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custum brass tube bending st cloud mn

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absorb vt.absorb,Concentrate

abstract a.Abstractn.Summary

academic a.of college,Academic

access n.Enter,Right to use,path

accordingly ad.therefore,according to

(custum brass tube bending st cloud mn)account n.Account,,explain,reason

accurate a.precise,precise

accuse vt.Accusation,Blame

actor n.actor

actress n.actress

actual a.Actual,Current

adapt vt.Adapt,adaptation

admire vt.admiration,envious,Appreciate

admit vt.admit,permit…Enter

adopt vt.adoption,use,take

adult n.Adulta.Adult

advance vi.go ahead,improven.progress

adventure n.adventure,Thrilling

affair n.matter,event,Transaction

affect vt.influence,Moving

afterward (s) ad. later,after,Subsequently

agent n.agent,Agents

agriculture n.agriculture,Agronomy,Agriculture

ahead ad.in front,forward,in advance

aid n.help,Rescue,assistant

aim n.Purpose,Target,alignment v.Purpose,Make…alignment

aircraft n.airplane,Aircraft

alarm n.alarm,Warmer,panic v.warn,Frightening

album n.Philatelic,Photographic book,record

alcohol n.Alcohol,Ethanol

altogether ad.completely,Total

amaze vt.Surprise

ambition n.Ambition,ambition,Ambient

amount n.total,quantity

amuse vt.tease…happy,Give…entertainment

analyze vt.analyze,break down,Analyze

ancestor n.Ancestor,ancestor

anger n.angry,angervt.Jex

angle n.Horn,angle

anniversary n.Anniversary Day

announce vt.Announce,Publish

annoy vt.Anger,disturb

anxious a.Worried,desire

anyhow ad.anyway

apart ad.Section,separate,Remove

apartment n.A set of apartment rooms

apologize vi.Apologize,Confer,Admit

appearance n.appear,come,Exterior

(custum brass tube bending st cloud mn)apply vt.Apply,application

appointment n.appointment,Reserve

appreciate vt.appreciate,grateful

approach vt.near,near,Start to handlen.near,near, method

architecture n.architecture,Architectural style

(custum brass tube bending st cloud mn)argue vi.debate,argue,debate

(custum brass tube bending st cloud mn)arrange vt.Prepare,tidy

arrest vt.arrest,detention

arrival n.arrive,Reach

artist n.artist,artist

ash n.Ash,Ash,Ashes

ashamed a.Be ashamed(of),shame(of)

aside ad.Beside,Next to side

aspect n.aspect,Look,Appearance

assistant n.assistant,Assistant

assume vt.assumed,bear,Present

astonish vt.Surprise,Surprise

athlete n.athlete

atmosphere n.atmosphere,atmosphere

attach vt.Bind,Tie,paste,Additional

attack vt.vi.n.attack,attack

attempt vt.try,attemptn.attempt

attend vt.Attend,take care of,Care

attitude n.Attitude

(custum brass tube bending st cloud mn)attract vt.absorb

audience n.audience,audience

(custum brass tube bending st cloud mn)author n.author,writer

available a.can be used,obtainable

average n.Averagea.Average

award n.prize,prize v.Grant

(custum brass tube bending st cloud mn)aware a.knew,Realized

awful a.scary,Unpleasant


badly ad.Bad,Difference,seriously

badminton n.badminton

baggage n.luggage

bake vt.bake,bake,hardened

(custum brass tube bending st cloud mn)balance vt.to balance,sayn.balance

ban n. banvt. prohibit,ban

band n.band,belt,band

bar n.bar,strip,rod

bare a.naked,only

bargain n.Cheap goods,tradevi.bargain,make a deal

(custum brass tube bending st cloud mn)base n.Base,bottom layer,base

basin n.basin,basin

basis n.Base,according to

bath n.bath,tub

(custum brass tube bending st cloud mn)bathe vt.Give…bath

battery n.Battery

battle n.battle,strugglevi.fight

beard n.beard,Beard

beauty n.beautiful,beauty,beauty

beer n.beer

(custum brass tube bending st cloud mn)beg vt.vi.begging,ask

beginning n.Start,beginning,origin

(custum brass tube bending st cloud mn)behave vi.Performance,manner

(custum brass tube bending st cloud mn)belly n.abdomen,Stomach

belong vi.belong,attached

belt n.belt,belt,Area

bench n.bench,bench,workbench

bend vt.to bendvi.bending

benefit n.Benefit,grace,allowance

(custum brass tube bending st cloud mn)best a.the best

better a.betterad.better

billion num.billion

biology n.biology,ecology

birthplace n.place of birth

bite vt.bite,Ding,sting

blame vt.blame,Bundle…to blame

blank a.Blankn.blank

blanket n.blanket

(custum brass tube bending st cloud mn)bleed vi.bleed

block n.block,Piece,buildingvt.blockage,block

blouse n. loose top

boil vi.boiling,vaporizevt.boiled

bomb n.bombvt.bombing

bone n.bone,skeleton

border n.edge,boundary

(custum brass tube bending st cloud mn)bother vt.annoyance,disturbn.trouble,Annoyance

