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cut brass tube with power saw

author:MF manufacturerstime:2022-03-18 10:37:28

1moon5day,There is a public to this newspaper hotline“8888188”reflect,Hengfengyuan Community near Guanghua Street20Building2unit2The building of the building is fire,According to the police,At that time, it was electric.,And the fire is smaller,Soon by firefighters。

(cut brass tube with power saw)

The reporter interviewed a person in charge of the Ministry of Engineering Department of Mudanjiang Zhongmo City Gas Development Co., Ltd.,He said,On the same day,The company entrusted construction team installed gas in Hengfengyuan Community,Staff,The door of the meter is open.,The flow of sparks generated by the chainsaw cutting tube into the meter box to cause fire。After the fire,Construction personnel immediately actively。from now on,The company will avoid such things。 Morning News reporter dialect

(cut brass tube with power saw)