an important bathroom item,Changes with consumption upgrades,It has also become more complicated in product categories and functions,Therefore, there will be many blind spots in the purchase.,The editor-in-chief will list the popularization of bathtub knowledge for everyone,Hope it will help in the choice of bathtub。

(danco universal tub spout with diverter polished brass)A bathtub is a plumbing fixture,For bath or shower use,Usually installed in household bathrooms。Most bathtubs on the market today are made of acrylic or fiberglass。Common bathtubs are mainly white,Because the comfort of the bathtub is very good,More and more families choose to install bathtubs。

bathtub classification

Sort by style:Skirted and unskirted bathtubs

The bathtub is mainly divided into two types: no skirt and skirt.,The main way of judging is based on whether the exit part above has an edge or not.。in two styles,The style of the skirtless bathtub is relatively simple,However, the smoothness of the lines and decorative performance of the skirted bathtub will be better.。

danco universal tub spout with diverter polished brass

Sort by shape :Different shapes and sizes

With consumption upgrade,Bathtubs come in a variety of shapes;square,Oval,Heart-shaped,triangle etc.。

bathtubs of different shapes,size varies greatly,The suitable installation location is also different。The common length of a square is1.7m(average height of Chinese)Wider choice0.8m,high choice0.7m;triangle、Heart-shaped bathtubs are mostly placed in the corner of the bathroom;Round bathtubs are generally larger,more water consumption,Commonly seen in villa bathrooms;Other irregular shaped bathtubs,Also common in large bathrooms。

Sort by function:Regular and Jacuzzi

According to the function, the bathtub can be divided into two types: ordinary bathtub and massage bathtub.。Ordinary bathtubs only have the simple function of filling a bath with water。Jacuzzi with massage functions,It consists of two parts: the cylinder block and the massage system,The massage system is the key to the jacuzzi。Jacuzzi are more expensive than regular bathtubs,also,It requires a larger bathroom area,and water pressure、High electrical and installation requirements。

danco universal tub spout with diverter polished brass

Bathtub purchase planning and skills

Before buying a bathtub,Subordinates should be familiar with the layout of the bathroom,get ready to buy,Avoid being overwhelmed when buying later。

Purchase plan1:bathtub size

The size of the bathtub should be determined according to the size of the bathtub in the bathroom,We want to define different shapes of bathtubs,The floor area occupied is different,Before purchasing, be sure to confirm the area to prevent the bathtub and whether the size of the bathtub matches.。

Purchase plan2:bathtub outlet height

(danco universal tub spout with diverter polished brass)The height of the bathtub outlet also needs to be considered,If you prefer deeper water,The bathtub outlet should be higher,If too low,Once the water level exceeds this height,Water will be drained from the outlet,The depth of the bathtub is difficult to reach the required depth。

danco universal tub spout with diverter polished brass(danco universal tub spout with diverter polished brass)

Purchase plan3:bathtub weight

The weight of the bathtub will vary depending on the material that does not pass through。Before purchasing,Need to consider the load-bearing capacity of your bathtub floor,To choose a bathtub product that is within the weight range。

Purchase plan4:Bathtub function selection

There are ordinary bathtubs and massage bathtubs with functions such as massage.,When choosing a bathtub,Need to consider whether you really need some other features,Can it afford。If you choose a Jacuzzi,Need to take into account that the Jacuzzi is flushed with an electric pump,water pressure、Power requirements are high,Therefore, you need to consider the water pressure of your own bathroom、Whether the electricity meets the installation conditions。

danco universal tub spout with diverter polished brass

Bathtub buying skills:Three look and listen

When purchasing a bathtub, you can“Three look and listen”To judge the quality of the bathtub。First look at gloss,Understand the pros and cons of the material by looking at the surface gloss;Second look at smoothness,Whether the surface of the bathtub is smooth,apply to Steel and cast iron bathtubs;Three look at the firmness,can be pressed by hand、Step on your feet to test the firmness;four voices,It is best to test the water and listen to the sound before buying,Don't choose a bathtub that is too noisy。

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