brake n.brake,brakevi.brake

branch n.branches,branch,branch,tributary

(custum brass tube bending st cloud mn)brand n.trademark,brand,brandvt.printed on,branded on,inscribed on

brick n.bricks

brief a.brieflyvt.give a briefing

(custum brass tube bending st cloud mn)broad a.wide,extensive

broadcast v/ n.broadcast,sow,broadcast

(custum brass tube bending st cloud mn)broom n. broom

bucket n.bucket,bucket

budget v/n.budget

burden n.burden,Responsibility,Loading vt.make a burden,loaded in

burst v/n.break out,burst,explode

bury vt.bury,buried

(custum brass tube bending st cloud mn)bush n.shrub

butcher n. Butcher,butcher

button n.button,button vt.fasten

(custum brass tube bending st cloud mn)C

café n.coffee shop,Small Restaurant

cage n.cage,birdcage,cage

calculate vt.calculate,Intend,think

calm a.peaceful,calm v(Make)calm,(Make)calm down

(custum brass tube bending st cloud mn)candidate n.candidate,Candidates

carpet n.carpet

carrot n.carrot

(custum brass tube bending st cloud mn)cart n.Two-wheeled wagon

case n.condition,case,case,box

(custum brass tube bending st cloud mn)cash n.cash

castle n.Castle

casual a.By chance,Casual,informal

cattle n.Cattle,livestock,livestock

cave n.cave,cave,cave

centimeter n.centimeter

central a.central,main

ceremony n.ceremony,ceremony

certainly ad.must,must,Of course

chain n.chain,chain,collar

challenge v/n.challenge

champion n.champion,advocate vt.support,support

channel n.Strait,channel,channel

chapter n.chapter,back

character n.character,quality,characteristic,Role,Chinese character

characteristic a.Uniquen.characteristic

charge vt.Ask for a price,accuse,Charge,to assumen.cost,accuse, charge,in charge

chat vi.n. chat,to chat with

check n.Cheque

cheek n.cheek,face

chief a.main,chief

chimney n.chimney

cigar n. cigar

cigarette n.cigarette

citizen n.citizen,citizen,resident

civil a.civil,clerical

clerk n.clerk,clerk,staff

climate n.climate

clinic n.Clinic,Infirmary,consultation

clothing n.clothing

cock n.Rooster,faucet

collar n.collar

comb n.combvt.comb

combine vt.make union

(custum brass tube bending st cloud mn)comedy n.comedy

comfort n.comfortable,comfortvt.comfort

(custum brass tube bending st cloud mn)comment n.Comment,Opinion,Notes

commercial a.commercial n.Commercial advertising

committee n.committee

communism n.communism

communist n.Communist

companion n.companion vt.accompany

compete vi.competition,compete

complex a.comprehensive,complicated

comrade n.comrade

concentrate v.concentrated,gather

concern n.Care(matter),relationvt.worry,related to

conclusion n.in conclusion,inference,ending

concrete n.concretea.specific

conduct n.manner,behavior,guidev.guide,conduct

conductor n.conductor,(band)command

(custum brass tube bending st cloud mn)confident n.confident,confident

confirm vt.confirm ,approve

conflict n.conflict

confuse vt.to confuse,obfuscate

congratulation n. congratulations,congratulations

consist vi.Depend on…composition

(custum brass tube bending st cloud mn)constant a.frequently,stable,Changeless n.(number)constant,constant

construction n.put up,building

consume vt.consume,Consumption

contain vt.Include,accommodate

content a.satisfying,fulfilled

continent n.mainland,continent

contribute vt.donate,donate,Contribute

(custum brass tube bending st cloud mn)convenient a.convenient,convenient

convince vt.make sure,convince

corn n.cereals,corn

cottage n.cottage,cabin

counter n.counter,counter

court n.court,court,court

courtyard n. patio,courtyard

crash vi.collision,come downn.collision,crash,bankruptcy

(custum brass tube bending st cloud mn)cream n.cream

creature n.biology,creator

credit n.CEDIT,trust,Fractionvt.trust

crew n.the whole crew

crime n.crime,offense,crime

crop n.crop,crops

crossing n. crossroads

crowd n.group,public,a group of people

cupboard n.cupboard

cure vt. n.treat,cure

curious a.curious

(custum brass tube bending st cloud mn)curtain n.curtain,curtain,screen(cloth)

cushion n.mat,cushion,cushion

custom n.Habit,custom,customs

customer n.customer

cycle n.cycle,bike v.(Make)cycle,Cycling


(custum brass tube bending st cloud mn)damage vt.damage,destructionn.damage

(custum brass tube bending st cloud mn)damp a.damp

darkness n.dark

(custum brass tube bending st cloud mn)dawn n.dawn,beginning

deadline n. deadline

debate n.vi.debate,debate

debt n.debt,debt

declare vt.assertion,statement

decorate vt.Decorate

decrease vi.n.reduce

(custum brass tube bending st cloud mn)deed n.behavior,Merit,contract

defeat vt.win,beat

(custum brass tube bending st cloud mn)defence n.defense,defend

defend vt.defend,defense,defend

degree n.degree,Spend,Bachelor of Science

delay vt.put off,delay,delay

delete vt.delete,wipe off

delight n.hapinessvt.Be happy

(custum brass tube bending st cloud mn)deliver vt.Deliver,Delivery

demand vt.Require,need

department n.Department,manage,Bureau,Place,Tie

depth n.depth,deep

deion n.describe;describe

desert n.desert,wildernessvt.Abandon,give up

deserve vt.Be subject to,worth

design vt.designn.design

desire vt.want to,Requiren.desire,Require

destination n.destination,end

destroy vt.destroy,wipe out

detect vt.aware,find,reconnaissance

determine vt.Decide,determination

devote vt.Will…Dedicate,Dedicate

diagram n.Graphic,chart

dial n.Bell,Dialpad,Dialvt.dial

diamond n.Diamond,diamond

(custum brass tube bending st cloud mn)dictation n.dictation,Oral

diet n.diet,food v.Diet

(custum brass tube bending st cloud mn)differ vi.different,Differ

digest vt.Digestion,understandn.Abstract

digital a.digital,digital

dirt n.soil,dust,dirt

disadvantage n.shortcoming,Adverse conditions

(custum brass tube bending st cloud mn)disagree vi.disagree;Inconsistent

(custum brass tube bending st cloud mn)disappear vi.not see,Missing,disappear

disappoint vt.disappoint

disaster n.disaster

(custum brass tube bending st cloud mn)discount n.Discount v.Discount

discriminate vt.vi.Discrimination,discriminate

dislike vt.n.Don't like,disgust

distance n.distance,far away

(custum brass tube bending st cloud mn)distant a.In distant,not close,indifferent

distinguish vt.the difference,distinguish

district n.area,area

(custum brass tube bending st cloud mn)document n.document,Official document vt.Document certificate

donate vt.vi.Donation

dormitory n.Collective bedroom,dormitory

dot n.point,Dotvt.Point

(custum brass tube bending st cloud mn)download n. Put down,Uninstall

downtown adv. In the city,Urban area

drawing n.painting

drill n.driller,Trainingvi.drilling,Training

drown v.Submerge,drowning

drunk a.Drunk,Intoxicated

due a.expected,Expire,Detention

dull a.Boring,Dark

(custum brass tube bending st cloud mn)dust n.dust

(custum brass tube bending st cloud mn)dusty a.Dusty,Gray


eager a.desire,enthusiastic

earn vt.Earn,get

earthquake n.earthquake

eastern a.Eastern,Faculty

edit vt.edit,Compile,revision

(custum brass tube bending st cloud mn)effect n.influence,Effect,effect

(custum brass tube bending st cloud mn)elect vt.election,Elect

electricity n.Electricity,Current

electronic a.Electronics

embarrass vt.Embarrassment,Be difficult

emergency n.Emergency situations,sudden occurrence

(custum brass tube bending st cloud mn)employ vt.employment

endless a.Endless

engine n.engine,engine

enjoyable a.Make people happiness,Pleasant

entertainment n. entertainment,Hospitality,Entertainment performance

entire a.All,thoroughly

entrance n.Entrance,Enter

envelope n.envelope,Cover

envy vt.n.jealous,envious

(custum brass tube bending st cloud mn)equal a.equal,equal

(custum brass tube bending st cloud mn)equipment n.equipment,equipment,Equip

error n.mistake,error,fault

escape vi.Escape,escapen.Escape,escape

especially ad.very,especially,particularly

essay n.prose,article,Essay

evaluate vt.evaluate,Valuation

event n.event,event

evidence n.according to,in accordance with

exact a.Exact,precise

exactly ad.happens to be,accurately

exchange vt.n .exchange,communicate with,trade,exchange

exciting a.Exciting

(custum brass tube bending st cloud mn)exhibition n.exhibition,display,exhibition

exist vi.exist,Survive

exit n.Export,Take awayvi.quit

expand vt.expand,Expand,developing

expense n.spend,Consumption,cost

expert n.Experta.Skilled

explanation n.explain,illustrate,excuse

explode vt.Explodevi.explode

(custum brass tube bending st cloud mn)exploit vt.Exploitation,Develop,Mining

(custum brass tube bending st cloud mn)explore vt.vi.Adventure,explore

export vt.Output,Export

(custum brass tube bending st cloud mn)expression n.Wording,Phrase,Express,expression

extra a.additionalad.in addition

extraordinary a.Unusual,Extraordinary,special

extremely ad.extremely,extremely


fade vi.fade,disappear slowly

failure n.fail,loser/thing

(custum brass tube bending st cloud mn)fairly ad.quite,fairly

faith n.trust,confidence,Belief

false a.unreal,Forged

familiar a.familiar

farther ad.Farthera.further

fasten vt.Tie,Fix

fault n.mistake,shortcoming,Malle,Fault

favor n.Awareness,Agree,grace

fax n.vt. fax

feather n.feather,Mane,Feather

federal a.Federal,allied

fee n.cost,remuneration,tip v.Pay

fellow n.Guy,partner

(custum brass tube bending st cloud mn)female n.a.Female,Females

fence n.Fence v.Surrounded by fence

fiction n.Fiction,imaginary,lie

fierce a.fiercely,Violent

figure n.number,figure,Body shape,portrait,Graphic v.calculate,think

file n.document,file,foldervt.Bundle…Archive

finance n.financial,finance

(custum brass tube bending st cloud mn)fireworks n.[pl.]Firecracker, fireworks

firm a.Firmn.company,Business number

fist n.fist

(custum brass tube bending st cloud mn)flame n.flame,Glorious,enthusiasm

flash n.flashvi.flash,Flash

flesh n.Meat,muscle,flesh

flight n.flight,flight,Escape

float vi.floatvt.Float

flood n.flood

flour n.flour,Powdery substance

flow vi.flow n.flow,flow

fluent a.fluent,Smooth

focus vi.Focus,Gazen.focus

(custum brass tube bending st cloud mn)foggy a.Foggy,Blurry

fold vt.fold,closen.Pleat

folk a.Folkn.People

fond a.Favorite,Favorite

fool n.Foolvt.cheat,Foolish

foolish a.stupid

(custum brass tube bending st cloud mn)forbid vt.prohibit

forecast n.v.predict,forecast,Predict

forever ad.forever,continuously,Frequent

forgive vt.forgive,forgive

former a.Formern.former

fortnight n.Two weeks,Fourteenth day

fortunate a.lucky

fortunately ad.Luckily,

fortune n.destiny,luck,wealth

found vt.Found,Found

fountain n.spring,fountain,Source

freedom n.free

frequent a.Frequent

frequently ad.frequently

frighten vt.Frightening,frighten

fry vt.fried,Fried,Oil-fried

fuel n.fuelvt.Give…Fuel

function n.Function,Position,function v.run,Exercise responsibilities

fur n.Skin,fur

further ad.further


(custum brass tube bending st cloud mn)gain vt.get,Increase,Earnn.Increase,profit,reward

(custum brass tube bending st cloud mn)garbage n.Rubbish,waste

gas n.gas,gas

gather vi.Gather,gathervt.collect

gay a.Happiness,Gorgeous n.gay

generally ad.normally,normally,Universally

generation n.generation,a generation,produce

generous a.Generous,Wider

gentle a.Moderate,elegant

glance v.glimpse n.glance

globe n.Earth,globe,Sphere

goal n.goal,Score,Target

(custum brass tube bending st cloud mn)goods n.goods,commodity

gradual a.Gradually,Progressive

gradually ad.Gradually,Gradually

(custum brass tube bending st cloud mn)graduate n.University graduatesvi.graduate

graduation n.graduate

(custum brass tube bending st cloud mn)grain n.cereals,Particle

grand a.Magnificent,luxurious,Extremely important

grasp vt. n.catch,understand

gravity n.gravity,Constitution,Severity,solemn

(custum brass tube bending st cloud mn)greatly ad.very,Greatly,Very

greet vt.greeting,welcome

grey n./a.grey(of)

grocer n.grocery store,Fooder

grocery n.Food grocery store,Grocery

guide n.Tourist guidevt.guide

guilty a.Feels sorry,guilty


(custum brass tube bending st cloud mn)haircut n.Haircut;hairstyle,Hairstyle

hammer n.hammer vt.Hammer

handkerchief n.handkerchief

handle n.handle,handlevt.deal with

(custum brass tube bending st cloud mn)happiness n.happiness;satisfy

harbour n.port

hard-working adj. Diligent

hardship n.difficult,hardship

harm n.harm,damagevt.damage

harmony n.coordination,harmonious

harvest n.reward,harvestvt.Harvest

(custum brass tube bending st cloud mn)headmaster n. UK Primary School Principal

hesitate vi.hesitate,hesitate

highway n.highway,Road

hire vt.employment,Rent,rent

(custum brass tube bending st cloud mn)honey n.honey,Honey,sweet,sweet

hopeless a.No hope,Desperate

horrible a. scary,Extremely

host n.Owner,hostv.Host,Master

housewife n.housewife

humour n.humor,humorousv.accommodate

hunger n.hunger,eager

hunt n.vt.hunt,search


(custum brass tube bending st cloud mn)identity n.identity,Consistentvt.Identify identity

ignore vt.Ignore,Neglect

illegal a.Unlawful

immediate a.immediate,direct

immigrate v.migrant

(custum brass tube bending st cloud mn)import vt.n.enter,import

(custum brass tube bending st cloud mn)importance n.importance

(custum brass tube bending st cloud mn)impress vt.Give…deep impression

income n.income,income

(custum brass tube bending st cloud mn)indeed ad.truly,really

independent a.independent,Independent

indicate vt.hint,show

infer vt.inference,infer

inform vt.notify,inform

innocent a.Innocent,Innocent,Naive

insect n.insect

insert vt.insert,Embedding

(custum brass tube bending st cloud mn)inspire vt.Encourage,Give…Inspire

instant n.momenta.immediate

institute n.graduate School,College

instrument n.tool,Musical instrument

insurance n.insurance,insurance

intelligence n.intelligence,understanding,Intelligence work,Intelligence

(custum brass tube bending st cloud mn)intend vt.want to,Intend,Mean

(custum brass tube bending st cloud mn)interpret vt.illustrate,Interpretation,explain

interpreter n.Interpreter,Interpreter,Annotater

interrupt vt.interrupt,Suspend


jam n.jam,Crowded,Dilemma

(custum brass tube bending st cloud mn)jar n.Jar,earthen jar,Jars

jazz n.Jazz music,Jazz dance music

journalist n.reporter,Journalist

journey n.travel,journey

judge n.Judge,referee v.Trial,judge

(custum brass tube bending st cloud mn)jungle n.jungle,Jungle

junior a.Young,Subordinaten.Young,younger generation,Status

justice n.justice,just,judicial


kindergarten n.kindergarten


lack vt.lack,insufficientn.Short-term

(custum brass tube bending st cloud mn)ladder n.ladder

lately ad.recent

later ad.later

latter a.(In both)Latter

lawyer n.lawyer

league n.alliance,alliance

leak vi.leak;Give wayn.Vulnerability

lecture vi.speech;lecturen.speech;lecture

legal a.legal

length n.length

less a.lessad.Fewerly

liberate vt.liberation,freed

librarian n.Library librarian

lifetime n.Lifelong

lightning n.lightning

likely a.possiblead.Very likely

(custum brass tube bending st cloud mn)limit vt.limit, limitedn.limit,limit

link vt.connect,connectn.connect

lip n.Lips

liquid n.liquida.liquid, Flowing

literature n.literature(work)

litre n.liter

living-room n.living room

load vt.Pack,Fulln.load;burden

(custum brass tube bending st cloud mn)loaf n.A loaf of bread

local a.Local,partialn.local people,Part

loose a.Loose;Freedom

(custum brass tube bending st cloud mn)lorry n.truck

loss n.Lose;fail,loss

luggage n.luggage,Suitcase

(custum brass tube bending st cloud mn)lung n.lung

(custum brass tube bending st cloud mn)M

(custum brass tube bending st cloud mn)mailbox n.Mail

major vi.major,Specializea.Main,a majority of,Mainn.major


majority n.most

male a.male,Male n.man,Male animal

mankind n.Humanity

manner n.Way,Attitude;polite

march n.March

(custum brass tube bending st cloud mn)mass n.Large amount,the masses,Piece,group

material n.Material,raw material;materiala.physical

mathematics n.math

matter n.matter;substancevi.important,There are relationships

maximum n.The maximum amounta.biggest

means n.method,means

meanwhile ad.at the same time

(custum brass tube bending st cloud mn)measure vt.Measurementn.Measurement,size,measure,degree

(custum brass tube bending st cloud mn)medal n.medal,Memorial

media n. media

mental a.Mental;Spirit

menu n.menu

merchant n.merchant

(custum brass tube bending st cloud mn)mercy n.kindness

merely ad.only,only

merry a.happy,happy

midday n.noon

(custum brass tube bending st cloud mn)midnight n.midnight

mild a.Moderate,elegant

million num.million

mine pron.minen.mine,mine;Mine,Minevt.Mining

mineral n.minerala.Mineral

minimum n.Minimum amounta.the smallest

minister n.minister,Minister

minority n.minority;minority

miserable a.painfully,Tragic

misunderstand vt.misunderstanding,misunderstanding

mix vt.Mix;Confuse

mobile a.Sporty,Mobile

modest a.humble

moral a.ethicaln.Morality,conduct

motor n.engine,Motor vehicle

(custum brass tube bending st cloud mn)mountainous adj.Mountainous

(custum brass tube bending st cloud mn)mourn vi.grief,Mourning

(custum brass tube bending st cloud mn)movement n.action;Activity;move

(custum brass tube bending st cloud mn)multiply vt.Increase,Reproduction,take

musical a.musical

(custum brass tube bending st cloud mn)N

nail n.nail;nailvt.nail

nation n.nationality,nation

nationality n.Country of Citizenship,nationality

native a.nativen.native

navy n.navy

neat a.Neat;Succinct

needle n.Needlevt.Sew,Weave

nephew n.nephew,nephew

nest n.nest,nest

net a.Net,puren.network,Mesh

niece n.niece,Exterior

noble a.Noblen.noble

noisy a.Noisy,noisy

noun n.noun

(custum brass tube bending st cloud mn)novel n.Fictiona.Novel,Novelty

nowadays ad.now,Nown.now,Today

(custum brass tube bending st cloud mn)nowhere ad.No place

nuclear a.Nuclear nucleus;core

nut n.nut

nutrition n.Nutrition


obey vt.obediencevi.obey

observe vt.Observed,obey

obtain vt.get

obvious a.Obvious

occupation n.occupied,occupy;Profession,Work

occupy vt.occupied,Possessive;Busy

occur vi.occur,Suddenly remember

official a.Official,formaln.Officials,administration staff

onto prep.arrive…superior

opera n.opera,Opera group,opera

(custum brass tube bending st cloud mn)operate vi.operate;Perform surgery

opinion n.Opinion,view

oppose vt.be opposed to,Rebellion

opposite a.the opposite,The opposite of,Oppositen.opposite,antonym word

optimistic a.optimistic

(custum brass tube bending st cloud mn)oral a.oral

orbit n.Running trackvt.surround

ordinary a.normal,ordinary

organize vt.organization,arrange;Prepare

original a.initial;Noveltyn.Innovation

(custum brass tube bending st cloud mn)otherwise ad.in addition,otherwise

ought aux.should

outdoor a./ad.outdoor,Wild

outdoors ad.outdoorn.outdoor

(custum brass tube bending st cloud mn)outer a.External,outside

outline n.contour;Outline

outstanding a.outstanding,outstanding

overcome vt.Defeat,overcome

owe vt.owe,Attributive

ox n.bull

oxygen n.oxygen,oxygen


(custum brass tube bending st cloud mn)pack vt.Bundle,Pack;Crowdedn.pack,Backpack

packet n.packet,pocket

pain n.pain,pain,effort

(custum brass tube bending st cloud mn)painful a.painfully

(custum brass tube bending st cloud mn)painting n.painting;painting

pan n.Pan

panic n.panic,panic

paragraph n.(Article)part,Festival

parcel n.pack,parcel

parrot n.Parrot

(custum brass tube bending st cloud mn)participate vi.participate,join

particular a.special,specific

partly ad.partially

(custum brass tube bending st cloud mn)partner n.partner,Put on,partner;spouse

passer-by n. passer

(custum brass tube bending st cloud mn)passive a.Passive,Negative

pattern n.style,Model,pattern

(custum brass tube bending st cloud mn)pause n.Suspendvi.Suspend,pause

peaceful a.peaceful;peaceful

pence n. pennyPlural

per prep.Every,Every

perform vt.implement,Performance,Performance

performance n.fulfill;Performance;Performance

permit vt.allown.license,license

persuade vt.persuade

petrol n.gasoline

(custum brass tube bending st cloud mn)phenomenon n.Phenomenon

(custum brass tube bending st cloud mn)phrase n.phrase,Idioms

pile n.heapvt.accumulation

pill n.pill

pillow n.Pillow

(custum brass tube bending st cloud mn)pin n.pin,nailvt.pin up

(custum brass tube bending st cloud mn)pipe vt.Pipeline deliveryn.tube,catheter;pipe

platform n.Platform,Podium,platform

player n.actor actress,athlete,Contestant,Player

(custum brass tube bending st cloud mn)playmate n. playmate,playmate

pleased a.happy

plough n.plowvt.plow,Plow

poet n.poet

poison n.poisonvt.Poison;Poison

pole n.Rod,column

policy n.policy,policy

political a.Political

politics n.politics

pollution n.Pollution

port n.port

positive a.positive,definitely,Positive

possession n.have,property

possibly ad.possibly,Maybe

postcode n. Postal code

pot n.pot ,pot,Can

(custum brass tube bending st cloud mn)potential a.Potentialn.Potential

pour vt.pouring,fall,Irrigate,Note,Pourvi.pouring,Outflow,Shower

powder n.pink,powder,gunpowder

power n.ability,electricity;that power

powerful a.Powerful

practical a.Actual,Practical

(custum brass tube bending st cloud mn)pray vt.ask;pray

precious a.precious,valuable

predict vt.prophecy,predict

prefer vt.prefer,would rather

press vi.Press,according tovt.Press;pressn.print;news,press;Publishing house

pretend vt.pretend,Fitvi.pretend

(custum brass tube bending st cloud mn)principle n.in principle,principle

process n.Processvt.deal with

production n.Production,product,Outcome,work

profession n.Profession,profession

professor n.professor

profit n.profitvi.benefit

project n.plan;project;projectvt.design,planning

promote vt.Promote,promote;sell

province n.Province

publish vt.Announce,Publish;publishing,Printer

pump n.Pumpvt.Pumping,Get angry

(custum brass tube bending st cloud mn)punishment n.punish

purchase vt.Buyn.Buy;swag

pure a.pure

(custum brass tube bending st cloud mn)puzzle n.problem;puzzlevi.Confuse


quality n.quality,quality,characteristic

quantity n.quantity,Large amount

quarrel vi.quarreln.quarrel,quarrel

queue n.queuevi.queue up,Will…Comb

quit vt.Leave,stop;Resign

(custum brass tube bending st cloud mn)R

(custum brass tube bending st cloud mn)range vi.change,Varietyn.Scope,Amplitude,

rank n.grade,Rank,queuevt.arrangement,Bundle…Minute

rate n.ratio;speed;pricevt.evaluate,Valuation

ray n.Ray;Rays

react vi.reaction

reading n.read;Reading

reality n.Reality;reality

reception a.Reception,take over,Reception

recognize vt.recognize,Identify,admit,Recognize

recommend vt.recommend ,suggestion

recover vt.recover,get well

recycle vt.Repeated utilization

reduce vt.reduce,Decrease

refer v.Mention,Involve,refer to,Check out

reflect vt.reflection,reflect;think

reform n.reform,Improvevt.reform, innovation

register vt.Register,registern.Register,register

regular a.Rule,neat;Regular,Routine

(custum brass tube bending st cloud mn)reject vt.reject;Lose;turn down

relate vt.connect

relative a.related;relativelyn.relative,relatives

relevant a.related;Fair

reliable a.reliable

religion n.religion,Religious belief

rely vi.rely,rely on;trust

remark vi.Commentn.Comment;conversation

remind vt.remind

remote a.Far away,secluded

remove vt.move,Mobilize,migrate

rent n.rent,rentvi.rent,Rent,Rent

repair vt.repair,repairn.repair

(custum brass tube bending st cloud mn)repeat vt.pardon,Redon.repeat

reply vi.answer,replyn.reply

represent vt.Depict;represent,Symbolize

republic n.Republic,Republican

reputation n.reputation,prestige

(custum brass tube bending st cloud mn)request n.ask,Requirevt.ask,Require

rescue vt.Rescue,rescue

reserve vt.reserve,Reserve;Booking

(custum brass tube bending st cloud mn)resist vt.resistance,resist

respect vt.Respect,respectn.Respect

respond vi.answer;response

responsible a.responsible;Be responsible

retire vi.retire

revise vt.revision,Revise

(custum brass tube bending st cloud mn)revolution n.revolution;Rotate

reward n.repay;remunerationvt.Reward,award

(custum brass tube bending st cloud mn)ripe a.Mature;Timing mature

risk n.risk,Dangervt.adventure

rob vt.robbery,Grabvi.robbery,Grab

rocket n.Rocket

(custum brass tube bending st cloud mn)roll vi.scroll,Rotaten.A volume;register

(custum brass tube bending st cloud mn)roof n.roof

(custum brass tube bending st cloud mn)root n.root(Department);sourcevi.root,Root

rough a.Uneven;roughly;Roughly

rude a.Rough, Brutal

ruin n.destroy;ruinsvt.destruction


sacrifice vt.sacrifice,Sacrifice n.sacrifice,Sacrifice,worship

sailor n.Seafarer,sailor

salary n.salary

satellite n.satellite

(custum brass tube bending st cloud mn)satisfaction n.satisfy

scan vt.Browse;scanning

scare vt.Scarevi.Be shocked

scene n.scene;view

schedule vt.arrangen.schedule,Schedules

scholarship n.scholarship

scientific a.scientific

scold vt.scold

scream vi.Screamn.Scream

seaside n.seaside

section n.slice;Department;chapter

secure a.safe

seed n.kind(son),seed

seek vt.Search,explore

seize vt.catch;Capture,occupy

select vt.choosevi.Choose

(custum brass tube bending st cloud mn)self n.self,Own

selfish a.Selfish,Adipient

senior a.Elders;Qualified

sensitive a.Sensitive,sensitive

settle vt.arrange,Put out;solvevi.settle down

(custum brass tube bending st cloud mn)sew vt.Sew

(custum brass tube bending st cloud mn)sex n.gender,sex

shade n.Shade,shadow,Cool place,Shieldingvi.Shadow

shadow n.shadow,shadow

shallow a.Shallow,Shallown.shoal

sharp a.sharp,dramatic,Keen;shrill

shave vt.shave,shavevi.shaven.shave

sheet n.bed sheet;Paper,Thin piece

shelter n.Maskvt.Shield,cover

shock n.Impact;Shock;electric shockvi.shock

shoot vt.shooting,Shot,Shoot,germinationn.shooting,photography

shopping n.Shopping

(custum brass tube bending st cloud mn)shore n.coast,shore

shortcoming n.Shortcoming,shortcoming

(custum brass tube bending st cloud mn)shot n.shooting,emission;Shoot

sigh vi.sigh,sighn.sigh

sign n.symbol;signvt.sign

signal n.Signalvi.Send signal

(custum brass tube bending st cloud mn)significance n.significance,importance

simply ad.Simply;Plainly;only,only

sincere a.Sincerely,Sincere

(custum brass tube bending st cloud mn)sincerely ad.sincerely

sink vi.sink,depressed,penetrationn.sink, pool

(custum brass tube bending st cloud mn)skin vt.Peelingn.Skin, skin;Vete

skyscraper n.Skyscraper

slave n.slave,Hard work

slight a.thin and long;Slight,a bit,not important

slightly ad.Slightly

slim a.Slim,Well-long

smooth a.Smooth,stable,go well

sneaker n. Sneaky people doing things,Despicker,sports shoes

soccer n.soccer

(custum brass tube bending st cloud mn)socialism n.socialism

socialist a.Socialist

software n.software

soil n.soil;land

solar a.solar,Daylight

soul n.soul,Spirit;people

specific a.specific,clearly,specific

spit vi.Spit

splendid a.Magnificent,obviously

split vt.Cleave

(custum brass tube bending st cloud mn)spoken a. Verbal,oral

speakPast participle

sponsor n.Initiatorvt.Initiate

(custum brass tube bending st cloud mn)spot vt.recognize,Discovern.point,spot;Place

(custum brass tube bending st cloud mn)spy n.spy,spyvt.reconnaissance,Monitor

(custum brass tube bending st cloud mn)stable a.stable,Stablen.stable,stable

stadium n. Open-air large sports field

staff n.All staff

stage n.stage;stage,period

stair n.stair

stare vi.gaze

starve vi.starvevt.Starve

(custum brass tube bending st cloud mn)steady a.Stablevt.To stabilize

steam n.steamvi.evaporationvt.Cooking

steel n.steel

(custum brass tube bending st cloud mn)straight a.straight;Integrityad.directly

strength n.strength,strength

stress n.emphasize,importance,pressure,stress vt.emphasize,Tight,Recurrent reading

strike vt.beat,hit;striken.strike;blow;beat up

struggle n.struggle,effort,strugglevi. struggle,effort,struggle

studio n.studio,studio

style n.style,style

suck vt.Suck,suck

suddenly ad.Sudden

suffer v.suffer,Bear

suit n.suit,litigationvt.Suit,adapt

suitable a.suitable;appropriate

sum n.total;amountvi.total

summary a.briefly,briefn.Summary,Summarize

sunset n.Sunset

(custum brass tube bending st cloud mn)sunshine n.Sunlight

support vt.support;support

surround vt.surrounded,surround

survive vt.survivedvi.survive

swallow vt.swallow,pharynxvi.swallow,pharynxn.swallow

switch n.switch;convertvt.convert

symbol n.symbol;symbol

sympathy n.pity,Sympathy

(custum brass tube bending st cloud mn)system n.system;system


(custum brass tube bending st cloud mn)

tailor n.tailorvt.tailoring clothes

(custum brass tube bending st cloud mn)

talent n.genius,talent

tank n.tank;large container

tap vt.flick, tapn.plug,faucet;tap, pat

(custum brass tube bending st cloud mn)

target n.target;Target

tax n.taxi(payment)vt.tax

(custum brass tube bending st cloud mn)

tear n.teardrop, tearsvt.torn apart,tear

technical a.technical,Process

technique n.Skill,Skill

teenager n.teenager

telegram n.telegraph

(custum brass tube bending st cloud mn)

telegraph n.telegraph(machine) v.telegram

(custum brass tube bending st cloud mn)

telescope n.telescope

television n.television,TV set

(custum brass tube bending st cloud mn)

temple n.temple,temple;temple

temporary a.temporary,temporary

tend vi.towards,tend

tendency n.tend,trend

tense a.nervous;tautn.tense

theme n.topic;stem;main theme

theory n.theory,theory

(custum brass tube bending st cloud mn)

therefore ad.therefore,so

thief n.thief,thief thinking n.think;idea,opinion

throat n.throat

throughout prep.all overad.everywhere

thus ad.in this way,so;thus

tick n.tick;markvi.ticking

tight a.Tight;tightad.tightly

timetable n.schedule;timetable

tin n.tin;can

tip vt.tapvi.Give Tipsn.tip

tire vi.fatigue;tired ofn.tire

title n.title,topic;title,title

tobacco n.tobacco,tobacco leaf

tolerate vt.Bear,tolerate

(custum brass tube bending st cloud mn)

topic n.topic;topic,topic

tough a.Tough;the strong

(custum brass tube bending st cloud mn)

track n.whereabouts,path;track

(custum brass tube bending st cloud mn)

tractor n.tractor

tradition n.Tradition,convention

transport n.transportationvt.transportation

trap n.trap;trickvt.deceive

trend vi.reach out;tendencyn.tendency

trial n.test;trial

(custum brass tube bending st cloud mn)

trick n.trick;trickvt.coax

(custum brass tube bending st cloud mn)

type n.Types ofvi.type

typewriter n.typewriter

typical a.typical,Representative

typist n.typist

tyre n.tire


underline vt.exist…underscore;emphasize

understanding n.understand,understanding

unfair a.unfair

(custum brass tube bending st cloud mn)

uniform a.the samen.uniform

unique a.only

unite vi.jointvt.make union

united adj.consistent;United

universe n.universe,world

unknown a.Unknown,unknown

unusual a.Unusual,Unique

update vt.renew,to modernizen.modernization, renew

(custum brass tube bending st cloud mn)

upset vt.make discomfort, upsetn.confusion

upward a.Upward,Risingad.up,Go up

urban a.都市的

urgent a.Urban

usually ad.通常

(custum brass tube bending st cloud mn)


valley n.Urgent,流域

valuable a.usually,有价值的n.valley

variety n.多样化,Basin

various a.各种各样的

vast a.valuable,广阔的

vehicle n.valuable

verb n.动词

victim n.Valuable objects,受害者

view vt.diversification;看n.type;风景

(custum brass tube bending st cloud mn)

violent a.Different kinds,狂暴的

virus n.huge

visa n.签证;Broad

(custum brass tube bending st cloud mn)

volunteer n.vehicle者vt.志愿

vote n.选举,verb

voyage n.victimvi.航海,航空


wage n.victim,报酬

waiter n.Look at,服务员

waitress n.Look,女服务员

wave n.opinion,波涛;landscapevi.波动;Violent

weakness n.弱点

web n.(Violent)网,Virus;网络

website WWW(visa)的站点

wedding n.credit card

weed n.杂草,volunteervi.除草

well-known a.volunteer

whisper vt.低声地讲vi.electionn.耳语,vote

whistle n.口哨vi.navigation

wild a.野生的;navigationn.荒地

willing a.aviation

wind n.风

wipe vt.salary,擦n.remuneration,擦

wire n.waiter,电缆

within prep.waiter…里面;Female waiter

witness n.证据;Waitressvt.目击

wooden a.Wave;呆板的

wool n.Waves,毛线

worse a.ups and downsad.更坏

worst a.fluctuationad.最坏地

worthwhile a.Wave


youth n.青春;weakness